Poetry Collection Starring Elva, and Asak the Golden

I'm trying to gather some of the Movella writers that I have enjoyed their work and see be quite successful yo write a group of poems for you all to enjoy.


3. To Rule the World


These are my musings about what it would take to rule the world.


Bring me a gun

with a long barrel

a powerful trigger

many shots a second.

Bring me money

enough to fill a planet twice.

Bring me power

a city 

a country 

an army.

Bring me food

enough to feed a poor country thrice.

Bring me a sword

with a whirring blade

a flashing pommel 

a fancy hilt.

Bring me a title

a duke or count or knight or a lord or a lordess.

Bring me a car

with a roaring engine

convertible top

flashy paint.

Bring me CAKE!

Enough to make everyone envious.

Bring me these

and I shall rule the world.


-Asak the Golden

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