Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


6. Can she go?


I woke up in the living room all the boys were there I got up and went to my room I changed into some black pants with holes and a red shirt that had a couple rips on the sleeve. That was one of my favorite shirts I went to the bathroom and took a shower I don't know why but I got changed then just took them right off to take a shower but what ever I got out once I dried off I then put my clothes back on. I went down stairs and the boys were gone I walked to the kitchen to see the boys in there pancake batter was all over they were throwing it I closed the door and they froze I smiled and said"boys,cleanup this mess or I will um.." then Harry said"you will what?"then I thought and said"I will straighten your hair Harry,hide all the toy story movies Liam,Niall I will band you from the kitchen, Louis I will take all the carrots away,and Zayn I will throw away all your hair stuff and I will break up with you,and along with all that I will take all your electronics away got it" they nodded and started cleaning i was actually lying that is some stupid things to take away but if it works it does. I went back upstairs and to my room I put on some bracelets and a necklace I had since I was 2 and some nerd glasses. I walked out of my room and back to the bathroom I got my hairbrush and started brushing my hair after about 40 minutes there was knock on the bathroom door I opened it and Zayn was there he said"well we cleaned up the kitchen but Niall didn't help at all"I said"well I will be down in a few seconds just hold on" then he left. I started brushing my hair again then I began to straighten it 30 minutes later I was done straightening it then was back to brushing it I want my hair to look perfect ok then there was a knock at the door I opened the door and it was Zayn he came in and closed the door then stood behind me and started to fix his hair then he started to laugh I asked"what is so funny?" he then said"oh we'll how you and me probably take the most time in the bathroom just to fix our hair" it was pretty funny soon me and Zayn were done and walked out of the bathroom and downstairs. Louis said"wow it takes you awhile to brush your hair you are just like two werent doing the naughty were you?" He asked " I smiled completely shocked and not knowing what else to do "no we didnt and did everybody help clean up the kitchen" then everybody shook their head no I then said"who didn't help" Harry then said"well you"I smiled and said"ha,ha funny except me because I didn't make the mess so beside me who didn't help" then Louis said"well Niall didn't help" I looked at Niall and said"well Niall from now and until I say you are band from the kitchen and give me your electronics" he looked up at me and said"yes,mom" and he handed me his iPod and his phone I smiled and went and put them in my room I walked back downstairs and asked"what so you guys want to do after I get back from the police station?" they said nothing then I said"well you have until I get back from the police station to say wha you want to do"they nodded and I said"do you guys need anything while I'm out?" of course Louis said"a dog"I thought and said"what kind of dog?"he thought then said"a baby Siberian husky"I nodded then I said"ok I'm not joking I will buy a dog I know somebody that works at a pet store who will give me a discount" Louis said"yeah" I walked over to Zayn and whispered to him"make sure nobody goes upstairs unless they need to go to the bathroom and if they do make sure they don't go into my room especially Niall ok"he nodded and said"I promise" he gave me a kiss and I grabbed my wallet and my phone and went outside and got in my car and drove to the police station. when I got there I parked my car and went inside I went to the front desk and asked for Adam the lady nodded and called for Adam soon Adam came through the door and took me to the back. We sat down and Adam started asking me Questions after about 20 minutes he asked me"do you have anybody famous you wanted to be their bodyguard?" I didn't understand him the way he phrased the sentence but I understood what he was saying I then said"well my brother is Liam Payne from one direction I can call him and ask him about being their bodyguard"Adam nodded and I pulled out my phone good thing I got Liam's number before I left I called him and he answered I asked him"hey what about being your guy's bodyguard?" he said"hold on I will get Louis to call Paul to see hold on" and after a while Liam said"Paul said it was fine but he has to make sure it is ok with Simon so Paul will call us back in a few seconds but I'm pretty sure Simon will say yes"well Paul just called and said"well Simon wants to meet you first today"I said"well ok see you later"I hung up and told Adam he said"ok come back after and do the same thing when you first came here" I nodded and left I went back home and walked inside and sat down I then asked Liam"where Simon was?"he said"well we can drive you"I nodded and we all went outside and now Liam drove with Harry in the passenger seat and in the back was Louis who sat beside the window beside him was Niall then me then Zayn. Then Liam drove down the road and an hour later we were at a huge bus in a parking lot

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