Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


11. Day Out

Louis' POV

We were all on the large couch in the first living room. Harry popped in the movie Taladega Nights and now it was almost over. During the whole movie, I kept seeing Harry glance over at Clare. I laughed silently to myself just thinking how oblivious Clare was. She never even noticed Harry staring at her once. Harry saw that I caught him staring at her. He blushed and put his attention back onto the movie. We heard Someone walk into the kitchen and rustled around in there. A few minutes later Niall came in with a bowl of cereal.
"Oh, hey Clare." He said when he came in.
"Niall, go get pants on, we've got a lady in the house," Louis laughed.
Niall looked down and blushed as he realized he was just wearing his boxers and a tee shirt.
Clare laughed at him.
He quickly put his bowl down and ran upstairs. He soon returned wearing his pajama pants. "Eh, sorry about that." He mumbled.
"It's completely fine!" She chuckled.
"So what you watching?"Niall asked and the movie just ended. "Um, never mind."
"What you wanna watch next?" Harry asked.
I got up off the couch and looked through our movies. I grabbed one that I haven't seen since I was little and popped it in.
"What movie is it?" Clare asked.
"It's a surprise!" I grinned.
A few moments later sponge bob appeared on the screen.
"Really.." Harry started, "the Spongebob movie?"
I started cracking up.
"I happen to love Spongebob!" Clare explained while partially laughing.
"See, I knew I always liked her. She's got great taste in movies." I said.
"Heck yes I do! Who doesn't like Spongebob?!"
"Me." Niall Admitted. "He freaked me out when I was little."
"Awww is little Niall scared?" I joked.
"No!" Niall retorted.
We heard steps come down the stairs and someone appeared in the living room.
"You guys are really loud, you know" Liam said as he sat in an empty chair next to Harry. He saw Clare sitting on the couch and gave her a slight glare. I saw Harry lean next to him and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and started to watch the movie.

Liam's POV

I opened my eyes and heard laughing. I slowly got out of bed and slumped to the stairs.
"You guys are really loud, you know." I told the lads, still half asleep. I walked over to an empty arm chair that was next to Harry. I saw Clare sitting on the couch in between Louis and Harry. Why is she here? She has too much of an attitude for my liking. Harry must've saw that I was looking at Clare.
"Give her a chance, she just had a rough day, that's why she yelled." He explained to me in a whisper. I nodded telling him that I would. Everyone deserves a second chance.
I put my attention towards the movie. Hah I love Spongebob.

~after the movie~
I've gotta admit, Clare is funny.
"I'm hungry." Niall said.
"Me too, I didn't eat breakfast." Harry added.
"Same," Clare said.
"Let's go somewhere." Clare shrugged.
"Sure, we have like no food here anyways." I added.
"Where though?" Louis asked, "we don't know anywhere around here."
"Nandos!" Niall yelled.
"There is no Nandos, Niall." Clare's corrected him.
"Wait, Clare can be out guide for today around Beverly Hills!" Harry said.
"Yeah, what do ya say Clare? Wanna show us around?" I asked.
"Sure," she smiled. "Sounds great."
"I should probably get out of my Jammys." Louis laughed and walked upstairs.
"Same here," Clare said. "I'll be back in 10 minutes."
We all nodded and watched her leave.
"I'll be right back, I'm getting dressed." Louis declared.
"I think we should all be getting ready for the day." I told the lads.
We all headed upstairs and departed to our rooms. Before I went in mine, I headed to Zayn's. He was sitting up on his bed playing on his lap top.
"You've got 10 minutes, get ready. We're going out."
"Where we going?" He asked.
"We are getting food." He nodded and I turned around and headed to my room.
About 10 minutes later, we heard the door downstairs open.
"Hellooooo?" Clare called out.
"We'll be down in a minute!" Harry called out.
"Clare Bear!!" Louis screamed and ran down stairs.
I heard a thud on the floor and Clare and Louis started cracking up.
"Come on guys, lets go!" I called out to them.
I met all the guys down stairs and we went out the front door and got into the SUV. I told Clare to sit in the passenger seat while I got in the drivers seat. Niall and Harry sat in the way back and Liam and Louis sat in the middle section.
"So, where to?"
"It depends," she said. "Do you wanna spend $30 or $300. It's Beverly Hills so its either cheap fast food or expensive restaurant."
"Anything works for me, but I forgot my wallet." Niall explained.
"How about we just do fast food?" Louis said.
"Sounds good to me!" I said.
I turned the on the radio and the familiar tune of LWWY went on. I laughed as I heard my voice. It's still weird to hear myself on the radio. When Zayn's part came on, he started to sing along. We all smiled and started to burst out the chorus. "Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun, I know we only met but let's pretend its love, and never never never stop for anyone, tonight lets get some and," Clare suddenly sung at the top of her lungs, "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" We all stared at her for a second, and then burst out laughing.
"You guys are actually quite good," she said with a smirk on her face.
"Actually?" Harry said with a smile on his face.
"You know what I mean!" She laughed.
We got into the main area of Beverly Hills as the song ended.
"There's a Culvers, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell and Wendy's. what do you want?"
I heard a couple murmurs and drove up to a Culvers. I parked the car and we all went in. There was a guy in his early twenties at the register. We all took turns and ordered. He handed us a plastic folded up card thing with the number 42 on it. Niall grabbed it and led us to the large corner booth. Luckily not many people were here but, as usual, we got many stares.
"Is it just me or is everyone staring at us?" Clare asked as we sat down.
"That's because everyone is staring at us." Harry replied as he sat next to Clare in our curved booth.
"So is it true that your dad is Richard Sampson?" Niall asked Clare.
"Yeah, he is."
"Who's that?" Zayn asked.
"He's like a legend in American Football." Niall explained.
A weird look spread on Clare's face. "Uh, I wouldn't exactly call him a legend."
"Stop being so modest Clare." Niall said.
Before Clare could say anything our food came. But this time, it was a girl who seemed to be in highschool. As soon as she saw us a huge smile was slapped on her face.
"Oh my god. Your One Direction! I completely love you!" She squealed and set our tray of food on the table. "Are you Clare? Because I've heard about you." She kept on babbling. "And you and Harry are so cute."
Clare laughed to herself. "Uh, thanks. But actually, Harry and I are just friends. Right, Harry?"
Harry wasn't paying attention and jumped when he heard his name. "Uh, what?" He asked confused.
"Never mind. But thanks for the food," she said to the girl.
The girl nodded excitedly and walked away.
"This is a lot of food." Niall acknowledged.
"Well yeah, you ordered half of it for yourself." Clare told. We all started laughing as Niall nodded and grabbed his burgers.
Zayn started to hand out the food and we ate and discussed what we were going to do next.
"We going back to the beach house or we exploring?" I asked with a mouthful of a cheeseburger.
"How far away is the Hollywood sign?" Asked Zayn.
"Uhm," Clare swallowed her chicken, "about 15 minutes from here I believe."
"Let's do it. Maybe climb on it?" Louis said mischievously.
"Louis, you get fined if you do that." Clare said and gave Louis a look.
"And your point is?" He said with a grin.
"God, your stupid." She smirked and shook her head.
"I'm going to have to agree with you on that one." I told Clare.
"Hey, Liam!" Louis shoved my arm.
I laughed, "Okay, okay! I'm sorry, well partially."
Niall, as usual, was laughing and Zayn was concentrating on his burger. Harry and Clare were talking to each other about something I didn't care enough about to listen to.
We finished eating, dumped our tray, and walked out the door.
We we reached outside, a black van pulled up right in front of us, the window rolled down and inside were about 3 guys with cameras. They started snapping pictures of us.
"Can't you just leave us alone?!" Louis yelled at the camera guys.
They started shouting Clare's name and kept taking pictures. She turned around for a second in confusion but then Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the van, heading for the car. We all successfully got in a zoomed away. The van was following us.
"Are you kidding me?" I said and punched the center council.
"Woah, Liam, it's okay. Calm down." Harry said.
"Look, Harry, it's not me that's going to be the one criticized in those photos. It going to be you and Clare with more rumors of you dating and such." I explained.
Clare looked a little worried.
"Let's just try to lose them." Niall said.
"Yeah, step on it!!" Louis yelled.
"Are we still going to the Hollywood sign?" Zayn asked.
"If we can get rid of these paps." Liam said.
Liam drove recklessly to the stop lights and pressed on the gas when he saw a yellow. We just made it when the paps got stuck behind us on the red light.
"Heck yes Liam!" Zayn yelled.
"That's what I'm talking about!" Louis cheered.
"Driver of the year." Harry added.
Niall burped. "Uh, excuse me." He said looking directly at Clare.
"You call that a burp?" She challenged.
"Well yeah. You think you can do better?" Niall asked.
"Think? I know I can do better." She belched a very long and loud burp.
"Ew." I whined. "That really smells!"
Everyone started laughing.
"Very well done." Niall congratulated in defeat.
"The girl has got some manly qualities in her." Louis said.
Clare looked back at Louis and glared at him.
"He means that in the best way possible," Zayn smirked.
She laughed. "Sure he does."
The song 'Want You Back' by Cher Lloyd came on. Clare started singing loudly to the song. She was horrible. All the guys started cracking up.
"Guys, I know. I'm terrible. But I don't care!" She continued singing the chorus and we all joined in. Before we knew it, we arrived at the Hollywood sign. We parked the car and made our way up the hill. We stopped half way up to take pictures.

Harry's POV
We just got to the Hollywood sign. It was huge. We started to walk up the hill to the sign but then we stopped to take pictures.
"Hey Clare, come here." I called to her.
"Yeah Harry?"
"I want a picture with my new best friend!" I laughed.
"Okay then I will take that picture with my new best friend." She winked at me.
We turned our backs to the Hollywood sign as I opened my camera on my iPhone. We flashed our smiles and got the sign in the background. We looked at the picture.
"That's actually a cool picture." She said.
"Well only because I'm in it." I looked at her and laughed.
"Don't you mean me? I'm the cool one in this friendship." She said in a serious tone and then cracked a smile.
"Oh definitely." I replied sarcastically. She playfully shoved my arm and walked back to the boys. I stared for a second and then followed.
An old couple was also on the hill taking pictures of the sign.
"Excuse me," I walked up to them. "Would you mind taking a picture of my friends and I in front of the sign?" The old lady smiled sweetly and agreed.
I handed her my phone and went back to the guys and Clare. We all wrapped our arms around each other and smiled for the camera. After she took that photo, we did a crazy pose picture. The old lady laughed at us and took the picture. She handed me back my phone and we looked at the photos. In the first one, everyone looked normal and the large sign was behind us. I scrolled so we can see the next one. Everyone burst out laughing. Louis was on the end and had his left fist in the air and his face was all scrunched. Next to him was Clare who did a duck face. I was next to her and stuck my tongue out, pretending to lick Clare. Niall was next to me and he had his nose scrunched and did cross eyes. Liam and Zayn were doing bunny ears to each other and were laughing. We all agreed that we liked the 2nd one better so I posted it to twitter.
We all started walking back down to the car.
"That was fun," Louis said.
"Yeah, totally worth that exhausting walk up there." Niall said well puffing out his belly. Clare chuckled at his small joke. We reached the car and got in.

Niall's POV
I got into the car and immediately checked my twitter. As soon as the app opened, I saw pictures of us. It was from the guys in the vans at Culvers. It was mainly of Clare, looking shocked. Then Harry was holding her hand to lead her to the car. Louis looked pissed, Liam was annoyed and I was barely in the picture. Under the picture was the caption, 'Harry and his 'friend' Clare holding hands during vacation in Beverly Hills.' I felt my mouth drop a bit from shock. Who would do this?

Everyone was laughing about something that I didn't hear.
"Uhh, guys," I interrupted. "The photos from Culvers, they, uh, went, uh, viral."
"What?" Clare asked, obviously confused.
I handed Clare the phone and she looked at the picture.
"It looks like Harry is holding my hand, not pulling me towards the car." She observed.
"Exactly..." I responded.
"What? Let me see that!" Harry reached for my phone. He looked at the photo and his eyebrows were knit together. "This is bad. One Direction is once again in the rumor mill."
"Um, more like Harry Styles and Clare Sampson are in the rumor mill." Liam, still driving, laughed.
Louis laughed along, "Very true! It's you guys!!"
"But guys, you guys are effected too." Clare spoke.
"She's right," I said.
"Um, I think we are being followed." Zayn interrupted all of us.
We turned to see 2 black vans trailing behind us.

"Don't we ever get a break?!" Louis annoyingly announced. He then rolled down his window and was about casually threw his arm outside the window.
"Louis, what are you doing?" Zayn asked.
Louis ignores him and raised his arm in the air.
"Louis! Don't!" Harry yelled.
Louis didn't say anything as he slowly lifted his middle finger in the air, making sure the paps were watching. he started waving his hand around, still flipping them off.
Clare and I found it hilarious while Zayn looked worried, Harry looked pissed, and Liam didn't know what was going on considering he was driving.
"Now Louis is included in that rumor mill..." I added.
I laughed at how hilarious I was and only Clare laughed too.
"it's not funny." Zayn said, "We've gotta stop causing attention towards ourselves, and that starts with Louis not being a loon towards the paps, and ends with either Harry and Clare."
"What do you mean by ends with Clare and I?" Harry asked. Clare also had a confused look on her face.
"It's either you're dating or you're not. No in betweens. And right now, you guys are in between." Zayn explained.
"Um, the vans are gone." Louis changed the subject. "I think it's safe to drive home now."
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