Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


45. big ben

I got out of bed and smiled seeing Zayn sitting in my chair "morning" he said "morning" i replied back and pushed the covers off me and got up "want to go out?" he asked i looked at the time 9:00am "um sure let me take a shower and get ready ill be done by 12" i said heading to the bathroom "okay" he said and left.


the cold air hit my skin as i got out of the shower i plugged in my blow dryer and dried my hair. i left the bathroom and went to my closet and looked for a outfit nothing fancy im sure that's not what zayn had in mind so i went casual it's getting a little cold cause were going into autumn now so i put on a tan dress with light brown boots. I went and styled my hair and was done 11:30 now so i grabbed my phone and left my room and went downstairs. "Zayn down here?" i asked "just went to his room he should be back down in a minute" Liam said "okay" and i took a seat. ZAyn came down a few minutes later and we left it was quite the whole time i was downstairs waiting for Zayn which was unusual, we got in the car and Zayn looked at me "anywhere particular?" he asked "um. no not really" i said not knowing if i was supposed to know of somewhere to go. "ok good because i know somewhere" "really, where?" i asked curious "you'll see it's gonna be a far drive though" "how long?" i asked "maybe 2 or 3 hours" "really!?" i exclaimed " by the time we get back home it will only be 6:00pm or around there" "ugh fine...are you not gonna tell me where were going?" "of course not it's a secret" he said.

*arriving at the destination

Zayn parked on the side of the road were in Westminster the opposite side of the bridge where the bell tower more known as big ben is at. "you know ive never been down here 19 years of living in London and never seen big ben in person" "its an amazing sight" Zayn said and i nodded and we got out "let's walk across the bridge" he suggested and i went along with it the side we walked on wasnt hoarded with people i heard it's normally really busy here but id assume that's at night because of the London eye lights up at night and its near big ben. "So Skylar i was accepted an offer earlier this week i brought it up with the boys they didnt give me a for sure agreement on it but before i tell you, can you promise me you will stay with me?" "Zayn of course i will we've been through a lot and we managed to get past it im sure what you have to say wont be bad" "ok..well Skylar i was offered a solo deal and for awhile i've wanted to go on my own" " that why when you and Liam were mad at each other you suggested going on your own if you two didnt settle things so quickly?" "no...not really" " that was only part?" i asked i stopped and so did Zayn people walked around us and i didnt know how to react to Zayn i just told him id stay with him forever no matter what he told me but leaving the band. moving houses more than likely isnt what i was expecting. "i take that as a no?" Zayn asked "Zayn you realize if you get a solo deal there is no more singing with the others you'll move more than likely and you know Liam wont allow me to move in with you" "i didnt say your moving in with me" i looked at him shocked "Skylar i asked if youd stay by my side not live with me" "but we'll barely see each other" "ive wanted this deal forever now" "so you want a solo deal more than seeing your girlfriend!" i yelled people looked and i felt embarrassed people walked passed talking about what i said "why is she still with him" i heard someone whisper another i seen stared at Zayn "im going back to the car" i said and turned around bad memory now of this place. I got back to the car and realized i still have to be in the same car as Zayn i seen him coming to the car slowly, im gonna sit in the back seat farthest away i can get from that selfish bastard i cant believe he wants a deal over his girlfriend after he moves which is now a for sure he is we wont be able to see each other as that good though maybe if we dont see each other everyday the less likely we are to fight and risk the chance of breaking up. Zayn got to the car "Skylar i'm sorry" "no don't be im the one i realized maybe if you do move and all it will lessen the likelyhood of us getting into fights or breaking up" "yeah i guess what do you think should i take the offer?" he asked "i would if you'd been wanting this forever now" and he nodded and smiled "i will miss you though remember that" he said and i smiled and we got in the car i sat up front i changed my mind after thinking about the whole thing.  


We pulled into the drive "when will you be going?" i asked "if i accept the deal today it will become official in a  week" "so in a week, today is Thursday so next Tuesday or Thursday...right?" "yeah id say so" he said. We got out of the car and went inside 

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