Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


44. Adam

We got to where Skylar worked at and we went in looking around "can i help you guys with anything?" A lady asked "umm well actually your manager around?" "No im sorry but i can get the assistant manager if you like" "that would be great" Liam said and the lady left "perfect" i told Liam popping my knuckles ready to teach this dude a lesson" "Zayn calm it were in the building we cant get arrested and we cant hurt him only talking will work" Liam whispered to me. when Adam came out he noticed me and smiled "hey Liam how is everything?" He asked "oh i think you know how its going Adam" "what?" He asked and Liam replied "we know what you done earlier with Skylar" "what are you talking about we didn't do anything" "oh please you knew Skylar had a boyfriend but you kissed her anyway" Liam said "me and Skylar have a connection better than her and her douche boyfriend" Adam said i clenched my fists "her boyfriend is me" i said grabbing his shirt and pulling him Adam's face was priceless after i said that. "Why you scared Adam?" "I...I'm not scared" he said "listen closely Adam i do not want you near my girlfriend ever again and if she comes home and says one thing about you doing something to her don't think i wont come after you because i will and you wont be lucky" then me and Liam left "that outta put him in his place" "same with you Zayn" Liam said i looked at him "what do you mean?" "I don't want you hurting Sky" "i wouldn't...why would you say that?" I asked "i found a book in your room awhile back and in clear letters it said "how to ruin Skylar Payne's life" below it had l the things you done to her and the last one said "get back together with Skylar" "that book i used to write down all the things i done wrong to ruin her life after i hurt her that one time when she was all cut up i wrote it down as to remember how i ruined her day" "what about the get back together with Skylar part?" He asked "i thought me and Sky being together would be a way to ruin her life...those things i wrote down Liam were not planned before i wrote them a day after or right after it wasn't there to remind me what to do next to Skylar but to tell me how much i made Skylar hurt so i never done it again" "so you don't want to ruin Skylar's life?" "Yes i want her to have the best life possible" "well thats good" Liam said and i nodded.



I woke up and got ready for work i walked downstairs and seen Liam there waiting we walked to the door "Sky wait" Zayn said i stopped and turned to face him i so badly want to tell him but i don't want him angry. Zayn gave me a hug and kissed my head "i will always love you" he said "i will always love you too" i replied when he let me go i went outside and to the car confused with Zayn why did he suddenly say he always will love me? I thought the whole car drive to work about this and i don't understand why maybe he just wanted to be a better boyfriend. I went into work and clocked in and talked to Abby "hows it going?" I asked "chaotic actually manager running around like a maniac people coming in and out of the store constantly asking for the manager" "why?" I asked "Adam quit and we need an assistant manager to keep up with everything" "Adam quit? Why?" "I don't know i heard he came in when the store first opened and told the manager he was quitting i wasn't working earlier so i didn't hear the reason" "wow wonder who will be the next assistant manager" "what i was wondering"


I got home and went in i went to sit in the couch but seen my diary facing down and opened i picked it up and looked at the page it was opened to which was from yesterday. I stopped and thought is this the reason Zayn told me he will always love me? And is this why Adam quit? I looked and Liam was coming in the door "did you go to forever 21 after you dropped me off at home yesterday?" I asked "no why?" "Oh well i thought i asked you to go get something i forgot there and i didn't see at work if it was still there" "well we can go back if you want" "please" i said and Liam nodded and we went back outside and to the car if i find out Liam lied he is gonna hear me. At the store i went in and asked Abby "can i see the security tape from yesterday?" "Of course" she said and lead me to the back I sat in a chair and watched the video from yesterday i seen Liam walk in but along with Zayn?…Zayn! He was in on this also i cant believe them! Adam came out and they talked then Zayn put his hands on Adam i turned the volume up and listened to what Zayn said i was glad that he wanted to protect me but I'm still mad that they read my diary and didn't tell me plus the made Adam scared enough that he quit. I left the room and thanked Abby and i left. I got in the car "so did you find what you needed?" "Yes" i simply said and we left. There was no conversation in the car and i didn't want there to be either I'm mad at Liam and Zayn and i don't even want to talk to them anymore but i will. At home i yelled for Zayn and Liam was already sitting on the couch i was gonna play this off like i knew nothing so i sat down and soon Zayn joined sitting next to me. "So how was your guy's day?" I asked "good how about yours?" Zayn asked "it was pretty chaotic actually with many people coming in and out of the store asking for our manager and our manager also leaving and then coming back then going through papers and all this junk" "wow do you know why?" "Adam quit so the manager has been looking for a replacement" "Adam quit?" Liam asked a little nervous "yep early this morning apparently something must have happened to him to make him quit" "wonder what it was" Zayn said "same but i had thus crazy thought that you or Liam or one of the boys done something because i found my diary down here and opened to a page that i wrote on yesterday" "oh thats absurd Sky we wouldn't do anything like that" Zayn said lying i kept my mouth shut for a second nit screaming or yelling still playing dumb hoping they would confess and i could tell they were getting nervous. "But you know i wrote down something yesterday about my day at work and today i was told by Zayn almost the same thing" "thats crazy Sky i wouldn't read your diary" Zayn said "god dam it Zayn i know you and Liam read my diary and i know you guys scared Adam so much to make him quit i watched the security video, i was giving you two a chance to confess but you kept lying!" There faces were priceless "why do i even bother with you guys anymore i try to give you a chance to confess and i wouldn't be that mad but you guys sat there and lied to my face" "were sorry Sky we read your diary alright i didn't say anything because i didn't want you to be mad at us for reading your personal stuff" "but you guys went and scared Adam into quitting!" "Why do you care so much about him Sky he kissed you after he knew you had a boyfriend he called me a douche" "I'm starting to think you are one" i told Zayn he clenched his fists and stiffened up uh-oh i thought i got him mad what is he gonna do? "Zayn?" I questioned he took a few steps closer to me and i took some steps back. I backed up and away to the stairs and went up them and ran into my room panting i locked my door and laid on my bed why did i tell Zayn that i didn't mean that i only just said that to reply i wasn't thinking. "Skylar open this door were not done talking about this" Zayn said not sounding too angry now. I stood up and opened the door a little but Zayn pushed it all the way the door got my toe scraping it but i wasn't gonna bother with it right now and held in the pain. "Zayn what i said about you being a douche was not true your not one its just you got me a little upset" "why because i scared your boyfriend so bad that he quit his job" he said "he's not my boyfriend Zayn" "then why do you care if he quit!?" "Because you realize him much stress that is gonna put on the manager plus the employees you just cant hire an assistant manager like that it takes awhile making sure the qualify for a manager! So now why do you think I'm upset that you made Adam quit?its not because i liked him or he was my boyfriend because i had you it was because of the stress and its the last thing we all needed at the store!" I yelled at him my eyes filled with tears Zayn didn't say anything "i think its best of you go Zayn" "i was wrong" Zayn said i looked at him "what?" I asked "i was wrong Skylar i shouldn't of scared Adam but i read your diary and how you said you thought Adam was cute and in my head i thought you would break up with me and go have a better relationship with Adam" "no i would never i wrote down after writing that Adam was cute that i already had a boyfriend way better looking than Adam" "i just didn't want to loose you Sky" "and i didn't want to loose you either Zayn but you are just to jealous and you barely trust me i trust you with all my heart Zayn i know you wont go off with another girl i just don't know why you cant do the same with me." "I do trust you Sky its just i don't want to show it i don't want you taking advantage of my trust" "i wouldn't Zayn" i said still a little mad at him "oh my gosh Skylar your foot!" Zayn said i looked at it and it was bleeding "let me clean it up for you" Zayn said "no i dont need you" i said walking well kinda limping out of my bedroom "ugh! i thought you were over being angry at me" he said as i left. I walked into the bathroom and sat on the ledge of the bathtub and got a towel and cleaned my foot off from the blood but it kept bleeding but i just kept wiping it away until i began to cry and i dropped the towel. "Sky it's liam can i come in?" "no i dont need you" i said "well i am" he said and walked in, he sat in front of me silent as i cried "i dont know about Zayn anymore Li" i said sniffling "neither does he Sky" "maybe us dating isnt for the best" "Sky im gonna tell you this now take it or leave it but Zayn loves you he is even thinking about quitting the band so he can have more time with you. he loves you Sky with everything and i dont want to see him or you heart broke again now maybe a day or two away from each other will be good" "but he will go get another girl" "talk to him Sky you guys can work things out" Liam said and left i got up and zayn was leaving my room "Zayn" i said but he walked right past me i followed him downstairs "Zayn" "dont bother" he said my heart dropped it felt like and i felt sick "maybe liam was right we do need to go our separate ways" i said low but loud enough for him to hear "what did you say" Zayn said walking back to me "maybe you and me should go separate ways" i replied my voice getting weaker "and Liam told you this!" i nodded and he looked away "maybe" he whispered my heart broke and tears brimmed my eyes "you dont want to break up do you?" Zayn asked "no i dont but Liam said maybe a few days away from each other will be good" "no" he said looking at me he came and wiped the tears off my face and hugged me "a day without you is nothing" he whispered and i smiled "same" i said. "Were gonna have our fights and were gonna have times where we cant leave each other and then the in between times but through that all i want you and only you" Zayn said with his forehead against mine "i know" i replied with a smile on my face "ugh your to hard to resist" he said "oh really?" i asked trying not to laugh as he tried to lean in for a kiss but i moved away "you did that on purpose" he whined "and there is nothing you can do about it" i replied "you sure?" he asked looking at me and i nodded "alright then" he said smiling getting up i watched him as he walked past and into another room i sighed and then i was suddenly tackled by Zayn he had his legs on each side of me and he held my hands down with his so i couldn't get away he couldn't help but laugh at my expression of what just happened. "i'm getting my kiss" he said "okay do it" i said and he leaned down and gave me a kiss.



(April 20,2016 aka 4-20 lol): hey I'm gonna need co-writers I'm running out of ideas if your interested please comment at any time because I NEED people to help me so we can finish the story quicker thanks for reading!♥

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