Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


16. Did it work?

Louis' POV
I came into the house, the guys were all watching Family Guy on the tv, cracking up at the stupid, but humorous jokes.
They noticed me walking in and I plopped on the couch next to Niall.
"Where's Haz?" Liam asked.
"Don't know," I said and started watching the show.
"You don't know? How do you not know?" Liam looked worried.
"Frankly, I don't care either." I spat out in a mean tone.
"What happened?" Zayn asked.
"Harry was just being a douche, that's all." I explained, my tone still harsh.
"How can you say that? He's like your best friend." Liam said.
"I can say that because it's true."
"Can you cut the crap and just tell us what happened?" Niall asked.
"Well, Harry and Clare got into a fight and Harry got upset and went into the lobby of a building and he texted us that he was taking a car. But then when Clare, Sarah, and I were walking back to the car, we saw Harry kissing another girl through the window." I said quickly.
"Oh?" Niall said after a minute, obviously confused.
"I'm going upstairs." I declared and went to go skype El.
A couple hours later, I heard the front door open.
I said goodbye to Eleanor and ran down the stairs. Harry was in the front room, his arm slung around a girl with barely any clothing on. He was swaying side to side and he was slurring his words.
"Oh, hey Lou!" Harry slurred as he saw me.
"Who's that?" I crossed my arms.
"Oh, this is my guest for the night!" Harry eyed the girl up.
"Harry, no. Your drunk." I said.
"You can't tell me what to do!" He yelled, "Come on Katie."
"Uh," the girl interrupted, "My name is Tess."
I walked over to the front door and opened it. "Go home, Tess."
She looked at Harry and he was pulling her towards the stairs.
"Liam! Come here!" I shouted.
"Yes, lad?" Liam came, "Who's that?" He pointed to the half naked girl.
"This is Katie, er, Tess?" Harry answered, "And if you'd excuse us, we have a game to play."
"No, Harry. She's going home." Liam declared. He went up to Tess and grabbed her arm, leading her towards the door and away from Harry.
"Harry?" She asked. "Well, I call you later." She toppled through the door and made her way to her car.
"Wow, I can't believe you guys!" Harry shouted and sat on the stairs.
"What were you thinking, bringing that slut to our house?" I asked.
"Don't call her a slut, you don't even know her!" Harry yelled.
"What's going on in here?" Niall came in the room.
"Well apparently neither do you!" Liam yelled back to Harry.
"Didn't you see what she was wearing?" I asked him.
"Yeah, it was pretty hot." Harry responded.
"She barely had clothes on," I gave him a look.
"Exactly," he smirked. "Well I'm going up stairs, thanks for ruining my night." He waved to us and then stumbled up to his room.
"What's going on?" Niall repeated.
"Oh nothing, Harry just thought it would be fun to get wasted and bring a strange girl home." Liam said, still staring at Harry stumbling on the stairs.
"God, what's gotten into him? If this gets to the press, he'll be ruined." Niall announced.
"Yeah, let's just hope this doesn't get to the press." Liam said, "Where's Zayn?"
"Sleeping, what else?"
"Very true. Well I'm going to bed." I said and walked up stairs.
Harry just got to his room and I departed to mine. I was still pissed off so I went straight to my bed.
Harry's POV
Light was shining through my window and my eyes slowly opened. I looked at my clock. 2pm. Wow, I slept late and I was still extremely tired. My head was aching to an extreme and my body was soar. What happened last night? All I remember is my leaving the park and going to a bar. I had a couple drinks and then I remember nothing else. Great. I closed my eyes, letting me drift back to sleep. I was sitting on an island under a palm tree, playing a ukulele. I was strumming the cords beautifully. I had no clothes on at all, just sitting in the sand naked. I was playing along to the odd instrument when that Anna girl came up to me.
"Did you figure out your feelings?"
Her voice kept on echoing through my mind. Clare and Niall walked up to me.
"See we're both down," she whispered. She grabbed the ukelele out of my arms and crashed it over my head. I closed my eyes, I was all dizzy. When I opened them, Niall and Clare were in a blown out make out session.
"No! Niall! Get off of her, she's mine!" I yelled to them. I stood up off the sand and ran up to them to push them apart, but I ran right through them and tripped on the sand. The sand opened up to show a black hole, I fell into it and fell and fell and fell. I looked down and saw a large fire pit. I was about to fall into it. "No!" I screamed.
My eyes opened up, my forehead drenched in sweat. Oh, it was only a dream. That was probably the oddest dream I've ever had. A ukelele? Really?
I laid on my back in bed. My head no longer hurt but my body was still exhausted.
My phone beeped. It was a text from my mom asking how my vacation was. I ignored her message. I looked at the time, almost 5. I decided I should go downstairs and get something to eat. I slumped my legs over the edge of my bed. As soon as I sat up, I felt woozy. I started feeling my throat restricting. I ran to the bathroom as I started to gag. Gross acid came up my throat and I barfed it up in my toilet. I sat on the ground. Exhausted. I heard a knock at the door and Louis came in the bathroom.
"Hey, you okay?" He asked.
I nodded.
"Do you remember last night at all? You were pretty wasted."
i shook my head no.
"Oh, well you tried to sleep with a prostitute." He said with a serious face.
I started cracking up. "I'm being serious." He said with crossed arms.
"Are you kidding me?"
"Nope," he shook his head.
"That was a pretty dick move too." Louis said.
I remembered yesterday when I kissed a girl I didn't even know, just to make Clare jealous.
"Did it work?" I blurted.
"Your unbelievable." Louis gave me a look of disgust and left me sitting on my bathroom floor. The smell still of regurgitated alcohol.
I slowly got off the ground. i grabbed my phone and some headphones and made my way downstairs.
I reached the kitchen and rummaged for something to eat. I settled for a banana and made my way to the porch. In order to get to the back of the house, I walked through the living room that all the boys just happened to be sitting in. Everyone was staring at me, either in fury, wonderment, or disgust. Obviously Louis told them what just happened. That guy can't keep his mouth shut, like at all. I started to peel my banana as I opened the screen door to the deck. I went over to a lounge chair and sat on it.
I plugged my headphones into my iPhone and started my favorite playlist. 'Homeless' by my favorite ginger, Ed Sheeran came on. I decided to text him, I really need a friend right now.
I looked up. The sun was beginning to set. I looked over to the Sampson's beach. Clare's mom was sitting on their deck, as far as I could see. Luke and Sarah were playing in the water having a blast splashing each other. I sighed, wishing I could take everything back. But I can't. I felt my phone vibrate, it was a text from Paul.
'Paul: Im being flown in tonight. I'll be there at 6am. Don't stay up late, we have Robby Brown at 4 and we want you there at 1 for rehearsal. Yes, you will be performing but the song is up to you guys to decide.'
Crap. I totally forgot about the interview. I didn't bother to text him back. I looked up again and I saw someone running on the beach. They were running on the my right side heading towards my left. As the person got closer, I noticed it was Clare. She told me that she ran when she was upset or wanted to run off some steam. Is she running because of me? As I finished my thought, Clare was running right past our house. I saw her look towards our house. She was about to look away when she noticed me. Even though she was a ways away from me, we made eye contact. I didn't
Know what her expression was, but I just felt even more guiltier. She slowed down a bit but then increased her pace once more.
Clare's POV
He looked at me. We made eye contact. What does this mean? Is he still mad that I pushed him away? My feelings hurt even more when I remembered him kissing that girl. Stop it, Clare. You are not together. He probably has moved on anyways. I slowed my run into a jog and eventually stopped when I got to Luke and Sarah playing in the water.
I sat in the sand, watching them splash each other. Sarah noticed me and ran out of the water.
"Where ya going?" Luke shouted to her.
"I'll be back!" She promised.
She grabbed a nearby towel and walked right up to me.
"Hey," she sat down next to me on the sand.
"Hey," I responded.
"How ya doing? I haven't seen you much today." She mumbled.
"Sorry, just been in bed. Tired, I guess."
"Uh huh," She looked at me.
"Harry's outside." I told her.
Her eyes widened as she strained her neck to look at their house.
"I don't see him," she observed.
"He's sitting on the lounge chairs," I said, my eyes still on the waves. At this point the sun was almost completely set.
"Ohh, I see him now. Is he sleeping?" She asked.
"Who knows, but he saw me when I ran past."
"Go talk to him," she demanded.
"I, I can't." I admitted.
"Well why not?"
"Who knows how he's feeling and frankly I don't want to be in his presence." I looked her in the eye.
"Oh, I see."
"Sarah!" Luke shouted, "Come back in! I'm bored," he whined.
"Go ahead," I told her. "I need to shower anyways." She took off her towel and ran back to the water.
I slowly got up, exhausted from my run. I walked up the steps of our deck.
"Hey Clare, you going inside?" I heard my mom's voice.
I jumped a bit, not expecting anyone to be out here. I turned to face her and saw her laying on a lounge and reading a magazine.
"Uh, yeah. I need to shower then I'm off to bed."
"Okay, goodnight Hun." She softly smiled and I departed from her.
I was making my way to my bedroom when I heard my dad's voice.
"Look, Shannon, you've got to stop calling me. I have a wife and a family." He said sternly. I stopped outside the door of his study and quietly listened. There was a pause. "Yes, I know. But I was confused and now I know that I can't lose my family." Another pause. "I've been a horrible father and I need to make it up to my kids. I just can't do this anymore." Another pause. "Bye, don't ever get in contact with me again." I heard his plop down in a chair and take a deep breath.
I slowly continued to go to my bedroom. Oh my god, I can't believe what I just heard. Were those rumors right and my dad was lying to us? Or was he talking to someone else about something completely different. My mind was vigorously wondering. I couldn't take it, it felt like it was going to explode.
I got to my room and checked my phone. I unlocked it. One unread message from: My Most Favorite Person In The World!(; I opened it and he reminded me that they were going to be live tomorrow on Robby Brown at 4. He also asked me how I was doing. I didn't respond, I just got undressed and got in the shower.
Liam's POV
'Ring Ring Ring' My eyes slowly opened. Uhhhg. 'Ring Ring' What is that? Oh, my phones ringing.
"Hello?" I answered groggily.
"Liam, it's Paul." The other voice answered.
I got more alert and awake. "Oh, hey Paul."
"Your front door is locked, can you come let me in?"
"Yeah, sure, I'll be down in a second." I hung up the phone and looked at my clock. Great, 6:10. I took off my duvet and slowly got out of bed. Once, downstairs I unlocked the door and opened it. Sure enough, Paul was standing there with a large suitcase besides him.
"Hey Liam, nice to see you. How's break so far?" He nodded as he walked in the door.
"Uh," I said still half asleep, "Good, I guess. Here, let me show you your room." I lead Paul up the wide staircase and down the hall to one of the spare rooms. "Chose any you'd like." I said, "Now I'm going back to bed." I left him in his room alone and made my way back to my room. I got back in my bed, it was still warm, and pulled my duvet over me.
"Liam. Wake up. Liam." I faintly heard and I felt a slight shove on my arm. I woke up and saw a familiar blonde boy.
"Good, your awake. Do you know where Harry is?" He asked me, his eyes full of concern.
"Sleeping, maybe?"
"He's not in his room, or around the house." Niall said.
"What?" I popped up to a sitting position.
"Yeah, and he can't be missing, we're on Robby Brown today." Niall reminded me.
"Oh, yeah, completely forgot about that." I admitted.
"Where's everyone else?"
"Sleeping," Niall said.
"Does Paul know?" I asked.
"Know about what?"
"Harry, how he's missing." I reminded him.
"Oh, no, not yet."
I got out of bed, "Well let's go tell him." I lead the way out of my room and went to Paul's room.
He, of course, was passed out on his bed. I picked up a pillow and chucked it at his face.
He did a little spaz attack where he jumped a little in his sleep then he immediately woke up.
"Oh, hi boys," he said sleepily.
"Harry's missing," I got right to the chase.
"What?" He asked.
"He's not in his bed or downstairs," Niall clarified.
"God, this kid has got to stop getting himself in trouble!" He mumbled angrily and got out of his bed.
He walked to the back stairway closest to his room that leads down do the back living room, not the front room like the other.
"Are you sure he's not anywhere down here?" Paul asked.
"Yeah, well I think considering I checked the whole place." Niall answered.
"Did you at least try calling him?" He asked.
Niall looked a little taken aback, "A, well, no, I didn't."
"Really?" I asked, a look of annoyance on my face. Paul got out his phone and dialled Harry's number. We heard his phone ringing.
"Well, found him." Niall awkwardly laughed.
I followed the noise which lead me to the deck. I opened the door and went outside, and sure enough, Harry was sitting there curled up on a lounge chair.
"Can he sleep through anything?" Paul asked in astonishment, "I mean, his phone is really loud." He grabbed his phone from the side table and shut it off.
"Oh god," Niall laughed, "Look at his face!"
There were little red dots all over his face, arms, and legs. Pretty much wherever his skin was showing.
"Shit." Paul mumbled. "He has a live interview today!"
Niall just sat there laughing. He took out his phone and snapped a picture of him, "Looks like the mosquitoes like the taste of Harry!"
"Niall, what are you doing?" I asked him.
"Putting this on twitter, I got a close up of his face. The fans will love it!" He was still cracking up.
Paul sighed, "Well, you guys are lucky that Lou was also flown out. But she'll meet us at the studio." He shook his head and walked back inside.
Niall took another look at Harry and laughed some more.
"You gotta admit, it's pretty funny."
I took another look at Harry, red blotchy mosquito bites covered his face, arms and lower legs. A smirk crept on my face. "Yeah," I admitted, "it is."
"Should we wake him?" Niall asked.
"No, let him sleep. Don't tell him about his face either. Let him find out on his own." I laughed a bit at the idea of him seeing his face and turned to go inside.
"Hey, wait up!" Niall called as he followed me inside.
I heard the tv on in the kitchen and found Zayn eating cereal while watching spongebob.
"Spongebob?" I asked with a smirk.
"Hey, don't judge." He gave me a serious look and then a smile cracked upon his face. "Where's Haz?"
"Slept outside. Hey, look at this." I grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened my twitter app. I searched for Niall and opened the picture. Even though it was only posted a couple moments ago, there were already hundreds of retweet, comments, and favorites. I laughed again as I opened the picture to see the spots on Harry's face. I showed my screen to Zayn.
"Is that harry?" He laughed.
"Yeah, bugs got him last night!"
"Is he still out there?" Zayn got off the counter and walked outside to the deck. He burst out some laughter as he saw him laying there. "Hey, come here!" He called to me.
"Yeah?" I walked right to him as he got his phone out of his pocket.
"Remember when he took a photo of himself with me when I was sleeping?" He asked.
"Yeah, I remember."
"Well, I'm getting payback." He said with a devious look.
Zayn got to one side of Harry and put his head right next to his. He quietly motioned for me to do the same but on the other side. I crouched next to Harry's bitten face. Zayn put his camera infront of all 3 of our faces, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out while I did my signature face of lifting one eyebrow up and lowering the other. He took the picture, the click of the camera was heard. Harry started to stir a bit. Zayn quickly got up and sprinted inside, I did the same.
"So he starts to wake up when he hears a camera click, but not when his phone is ringing obnoxiously loud?!" I exclaimed.
"Are you serious?" Zayn laughed.
We heard the slide of the screen door telling us Harry was coming inside. Niall was helping himself to a bowl of cereal while I sat down next to Zayn who was finishing his breakfast.
"Act casual," I whispered.
"Hey guys," Harry said groggily.
His face was the same, covered in red bite marks. He started itching his cheek. I couldn't hold in my smirk any longer and neither could Zayn or Niall.
"What's so funny?" He asked confusingly while scratching his face.
"Uh, Niall just told us a hilarious joke, isn't that right lads?" I used as an excuse.
"Uh, yeah." Niall confirmed slowly.
Just then Louis walked in the kitchen, "When do we have to-" he saw harry and a smile immediately fell on his face, "dude, what's on your face?!" He laughed.
"What?" Harry made his way to the bathroom. "Are you kidding me!"
Harry walked back in. "You guys knew and didn't say anything?!" He looked annoyed.
"Well yeah. It was funny and it wasn't us who accidentally slept outside, it was you." Zayn smirked.
Paul then walked into the kitchen. "Glad to see that your awake Harry." He said and sat down at the counter.
"I can't go today, Paul." He said in a haste.
"Don't be ridiculous, of course your going." Paul said.
"I can't, don't you see my face?" Harry once again scratched all over his face.
"Stop scratching, it'll just get worse." He warned.
"All the fans will see!" I argued.
"They already have," Niall mumbled to me. Zayn and I started laughing along with Niall.
"What?" Harry started freaking out. He unlocked his phone. "Great, 2 twitter mentions, wonder who they are from." He said sarcastically.
"You've got to be kidding me." He said when he saw the picture of him sleeping.
"Harry, it's funny. Calm down." Niall said.
"Yeah, and it's payback." Zayn added.
Harry finally cracked a smile, "I do actually look pretty odd."
"There ya go." I said with a smirk.
"So," Paul interrupted. "We have to leave in an hour. Go get showered and throw on something comfortable. Don't do anything with your hair or face. Lou will be there to do that for you." He nodded and walked off to the living room and plopped on the couch.

Harry's POV
My face itched like hell. I don't know how I didn't feel those stupid bugs biting me. Last time I fall asleep outside. I went up stairs trying to fight the urge to itch myself. This is honestly the most uncomfortable feeling ever.
I got to my room and stripped off my clothes. We had an hour and I didn't need that much time. So, I decided to sit on my bed and check my twitter. Just the usual, nothing interesting. Just then, Clare popped in to my mind. Is she still mad at me? I hope not. I went to the search box and typed in '@Clare_Sampson70.' I noticed her profile picture was of me and her at the Hollywood sign. I smiled at the memory. I went to her profile. She had over 15,000 followers and a ton of mentions. I read some, some were good and some were bad. One in particular caught my eye, '@Clare_Sampson70 get away from Harry. You are ugly and he's way too good for you. You don't deserve to be alive because you are a major tramp. Just do us all a favor and disappear, okay? Thanks.' It was from someone named '@Harrys guuurrll1273' I got pissed off. I can't believe someone would say this and I can't believe I let this happen to Clare. I clicked on the haters profile and tweeted her. '@Harrysguuurrll1273 if you were a true fan of mine, you would respect my friends. And no, I am not too good for her, she's too good for me.' I tweeted it. Moments later, I got comments saying they respected me for sticking up to Clare and they started hating on the person who said nasty things to Clare. I quickly went to my profile and clicked on New Tweet. I quickly typed in 'please stop hating on my good friend @Clare_Sampson70 she doesn't deserve the nasty comments that our "fans" are saying to her. Thank you to those who don't share the hate.' I tweeted it and locked my phone. It was about 15 minutes and we were leaving soon. I walked over to the shower and since I was already undressed, hopped in the shower. The hot water burned all my bites made from the mosquitoes.

Clare's POV
I was sitting on my bed, eating a sandwich for lunch.
"Clare!" Sarah shouted and ran to my room. "Clare, did you see?" She panted.
"See what?" I asked, obviously confused.
"Twitter, you didn't see?" She asked frantically. "Give me your ipad."
I handed her the device, "What's going on?"
"Give me a second." She demanded and started typing on the ipad. "Look." She handed it over to me.
I looked at a tweet to me, it was from @Harrysguuurrll1273. It said, '@Clare_Sampson70 get away from Harry. You are ugly and he's way too good for you. You don't deserve to be alive because you are a major tramp. Just do us all a favor and disappear, okay? Thanks.' I felt tears surface in my eyes as I read it. "Why are you showing me this" I asked, a tear flowing down my cheek.
"Now click on the girls name." I did what I was told. The first thing that popped up was a tweet from Harry. What? It said, '@Harrysguuurrll1273 if you were a true fan of mine, you would respect my friends. And no, I am not too good for her, she's too good for me.' I didn't believe what I just read. Harry stood up for me. My tears stopped in my eyes.
"Now click on Harry's profile." Sarah instructed me.
I clicked on his name. He just tweeted 10 minutes ago. 'please stop hating on my good friend @Clare_Sampson70 she doesn't deserve the nasty comments that our "fans" are saying to her. Thank you to those who don't share the hate.' Was what I read.
"He, he stood up for me." I said in astonishment to Sarah.
"See, he does care."
I felt my eyes well up again, but this time not in sadness.
I took out my phone and went to me messages. I opened up a new message to Harry.
Me: Thank you.
I locked my phone and laid down on my back. I didn't even mind that he kissed another girl anymore, all I cared about was that I had Harry in my life, friends or not.

Harry's POV
I got out of the shower, my body feeling clean. I toweled off then walked in my room to find some sweats. I found a pair of adidas sweat pants on my floor. Are they dirty? I sniffed them, they smell alright. I slipped them on after I put on some boxers. I made my way over to my closet and found a random t-shirt. I put it on, along with my shoes and went downstairs. Paul was in the front room along with Liam, Louis, and Niall.
"Hey, where's Zayn?" I asked.
"Last time I checked, he just got out of the shower." Liam said. I got to the bottom of the stairs just as Zayn reached the top.
"Perfect timing, the limo just got here." explained Paul.
"Limo?" asked Niall.
"Management insisted," Paul said as he opened the front door and lead the way out.
"Perfect timing," Paul said as we got to the car, "It's about a 45 minute ride to the station and then we'll do the song rehearsals and then you'll meet Robby Brown. He will then explain to you the process of your interview. Then Lou should be there and yeah. You get the gist of it?" He finished just as the limo pulled out of our driveway.
"What song are we singing?" Zayn asked Paul.
"You haven't picked a song yet?" he asked.
We all shook our heads.
"Well you have about 40 minutes to choose one."
"Rock Me?" Niall suggested.
"No," Louis said quickly.
"Still The One?" Liam said.
"Uhh, how about They Don't Know About Us?" I suggested, "I mean, it's slow so we can sit down instead of getting all sweaty bouncing around, you know?"
"Sure," Niall said.
"Sounds solid," Zayn said.
"Is that the song?" Paul asked. We all nodded our heads.
I reached my hand up to itch my nose.
"Harry, stop." Paul glared.
"But it itches!" I whined.
"Fine, have scabs all over your face." Paul laughed.
I quickly lowered my hand.
About 40 minutes later, we pulled into the studio. It was a large building with the name 'Robby Brown' in large red letter. There were teenage girls everywhere. Like everywhere I looked. Our driver drove honked the horn a couple times in order to clear the girls out of the way. A couple even slammed their faces into our windows. The driver parked in front of an area that said Entrance C. 5 large men with metal gates appeared and set up a barrier about waist high between the girls and our car, making a clear path for us to walk to the entrance. Paul got the ok to let us out. He came out the door first, all we heard were screams of Paul's name. I laughed, thinking how funny it was that everyone worshipped our security guard. He popped his head through the door and said that we can get out. Louis was closest so he got out of the limo. Screams were even louder. I looked out the window and saw girls crying. Zayn got out right after Louis and more screams were heard. They started moving down the path, every once in a while signing autographs and taking pictures with fans from the other side of the fence. Niall got out next and once again, more screams were heard. Then Liam left the car. I started scooting closer to the door to exit because I was the farthest away from the door. I looked out the door and when some girls saw my face, they screamed my name. I got out of the car, and stood up. Paul was still standing, holding the door open.
"Paul, my face." I reminded him.
"It's fine, Harry. Your fans love you."
I nodded and waved to the fans. I started walking up the path. Girls to my left were screaming my name, I walked up to them.
"Hello girls," I put a wide grin on my face and signed an autograph. One of them was speechless and I laughed. I continued walking away, waving hello to everyone and smiling.
"What happened to your face, Harry?" A fan shouted.
"I slept outside and mosquitoes found me delicious!" I yelled back to her.
All the fans around me found my explanation absolutely hilarious and I started walking to the door once again. All the guys were already inside and I met them past the entrance. Paul led us down hallways and pointed to us where our dressing room was. We kept on walking down the long hallway until we turned and saw large stage just like all the other interview shows we've been on. It was a flat ground extending out to a place to where the audience sits. On the stage was a very long couch and to the left of it was a desk with an ipad on it. Behind it was a large picture frame hanging on the wall where pictures were projected. Way over to the right was 5 stools with microphones with our band equipment in the background.
"Do you think we'll be able to fit on this couch?" I asked.
"I dont know," Louis said slyly, "Let's go find out!"
"Race you there!" Niall shouted and sprinted to the couch. We all ran the 15 feet from us to the couch. Liam got there first, then Niall and then I didn't know considering we were all piled on top of each other.
"Scoot over!" Louis shouted. Zayn scooted to the end and I squeezed my butt next to him. I looked over, everyone seemed to fit nicely.
"Wow, I think this is one of the first couches long enough for us," Zayn observed.
Paul stood there laughing at us. "Do you think it can fit one more?" Paul asked.
"I don't know," Niall answered. Paul casually walked over to us and tried to squeeze himself next to Zayn.
"Uh, Paul," Zayn said. "You're sitting on me."
"Well, then scoot over!" He laughed.
"I'm trying!" Zayn chuckled.
"So," a man's voice was heard, "I see you found your couch!"
Paul got up off of Zayn and walked up to him. He was wearing a suit and his hair was gelled to the side. "Robby Brown, it's nice to meet you," Paul shook his hand, "I'm One Direction's security guard, Paul."
Robby nodded, "Pleasure to meet you." He walked up to us, everyone of us was watching him.
"Hello boys, I'm Robby Brown."
"I'm Harry," I said casually.
"Yes," he laughed quietly, "I'm quite informed of who you all are. I'm very excited to have you on my show. Uh, what happened to your face?"
"Well," I put a cheeky smile on my face, "I am apparently a delicacy to mosquitoes."
The guys started cracking up and so did Robby Brown. I felt quite satisfied with my joke.
"You are also apparently a delicacy to all those girls outside my studio!" Robby answered with a smile.
"I like the way you think, Mr. Brown!" I responded and all of us joined in with a laugh.
"So," he said after we all calmed down, "I assumed you picked your song for tonight."
We nodded.
"So let's hear it!"
We got off the couch and made our way to the stools. Paul told the band what song and our keyboardist started playing the soft tune. Liam started to sing his part and then it was my turn. And during my solo, all I could think about was Clare. The song finally ended and Robby Brown applauded for us.
"Great job! So we will start off with me asking random questions and then we'll give the audience a chance to send in questions or pictures of you guys and you'll either have to talk about the picture or answer the questions. Does that sound all right?"
"Sounds great," Liam said.
"Okay, good. And then after, it will cut to commercial and then you will come over here and sing then the show will end." He continued.
His phone started to ring, he walked away to answer his call.
"Lou just texted me saying she's here, come along." Paul said and lead us to the dressing room.
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