Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


20. Full of Hot Air

Clare's POV
I looked over at Harry, he was in a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt. He was wearing his aviators while staring at the road. We've been in the car for about 25 minutes; I still have no clue where we are going. We were in the middle of absolutely nowhere. He looked over at me, "You okay?" He chuckled.
"Yeah," I answered, "Why wouldn't I be?"
"Well, you've been staring at me for the last couple of minutes," he laughed.
I immediately felt my cheeks redden as I looked down, trying to hide it. I laughed awkwardly.
"So you excited?" He asked.
"It depends," I said as looked out the window, the wind blowing through my long hair.
"Depends on what?"
"On where the heck you're taking me. I hate surprises, and it better not be anywhere with clowns!" I exclaimed.
His face immediately dropped, "Well, I guess we're gonna have to go home then," he said glumly.
I gave him a confused look.
"Well, I was gonna take you to a circus, but I guess not."
I felt really bad, like horrible. "No, it's okay, I can bare it, I guess. I may scream a bit but,"I was interrupted by Harry's exonerating laughter.
"What?" I asked quickly.
"I'm just kidding, we're not going to a circus and no where with a clown!" He laughed loudly.
"Harry! You freaked me out for a second!"
"Sorry, Clare!" He smiled widely.
We drove a couple more miles, laughing and joking around with each other. Harry suddenly turned his red convertible to the right. He got to the side of the road and put the car in park.
"Uh, why did we stop?" I asked in confusion.
"Look in the glove compartment," he instructed as he pointed to it.
I leaned forward and opened it up. There was a small bag, like the ones that you open up at birthday parties. I looked at him weirdly; he gestured for me to open it. I took out the tissue paper and inside I found a small cloth.
"What is this?" I asked as I took it out. It was a red bandana.
"A blindfold!" He said excitedly.
"Harry, why do I have a blindfold?"
"Because we're getting close."
"But I hate surprises!" I said, my heart beat quickening.
"I know, and that's exactly why I'm doing this."
"You are quite evil." I glared at him and then cracked a smile.
"Here," he reached out his hand and I handed him the bandana.
He carefully folded it up so it was a strip. He reached over to my head and put the cloth over my eyes, so I couldn't see a thing. My vision was blocked out from everything.
"I hate you, Harry." I said.
"You know, hate is a very strong word, Clare."
"Fine," I smirked, "I very much dislike you."
I heard him laugh quietly, "Much better!"
I heard the car start up again and slowly move forward. We then picked up more and more speed and were zooming down the road.
"When can I take this thing off?" I asked as I reached up to the blindfold.
"No," he slapped away my hand, "Stop that! And not until we get there."
I groaned and leaned back in the seat.
"So, when are we gonna be there?"
"About," Harry paused and I felt the car stop, "Now. But keep the blindfold on."
"Fine," I grunted as I felt around to unbuckled myself. I heard Harry's door open then close. Moments later I heard my door open as well. I felt a comforting hand on my arm, telling me that Harry was there.
"Here, give me your hand," Harry reached his out to mine. I gladly took it and stepped out of the car. I felt grass under my feet, not pavement. Weird. I heard the car door slam. Harry's free hand then went to the small of my back, guiding me where to walk.
"Is all of this really necessary?" I asked.
"Well of course it is."
A few steps later I felt Harry stop, and I did as well. His hand left mine and I felt myself not wanting him to let go. He slowly reached up to my head and untied the blindfold.
It fell off of my eyes and the brightness immediately over came me. I blinked a few times, letting my eyes adjust. About 10 feet in front of me was a gigantic hot air balloon. The basket was large and above it was a rainbow balloon slowly inflating. A younger man, probably in his twenties, in khaki shorts and a tee shirt was standing over by the contraption.
"Are, are we going on that?" I stuttered.
"Yeah," he smiled down at me.
I've always wanted to go on one of these, but to be honest, I never have. Only because I hate heights. But I can't tell Harry that. He took so much work to plan this, uh, can I call this a date? Not sure. Should I ask him? But what if it's a no? Things might get awkward.
"Clare?" I heard Harry say.
"Yeah?" I looked up into his bright green eyes.
"You ready?"
"Uh, yeah." I tried my best not to sound nervous. He grabbed my hand again and I immediately felt my nerves begin to calm. He lead me to the basket.
"Ladies first," he exclaimed.
I nodded and hesitantly climbed the steps to the basket. It was fairly large, big enough to comfortably hold like 5 people. But there's only me and Harry. And probably that one guy. I looked down and saw a picnic basket. I felt a grin appear on my cheeks. He's such a cheeky boy. I felt Harry behind me and turned to see the other guy climb in too.
"Hey, I'm Jake." He smiled at me. He had shaggy blonde hair a bit past his ears.
"Hi," I smiled.
"Hey, thanks again for doing this," Harry said and Jake nodded.
"Ready?" He asked us. I quickly tensed up again as Harry told him that we were ready. I watched as Jake pulled a couple ropes and suddenly the fire above us deepened and I felt the basket roughly lift up the ground. I gasped a bit and clung onto Harry's arm.
He put it around me as I wrapped my arms around his side. Watching as we slowly were rising above the ground. I tightened my grip as my heart beat increased.
"Whoa, Clare. Are you okay?" He looked at me with concern.
"Uh, yeah." I lied.
"Tell me the truth," he said sweetly.
"Um, I, dont, uh, really like height," I answered slowly.
His eyes dulled a bit. "I'm sorry, I thought you'd be excited." He looked like a lost puppy dog.
"No, don't apologize." I said honestly.
He wrapped his arms around me and engulfed me in a hug. I felt my nerves once again calm down and I took a deep breath. I took a peek out of the basket and Harry's car was ant sized.
"Do you trust me?" Harry asked after a moment.
I looked up at him, still wrapped in his arms. "What?"
"Do you trust me?" He repeated.
I stared into his eyes, they sparkled a bit. "Of course I trust you. I mean you've managed to not have us crash this high off of the ground."
"Well, if you trust me, then know that I won't let anything happen to you. And that includes letting this thing drop to the ground," he whispered down to me. I giggled at what he said.
"You know what you have to do, right?" He let go of me but stayed close by my side.
"What?" I asked nervously, not knowing what he'd make me do.
"You have to face your fears." He looked me in the eye with a confident smile.
"Your not gonna make me jump off of this thing, right?"
He laughed, "God no. But your gonna have to let go of me and look over the side."
I gave him a look.
"Come on," he said while loosening his arm from my grip. He put his hand on the small of my back and walked me to the side of the balloon.
I tried to not move, but he gently pushed me to the side.
"Come on, Clare. I believe in you," he gave me a gentle look. I hesitantly took a step forward and looked over the side.
"You know," Harry started, "You're quite cute when your scared." He gave me a cheeky grin.
"Aren't I cute all the time?" I asked him jokingly.
"Well, that too."
"Oh, stop it you!" I laughed, enjoying how comfortable I felt around him.
I looked down to the ground, everything was miniature. I took a deep breath and continued looking down, this isn't so bad I guess. I leaned forward a bit. As soon as I almost got the courage to look over the side, I felt my body jerk forward from a little push. I felt like I was gonna fall and then I noticed Harry was grabbing onto my arms, laughing. He thought it would be funny to pretend to push me over the side. My breathing was heavy and I quickly spun around to face his green eyes.
"Harry!" I screamed at him.
"You're also very cute when you're angry," he winked and grabbed my hands. I shook them out of his grasp and crossed my arms, obviously still angry.
"Look, babe, I'm sorry. I thought it would be funny," he defended himself.
"Babe? And it wouldn't be funny. What if I would've fell?!" I could hear my voice increasing.
"But I had you."
I huffed and turned my back to him.
"Look, I'm sorry that you can't take a joke," he mumbled.
I turned back around, "Excuse me?"
He just looked at me with raised eye brows.
I glared into his bright green eyes. A look on his face I couldn't read.
"Nevermind, just remind me to never try to plan a day with you ever again." He stated coldly.
I felt my heart shatter with hurt. Did I overreact? He looked at me once more and then turned around and headed to the edge of the basket.
"Harry," I walked over to him, not caring about how high up we were anymore. I set my hand on his arm, "You know I hate heights." He refused to look at me.
We sat there in silence, Harry still not looking or talking to me.
"Harry," I repeated more sternly, "Please talk to me."
"Do you even like me?" He asked slowly, still staring off in the distance.
"Well, of course I do. You're my best friend." I answered honestly.
"No, I mean do you like really like me?" He finally looked into my eyes.
"Harry, I already told you I did," I said as a gust of wind went by, giving me the chills.
"Really? Because you're really giving me mixed signals," he looked away from me and stared at a couple birds flying at a distance.
I honestly was at a loss of words.
"I mean," Harry started, "It's like we're having such a good time together and then the next second, your pissed at me."
"It's not like that, Harry. I just have troubles."
"Troubles with what?"
"I don't know, trusting people? It's just that I've been betrayed and I've lost the person I loved and trusted the most, so I just need time," I said quietly.
He stopped leaning against the side of the basket and stood up straight to face me.
"But you said you trusted me," Harry reminded me.
"That's because I do," I slowly looked up and his eyes sparkled down at me.
He half smiled at me. I took a step towards him and hugged him. He seemed a little surprised and then after a moment hugged me back. He held me tight and he leant down and kissed the top of my head. I felt my knees go weak when he did so.
"So, remember when you said you needed time?" Harry asked me quietly but loud enough for me to hear.
I nodded my head against his chest.
"Well, how much time do you need?" He asked.
"Not much," I smiled and looked up at him as we let go of the hug.
"Okay, so about 5 minutes?" He smirked.
I playfully shoved his arm.
He laughed, "Just asking!"
"I know," I said. "So, what are we doing in a hot air balloon?"
"Well," he started, "This is our transportation for the night."
I gave him a confused look, "Huh?"
"Yeah," he smiled.
"I don't get it."
"Okay," he laughed.
"So you gonna explain it to me?" I asked.
"Well, of course not." He looked at me with a funny look on his face.
"Gosh, Harry." I puffed, "You know I hate surprises!"
"Exactly," he smirked at me and then leant against the side of the basket again. I slowly walked over to him and hesitantly and slowly leaned up against the basket right next to him.
"See, nothing happened," Harry assured me, "It's alright."
"Just wait, I'm bound to fall sooner or later," I looked down, we were starting to get lower to the ground, "Where are we going? We're in the middle of nowhere."
"Exactly," is all that Harry said.
"Again, that makes absolutely no sense."
The balloon started to descend from the sky, slowly floating down to the ground. I took a step away from the side but also close enough so I could still see the ground. We were in the middle of a field of grass. That's it. Nothing else. We were just feet from the ground, still being lowered. I felt a rough bump and I lost my balance. I plopped on my butt just as the basket was successfully lowered to the ground.
"You're such a klutz!" Harry laughed loudly as he walked up to me and gave me his hand to help me up.
I took it and he pulled me to my feet.
"The stairs are down," Jake informed us.
"Thanks," Harry said as he grabbed the picnic basket that was still in the corner of the balloon basket and led me to the stairs.
I walked down and my feet met the soft grass.
"Come on," Harry tugged on my arm and started skipping across the field.
I had to jog to keep up with him.
"Harry!" I called, "Slow down!"
"Never!" He let go of my arm and started sprinting up a nearby hill until I could no longer see him
"Harry!" I screamed and slowed my jog to a walk.
I gave up on catching up to him and followed his trail to the hill. I walked up the hill and when I got to the top, I saw a calm stream with wild flowers on the sides. Next to it, I saw the curly hair boy that I've come to known. He was sitting on a red blanket that was lain out on the grass. I smiled. He noticed me standing there and waved. I made my way down the hill and as I got closer, I noticed sandwiches, potato salad, and juice boxes.
"So this is the big surprise?" I asked with a smile.
"Well, yeah. What else?" He smirked and patted the empty spot on the blanket. I sat down and grabbed a juicebox.
"My favorite," I explained as I popped a straw into it and took a gulp. "You know, you didn't have to do all this." I said to him.
"Yeah, I know. But I wanted to," He smiled as he shoved a spoonful of potato salad in his mouth. There was a chunk of it on the side of his cheek.
"Uh, you've gotta little something right there," I pointed at his face.
"Where?" He wiped everywhere around his face except for that one spot. I grabbed a nearby napkin, "Can you really not feel that you have food on your face?" I put the napkin up to his cheek and wiped away the sauce.
"What if I wanted it there?" He asked.
"Well a nice thank you would work too, but you're welcome!" I smirked.
He smiled his big smile that I loved to see. We finished our food and he reached for the basket. He pulled out a plastic baggy with 2 large cookies in it. I love cookies, especially double chocolate chip which those cookies were. He took a cookie out of the bag. He looked at me and then took a bite of the cookie.
"Can I have a cookie, please?" I begged.
He took another bite and swallowed, "Ill tell you what, I'll give you this cookie only if," he paused.
"If what?" I asked wondrously.
"Only if you'll go out with me," he said with a cheeky smile. I felt my heart stop when I heard those words. I immediately felt my face get red.
"So, let me get this clear. If I go out with you, you'll give me that delicious cookie?"
"Yes," lifted up the cookie.
"Is the cookie soft?"
"Well of course it is!"
"Then, yes. I'll go out with you, now give me the cookie!" I laughed as he tossed the cookie to me. I looked at Harry and he couldn't stop grinning and I realized that I couldn't either.
"So why did you pick this spot?" I asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Like, we're in the middle of nowhere."
"Oh, well it's more private I guess. Like there's no paps here," He explained.
"Ahh, I see."
I heard a soft engine rustling behind me. I turned around and saw 2 four wheelers on the top of the hill. Someone was getting off of one of them and got on the back of the second one and they zoomed away, leaving the first one.
"Oh, looks like our ride is here."
"Uh, Harry, how much money did you spend on today? I mean, a hot air balloon and a four wheeler?" I asked, feeling guilty.
"A lot, but it was worth it," he smiled.
"How come?" I asked.
"Because you said yes."
I felt myself smile and I leaned in to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.
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