Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


17. Robby Brown

Harry's POV

There was a half hour until the show started. I was dressed in my usual blazer paired with black jeans and a white v-neck. Lou already did my hair and my signature curls were perfect. Luckily Paul told her about my face so she brought a long some sort of cream that relieved the itch. But the gross blotches were still there. I was in our dressing room along with the guys. I decided to grab my phone and text Clare and ask her to watch the show. I went over to where my pile of crap was. I searched, but my phone wasn't there. "Crap," I said to myself.
"What?" Liam looked worried.
"I can't find my phone!"
"Where'd yo last have it?"
I looked back to when I last had it, right before I went in the shower. I set it on my bathroom sink. Great, my phone is in my bathroom.
"I left it at home," I said disappointingly. I walked over to Louis and asked if I could see him phone. He handed it to me. I went to his messages and opened a new one. I found Clare's contact listed as 'CLARE BEAR!<3' and selected it.
Me: Hey, don't forget to watch the show, it'll mean a lot!
A moment later, there was a response.
CLARE BEAR!<3: Oh, definitely Lou. Wouldnt miss it. Is Harry still mad at me?
I contemplated on telling Clare that it was me, but decided against it.
Me: No, he just hopes that he didn't hurt you.
I sent the message.
"Hey, can I have my phone back Haz?" Louis asked.
"Yeah, one sec," I said hoping she'd respond.
"Come on, I need it," He said.
I reluctantly handed over his phone. I stood up and walked over to the table that was filled with a ton of snacks and drinks.
Lou told us only water considering she just whitened our teeth. I gulped some down, moistening my dry throat.
"Hey, anyone wanna explore with me?" I asked.
"Show starts in 10 minutes." Liam told me.
"Plenty of time!" I exclaimed.
"I'll come!" Niall jumped out of his chair and exited the dressing room with me.
We looked down the hall, no one was there. I did a summersault, pretending to be a ninja. I rolled on to my stomach and made a gun with my hands. Niall followed my lead and laid down next to me.
"So what's the plan?" He whispered.
"We gotta crawl over to the other side and rescue the princess." I explained.
"Mission excepted," Niall responded as he got into a crouching position and pushed himself against a wall.
"Wait, Niall!" I yelled, "Someone's sneaking up on your back!" I quickly pretended to shoot an invisible person and hopped on Niall's back.
"Thanks Captain!" Niall said.
"Anytime soldier." I was on Niall's back, piggy back style. I pointed down the hallway, "Now off to the princess! Hurry!" Niall ran down the hallway with me on his back. After about 10 seconds of running, he dropped me to the floor. We stood there laughing as hard as we could.
"See, you can never lose ones imagination," I laughed.
"Well, some might, but we never will."
Suddenly the lights flashed in the hall way and a voice was heard, "Show starts in 5, show starts in 5." Niall and I walked the other way, back to our dressing room. We met the boys in there. They all stood up when they saw us.
"Ready?" Zayn asked.
"No, my face looks ridiculous." I answered.
"Yes, but it's a great story to tell!" Louis said.
Paul opened up our door, "Come on, show time. Good luck!"
We got into a huddle, our arms wrapped around each other.
We all smiled and took a deep breath.
"Let's do this!" Louis yelled.
"This interview, then our vacation officially starts!" Niall said excitedly.
We let go of each other and headed towards Paul.
"Dont forget," Paul reminded us, "That it's live, so don't mess up."
"Gee, thanks Paul, makes me feel so much better." I responded.
"Good!" Paul was leading us behind the stage to the other side.
"Where we going?" Zayn asked.
"The main entrance where you guys are entering." He explained.
We got to the entrance to the stage. We stayed back a bit so the audience couldn't see us. We saw the director of the show point to Robby Brown, who was standing up in the center, and a near by light pop on saying that we were live.
"Hello everybody!" Robby was talking to the audience, the camera filming him, "I am Robby Brown and you are watching the Robby Brown Show! I just wanted to thank our viewers in advanced for watching." He smiled at the camera. "Well," he continued, "We have very special guests here today," he paused as really loud girl screams were heard, "I want you to welcome One Direction!" He didn't give us the cue to come out, so we just stood there nervously. "But before they come out here, I want to show you something." Robby made his way over to his desk and starting typing on his iPad. "Well, about 10 minutes ago, our security camera's picked up something pretty interesting that we thought our viewers would love to see! It seems like One Direction's very own Harry Styles and Niall Horan were having a bit of fun before the show." I looked over at Niall with a nervous face, he returned the glance.
"What's going on?" Zayn asked quietly.
We turned our attention back to the stage where on the large frame was, sure enough, the security footage from the hall was being played. You saw me poke my head out from the dressing room door, looking side to side before doing a summersault out into the hallway and lay on my stomach. We watched Niall do the same. Large amounts of laughter was heard. In the footage, Niall's lips were moving, but you couldn't hear what he was saying. All of a sudden you could hear my voice yell telling him we had to save the princess. Even more laughter and applause was heard from the crowd. I felt my cheeks get red. I turned my back to the video and Niall was pressed up against the wall. I yelled at him that there was someone there and pretended to shoot him. People started laughing again. You could see me jump on Niall's back and see me point in the other direction. Niall started running with me on his back down the hall and the video faded away from the screen.
"Well, wasn't that just entertaining?" Robby laughed.
There were many yes's heard from the crowd.
"Now, if you please, welcome the one and only One Direction!" That was our cue. Paul pushed us towards the entrance, smiles plastered on our faces, mainly still left from us laughing at the video. Live While We're Young started playing. The bright eyes hit my eyes as I walked onto the stage. I waved at everyone. I heard my name being screamed and I smiled at the fans. I looked back to Robby and the lads. They were all shaking hands, I was last to shake Robby's as the guys sat on the couch. The music faded away and I was about to sit down until Robby called me.
"Wait, Harry. Come here a second." Robby called me over, the crowd started screaming.
"Yes, Robby?" I smiled.
"If you don't mind me bring attention to this, but would you like to explain to the viewers what happened to your face?" He started laughing at the sight of it again.
I laughed, "Well, if you'd like." I walked right up to the camera man and shoved my face in the camera. "You see my face?" I asked. Everyone started laughing.
"Well I accidentally fell asleep outside and mosquitoes thought it would be hilarious to bite me all over and make me look this amazing!" I looked out to everyone and then walked back to the guys while everyone was busy laughing loudly at me. I squeezed in on couch between Niall and Louis. Louis was on the end, then me Niall, Liam, then Zayn.
Robby walked over to his desk and took a seat. "So boys, I understand that you are on a break right now?"
"Yes, we are Robby." Louis confirmed.
"And you are staying in California for your months off?"
"Yes, and we are loving it." Louis replied.
Girls started screaming again and Louis waved.
"MARRY ME LOUIS!" A girl screamed from the crowd.
"I deeply apologize, but I've got a girlfriend," he chuckled.
A couple of awws were heard along with cheers.
"So, speaking of relationships, who here is single?" Robby asked.
Niall immediately raised his hand and girls were screaming his name. I felt the guys staring at me and put my hand in the air after a moment. Girls started screaming my name.
"So, lads with girlfriends, how do you cope with the long distance relationships?" He looked at us.
"Well, Louis skypes Eleanor like all the time," Niall blurted.
"Do you now, Lou?" Robby asked.
"Well, yes. I don't think I'd last long without her. She's what keeps me grounded." Louis said sweetly. The crowd let out a long "Aww" and Lou blushed.
"Awww, isn't that adorable!" I put my head on Louis' shoulder for a moment.
"I think for me," Zayn started, "Is that my girlfriend, Perrie, understands how busy I can be because her schedule is also similar."
"Oh, I see. So Liam, how did you feel after you auditioned for the X-Factor the first time and got rejected?"
"Well, they told me I had potential and to come back in 2 years, and that's exactly what I did. I knew that I wasn't going to give up on my dream. And if I would've I wouldn't have met these amazing lads."
"So were you excited when you got that second chance?" Robby asked.
"I was beyond excited, I mean, knowing that I was one step closer to reaching my goals was amazing." Applause from the audience was heard and Liam smiled.
"So this band has been together for over two years, how has the experience been for you all?"
"It has been amazing, I wouldn't trade this time for anything." Niall answered.
"Yeah, I completely agree," Louis added. "I mean, this opportunity has been beyond incredible."
"So let me ask you this, if you wouldn't of gotten that record deal, do you think you'd still be together as a band?" Robby asked us.
"Oh yeah, I definitely think so. I think we would've kept trying to follow our dreams together, and lucky for us, they came true." I answered.
The guys all nodded.
"Who do you guys believe is the least mischievous one in the group. Well, it's obviously not Harry or Niall, as you saw in the security footage." Robby looked into the camera.
"Hey, we were just having some innocent fun!" Niall joked.
"Sure you were, it looked more like you were hyped up on something!" Zayn laughed.
"Anyways, I definitely think it's Liam." Louis said.
"And why is that?" Asked Robby.
"Well," Louis explained, "he's always the one to watch our backs. He actually knows right from wrong," he laughed.
"Yeah, I think One Direction has been good for Liam," Zayn added.
"How come?" Liam asked him.
"Well because we've gotten you loosened up, you're more immature now, and who doesn't love that?" Zayn laughed.
"How did you guys know this is what you wanted to do?" He asked us.
"Well, for me," I started, "I was a lead singer for a band in school. It was fun."
"Did you get a lot of ladies from that experience, Harry?" Robby asked.
"Well, I guess you could say that." I winked.
"For me," Louis started, "it was when I got the lead in my school production of grease."
"Tell them what you did at the end!" Niall said.
"Yes, Lou, tell them," I smirked.
"Well," Louis looked at Robby with a smirk on his face, "during the final showing of it, during the bow, I turned around and showed everyone my bum."
All of us started laughing.
"You mean your bear bum, Lou." Liam corrected.
"So let me get this straight, you mooned the audience?" Robby asked with a smile on his face.
"Yes, and the principal was even watching! True story right there."
The crowd was howling with laughter.
"So Louis is the jokester of the group?"
"I guess you can say that." Louis confirmed, "I guess I just love to make people laugh."
"What's one of the oddest things that has ever happened to you?"
"Once a fan ripped off Louis' sleeve and then brought it back to a signing and asked him to sign it," Zayn said casually.
"Did you sign it?" Robby asked.
"Well of course I did, after I gave her a weird look though."
More laughter from the crowd.
Robby looked into the camera and at the crowd. "Okay everyone, right now is the opportunity you have to ask the boys any questions you have. All you have to do is tweet me a question or send me a picture. If it's a picture of them, they will have the honor to talk about the meaning of it to them. They will be answering after the break, so stay tuned!" The red light turned off telling us we were at commercial.
"That was great!" Robby said to us and got up to go back stage.
"Well, do you think they got this couch just for us?" Niall asked.
"Of course you'd ask that." I said.
"Uh, I don't know, possibly? I mean, it's a pretty long couch." Zayn observed.
Robby came back to us now and sat at the desk.
"Do we have to answer everything?" Louis asked.
"Answer as much as you can," Robby replied. "So the questions and photos are sent to my twitter and I'll just open random ones and they'll be projected onto the large frame where the video was shown. Sound okay?"
We all nodded.
"Robby, we're back on in 3, 2," The camera guy pointed to him and he plastered a smile on his face.
"Hello, welcome back!" Robby announced, "Sitting her with me is Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis, otherwise known as One Direction! Let's start off with this question," he clicked something and a question pooped up.
"Erica is asking what your favorite clothing is?" Robby told us.
"For me, I have a thing with buying hats. I get one everywhere I go," Niall admitted.
"What about your Polo shirts?" I asked.
"Oh those too," Niall added.
"He has one in literally every color," Zayn told.
Robby laughed, "Next question, Samantha wants to know what you wanted to be when you were little." The question projected on the screen.
"I wanted to be a power ranger," Louis told everyone, "It was my dream to strut around in the power ranger get-up."
Laughter and screams engulfed the room.
"Oh, looks like we've got a picture. This was sent in by a girl names Lacy. She would like Harry to explain this photo." Robby said confusedly and clicked the photo.
I felt my eyes widen as a picture of me holding myself above Clare yesterday at the park was shown.
"Are we not aloud any privacy?" I whispered to Louis.
He just shrugged, still staring at the close up picture of Clare and I.
"I thought you said you were single Harry." Robby said, interrupting my stare.
"Uh, I, uh am."
"Then what's going on?"
I looked at the boys and they looked at me with wonderment too.
"Well, the girl here is my friend Clare."
"Just a friend, Harry?" Robby interrupted.
"For now," Niall coughed.
"Shut up," I felt myself blushing, "Well, Louis and I were playing soccer with her and her sister. Clare and I were fighting for the ball and we fell. That's all." I explained.
"You sure? You look pretty close there," Robby intervened.
The room was quiet.
"Yes, I can assure you that that's all that happened." I looked at Louis for help, he nodded in agreement.
"Okay then, well here's another question from Molly, she wants to know what your favorite music video was to shoot."
Good, a normal question.
"Kiss you was the best for me." I answered.
"Yeah, I feel like we had the most freedom to do what ever in that video." Liam said.
"Yeah, definitely the most fun, the others were more directed," Zayn told.
"Okay, a girl named Sarah has a question for Louis. She would like to know if you feel alright after getting beat by a little girl?" He said slowly with confusion. Louis started laughing, "Do you know what Sarah is talking about? Because I know we don't." Robby asked.
"Yes, I do." Louis explained and looked into the camera and responded one little word, "Rematch."
"Uhm, okay. How about another picture?" Robby asked and selected one on his iPad. Please please please don't be one of us getting spied on! I looked up and it was one of us performing at Madison Square Garden.
"This was my favorite performance," Niall said.
"The experience was just incredible, I just can't believe we had the opportunity to be there," I added.
"One of the best nights of my life," Zayn said.
"Here, someone just sent in another picture, lets see what it is shall we?"
He clicked on the photo and another picture of Clare came up, but this time, I wasn't in the photo, Louis was.
"Uh, what's going on Louis?" Robby asked.
Clare was on the ground, leaning up against our car. Her head was down, it looked like she was crying and Louis was comforting her.
"Yes Louis, what's going on?" I looked to him, concern in my eyes. Louis looked a bit nervous.
"Is this the same girl from the first photo?" Robby asked.
"Yes," confirmed Liam.
"First off, how'd you meet her?" Robby asked.
I was still staring at the photo on the screen. I felt someone nudge me in the arm, "Oh, well I was driving down a backroad and her car was broke down. I stopped and offered help."
"That's how you met?" Robby asked in confusion.
"Well, kinda,"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, she denied my offer so I drove away, but it turns out, she lives in the house next to our vacation home." I explained.
"Oh," Robby looked at Louis, "What's happening here, I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to know if she's crying or laughing."
"Well," Louis started. He looked at me, he was at a loss of words. I looked to the crowd, all eyes were on me. I couldn't stand this anymore. I felt my guilt and hurt build up once again. The guys, the crowd, the camera, and Robby were staring at me.
"Harry? Is everything ok?" Liam asked obviously seeing the panic in my face.
I shook my head no. I stood up from the couch and walked off the stage over to the entrance where we came in.
"Harry, what's going on?" Paul came up to me.
"I can't do this," I said and slid down against a wall.
"And I guess we will be right back after this short break!" I heard Robby say.
Louis came running through the entrance and came over to me. "Harry," he said.
The guys were right behind them.
"Was she crying?" I asked, my voice increasing.
He didn't answer me.
"Was she?" I asked again.
"Look, Harry, I told her I wouldn't tell you."
"God, Louis, just tell me!"
"Yes, she was."
I put my knees up and dug my head in my knees. I made Clare cry. I hurt her that bad.
"Why'd you do it?" Louis asked me.
"I don't know, I wasn't thinking at the time." I admitted.
"Obviously," Louis murmured as he slid down and sat right next to me.
"I wish I could take it back, I never wanted her to be hurt. I was just mad that she rejected me again," I started to vent, "I thought she didn't like me so when I saw Clare I guess I kissed the other girl to show Clare I didn't care anymore. But the truth is, I do care." I said quietly.
"Harry, it's okay." Louis patted my shoulder.
I looked up, the guys were standing with Paul, talking about who knows what.
I saw Robby come through the entrance, "Is everything okay?" He looked down at me.
"Yeah, sure. But please, no more pictures or even questions." I told him.
"Look, I'm sorry Harry, I didn't know that she would be featured in the picture. I should've looked before I showed them."
"It's okay," I responded as I started to get up off the ground.
"So, uh, how about you go perform and then the show will be over."
"Good luck!" Paul called out.
I was the first to enter back onto the stage. The audience immediately noticed me, at first it was silence. Then, all of a sudden, someone started cheering and then everyone joined it. I subtly waved and took the 2nd stool from the right. Liam went and sat in the middle while Louis sat next to me, Zayn next to Liam, and Niall next to Zayn. The red light turned on telling us that we were once again live. The guys looked at me. "This is They Don't Know About US," our pianist started playing the smooth melody just as we rehearsed it and Liam went in right on cue. The audience started cheering once we started singing. We all sat on the stools, singing together. Once the song ended, the camera went to Robby Brown who thanked us for being on the show.
I got up off my stool and went back stage to find Paul.

Clares POV
It was a couple minutes before the guys were supposed to be on. I promised Louis about 10 minutes ago that I'd watch the show. It seemed as if he forgave Harry because he told me that Harry just wanted to know if I was ok. I looked to the tv, the big letters of Robby Brown's name appeared and the intro came on.
"Sarah!" I yelled, "It's on!"
I heard fast feet running to my room. She leaped next to me on my bed and put her attention to the tv.
"We have very special guests here today," Robby Brown paused and really loud screams were heard, "I want you to welcome One Direction! But before they come out here, I want to show you something." Robby made his way over to his desk and starting typing on his iPad. "Well, about 10 minutes ago, our security camera's picked up something pretty interesting that we thought our viewers would love to see! It seems like One Direction's very own Harry Styles and Niall Horan were having a bit of fun before the show."
I felt my heart skip a beat as Robby Brown said Harry's name. The camera zoomed in on a video that was being projected. Niall and Harry were running around in the hallway and pretending to fight invisible people. I heard a laugh escape my lips and Sarah was cracking up.
"Well, wasn't that just entertaining?" Robby laughed.
The crowd screamed yes.
"Now, if you please, welcome the one and only One Direction!" Robby Brown said and 'Live While We're Young' started playing. The camera swooshed to a entrance to the right and One Direction started started walking through the door.
They look great. I saw Harry walk out, waving his hand to the crowd.
"Look at his face," I laughed.
"I know, I saw it on twitter this morning." She said.
"Of course you did," I replied and rolled my eyes. I put my attention back to the screen as Harry shoved his face in the camera so there was a close up of all the red marks.
He said that he slept outside and mosquitoes thought it would be completely hilarious if they made him look like that. Laughter was heard as Harry went to go take a seat.
They were seated there, Robby asking them questions. He then asked them who here was single. Niall popped his hand in the air right away and Harry awkwardly sat there and then slowly raised his hand.
"Did you see that?" Sarah asked.
"See what?"
"Harry. He hesitated to put his hand in the air." She said.
"That doesn't mean anything." I said after a moment.
"Uh huh," she responded in disbelief.
After a while of him asking questions, he looked into the camera and told people to send in videos and questions to ask and then it cut to commercial.
"That was funny," I observed.
I looked over to Sarah who was on my ipad.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Sending in a question of course!"
I nodded and the show came back on.
Robby Brown was asking them random questions about random stuff like clothes and what they wanted to be when they were younger and then he projected a picture.
My eyes widened as I saw the picture.
"Oh my god." I said slowly. It was of Harry and I after we fell. He was holding himself above me. It was right before he tried to kiss me. I remembered the day and my mood immediately deepened.
I saw Harry say something to Louis who just shrugged. Harry continued to stare at the picture, his eyes also wide.
"I thought you said you were single Harry." Robby said to him.
"I, uh, I am." he confirmed.
"Then what's going on?"
"Well, the girl here is my friend Clare."
"Just a friend, Harry?" Robby interrupted.
"For now," Niall coughed.
What did Niall just say? For now? What's that supposed to mean?
"Shut up," Harry said and continued to explain, "Well, Louis and I were playing soccer with her and her sister. Clare and I were fighting for the ball and we fell. That's all."
"You sure? You look pretty close there," Robby pressed.
"Yes! That's all that happened!" I screamed at the tv.
"Yes, I can assure you that that's all that happened." Harry told him just after I screamed.
"Okay then, well here's another question from Molly, she wants to know what your favorite music video was to shoot."
Thank god, they were done talking about me. I took a deep breath of relief.
I looked over at Sarah, who was staring at me.
"What?" I snapped.
"Nothing," she said as we heard Robby Brown say that a girl named Sarah had a question, "Shush, this might me mine!"
In fact, I'm sure it was Sarah's question considering she asked if Louis felt alright after getting beat by a girl. Sarah had a huge grin on her face and Louis was laughing. Then he looked right into the camera, "Rematch," he demanded.
"Oh, it's on." Sarah replied to the screen.
I started laughing and another picture was on the screen, but this time of the boys. Thank god.
"Here, someone just sent in another picture, lets see what it is shall we?"
Robby clicked on his device and a photo was on the screen. I looked at it, confused for a moment, then my jaw dropped. It was of me, crying. Louis was trying to comfort me, my head on his shoulder with his arms wrapped around me. This can't be happening. That was private. I felt tears welt up in my eyes.
"Uh, what's going on Louis?" Robby asked.
"Yes Louis, what's going on?" I heard Harry say so I looked up at the screen, there was a close up of his face. He looked confused and hurt.
"Is this the same girl from the first photo?" Robby asked.
"Yes," Liam said.
How dare you Liam, telling the whole world that that was me.
"First off, how'd you meet her?" Robby asked.
Harry was still staring at the screen and then Niall nudged his arm to get his attention, "Oh, well I was driving down a backroad and her car was broke down. I stopped and offered help."
I looked back to that day, even though it just happened, I felt like it was forever ago.
"That's how you met?" Robby asked in confusion.
"Well, kinda,"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, she denied my offer so I drove away, but it turns out, she lives in the house next to our vacation home."
Declined his offer? I just didn't need any help.
"Oh," Robby looked at Louis, "What's happening here, I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to know if she's crying or laughing."
Don't say anything, Lou. Please.
I heard Louis mumble something and then look at Harry. There was a close up of Harry's face, still with the blotches. Louis opened his mouth, no word coming out.
I heard Liam ask Harry if everything was ok. Harry silently shook his head no. His green eyes looked watery and his face was worried. Because of me? I can't believe this is happening. He then did the unexpected and stood up from the couch. He quickly walked off the stage. What's going on?
Louis stood up to follow him but Niall grabbed him to sit down. All the boys were looking at each other.
Robby Brown quickly cut to commercial.
My eyes were still on the screen, my mind spinning as a tear fell down my cheek.
"Clare?" Sarah asked.
"I just don't know what to do," I mumbled silently.
"It'll be okay," she said and put a hand on my shoulder.
"No, it won't! You know why?" I snapped, "Because Harry now knows that I was crying over him, and so does the world! Everyone knows who I am, and now I will be even more judged!"
Sarah was at a loss of words and I got off my bed and locked myself in my bathroom.
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