Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


15. Confused

Clare's POV

We got into their SUV, all 4 of us. I looked over at Sarah, she didn't have our soccer bag.
"I'll be right back!" I told everyone and quickly walked back to the house.
I let myself in and walked to the kitchen. Liam saw me and threw the bag to me. "Forget something?" he laughed as I caught the bag.
"Thanks Li!" I exclaimed and hurried back to the car.
I was about to get in when I realized that Sarah was sitting in the front. I gave Harry, who was driving, a confused look and he just shrugged.
I opened the back seat. "Where do you think you're sitting?" I asked my sister.
"In the front," She looked at me with begging eyes.
"Fine, but I hope you know where you're going since your giving directions."
She nodded in agreement.
"Hey, turn the music on!" Louis said.
Harry reached over and turned the radio on. A very familiar tune came on.
'R-O-C-K Me again. R-O-C-K me again. I want you to hit the pedal heavy-'
"I think that is the most stuidest part of the song." Harry told.
"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.
"We sing this song, Clare." Louis told.
"Oh," I said in embarrassment, "Sorry."
"What do you mean by you think it's stupid?" Sarah wondered.
"It's just, spelling the part of the song, I think it's dumb." Harry admitted, "But, it's a song and fans like it, so it's fine."
"Oh, is it weird to hear yourself on the radio?" Sarah asked and I was wondering the same thing.
"Uh," Louis started, "It was odd at first, but now it's kinda cool. I mean, knowing something you helped make is blasting in someones car somewhere is a cool thought."
"Oh, that's a cool thought of it." Sarah said.
I'm so glad Sarah stopped freaking out around them, even though I'm pretty sure she's freaking out on the inside.
Who knows. Sarah was telling Harry the way to go to the park.
We pulled up to the gates that lead us there. "Uh, this doesn't look like a park." Louis acknowledged. There were large gates that had a person in a booth manning it. Beyond the gates, was a large building and you couldn't see much after that.
"Trust me, it is. Just pull up to the man, Harry." I told him.
He did was he was told and stopped at the booth.
"Name." The man at the booth said through Harrys open window.
I rolled down my window, "Hi Jerry." I greeted
"Oh, hello Miss. Clare! I haven't seen you in a while." He opened the gates for us to go through.
"Thanks Jer, nice seeing you." I said and Harry moved forward.
"Go to the parking lot behind the building." Sarah instructed.
"What kind of park is this?" Asked Louis.
"It's a private park. That building is a day spa and restaurants. There's also a pool and a basketball court inside, out back there are sports complex's such as football and soccer fields along within outdoor pool and an outdoor basketball court. There's also a playground, of course." I explained as we rounded to behind the main building.
"Wow. This place is huge." Harry said.
"Yeah, my dad would take us here when we were kids because its more private, of course, and it's just nice and friendly. I haven't been here in a while though."
"Ah, I see." Harry said.
He parked the car. There was barely anyone here. Only about 10 other cars here other than ours so Harry and Louis didn't bother putting on a 'disguise.'
I grabbed our soccer bag and lead the way over to the nearest empty field.
"So," Harry said trying to spark a conversation, "you play soccer?"
"No, I just have all the gear because I like to look at it." I said sarcastically.
"Well then, how long have you been playing? Is that a better question?"
"Much better." I stopped to count down the years, "Uh, ever since first grade, so I was 6, I'm now 18, so 12 years if the math adds up correctly," I said.
"Is that how your so fit?" He smirked.
I nudged his arm, "And how would you know if I was fit?" I eyed him up.
"Lets just say, I just got the vibe that you were," he winked.
We reached the field that we were gonna use. I sat on the ground and laced up my cleats, Sarah did the same. Louis grabbed the ball from our bag and went to the field. He started juggling the ball. I started watching him, he was good. I started counting his juggles. He stopped at 42. But that's only because Harry interrupted him. I got up off the ground and walked over to them. Louis was once again juggling the ball.
"Here!" I called to him. He kicked the ball to me and I continued to juggle. God, I missed soccer. Sarah finished tieing her shoes and I kicked the ball to her.
"Uhh scrimmage or just shooting?" Sarah asked.
I shrugged. "Doesnt matter."
"Scrimmage!" Louis declared.
"Just warning everyone, but I haven't touched a soccer ball since I was 13." Harry announced, "But, im still gonna win this thing."
"Sure you are Harry." I said.
"Teams?" Sarah asked.
"How about," Louis paused to think, "Boys against girls? So this way, I have an opportunity to kick Sarah's butt!"
"You wish." She glared at him.
I grabbed the ball and carried it to half field and set it on the center line. "You do kick off," I offered.
"Very well," Harry said and hesitantly kicked the ball to Louis who dribbled it down the field.
"Harry!" Louis screamed, "don't just stand there! Get open for a pass!!"
"Oh, right!" Harry ran up the field to be even with Louis. Louis tried to pass the ball straight to Harry, but Sarah quickly ran up to intercept the pass and sprinted down the field. I forgot how good she was. Louis chased after her, but Harry and I stayed on this half, letting them try to out shine each other.
"Sarah's good." Harry noticed.
"So is Louis," I said.
"Yeah, he loves soccer."
"Yes! In your face!" I heard Sarah yell as Louis was on the ground dramatically pounding the ground.
"Stop being such a drama queen, Lou!" I yelled to him.
He stood up and raised his hands in the air, "I admit defeat to the talented Sarah Sampson!" He yelled to the world.
She just started giggling.
He striked the ball to me which I stopped perfectly in front of me. I kicked the ball up in the air and started juggling it until Sarah and Louis came back to do another kick off.
"Hurry Up!" I yelled to them, my eyes still focused on the ball.
They finally reached back to half field. I stopped my juggling and kicked the ball to Louis.
"Your such losers." I smiled, "Nice goal Sarah!"
"Oh, the skill just comes naturally!" She bragged.
"You and me both!" we high fived.
Louis kicked the ball to Harry who dribbled it down the field a bit. Sarah and I just let him take it and then I decided I'd stop playing easy. I ran up so I was even with him and tried to obtain the ball.
"Your going down, Styles." I warned.
"Sure I am," He said as he still boxed me away from the ball. I decided to play somewhat aggressively so I ran up to him, cut him off with my hip, and stole the ball. I dribbled the ball the other direction. He sprinted up to me and grabbed the back of my shirt. I tripped to the ground. He grabbed the ball and ran back towards my goal. "Remember when you said that I was going down?" he asked, "Well, your the one that's down!" He laughed as I pulled myself off the ground and ran up to him to grab the ball. His back was to me and he kept on moving his butt into me whenever I tried to grab the ball. I faked a right, so he blocked that direction as I moved the opposite way and reached my foot out for the ball. He caught what I was doing and moved towards me. He tried to block me but my foot rolled the ball towards me before he could. Our legs were still tangled. But, I had control of the ball. Harry reached his leg out to try to get the ball right as I was trying to get out of the tangled mess. I lost my balance and I could feel myself about to topple to the ground. I grabbed the closest thing I could, which happened to be Harry, to try to stop myself from fallig. But, Harry seemed to be off guard. I crashed to the ground, Harry coming with me. I fell on my side and quickly rolled to my back. I opened my eyes to see Harry crashing down face forward, right on top of me. The last moment, Harry reached out his hands and caught himself so his body was inches above mine. His arms were holding him up, his hands were next to each side of my head. He hovered right above me, his face inches from mine. "See, we both went down. " Harry whispered to me. I stared into his eyes which were inches from mine, they were so amazing. I felt my heart beat increase as Harry started to lean into me.
"Harry," I whispered, interrupting the moment.
He immediately stopped inching his face closer to mine, they were centimeters apart. He awkwardly pushed himself off of me.
He stood up off of the ground. I was just laying there, on the ground, like the idiot that refused to kiss Harry Styles, the most wanted guy by every teenage girl out there. He held out his hand, "Here, I'll help you up."
I sat up and took his hands. He pulled me off the ground so I was back on my feet. "Look, Harry." I tried to explain.
"Just forget it," Harry looked me in the eye.
Louis and Sarah walked right up to us.
"What was that?" Louis asked us.
"Nothing at all," Harry huffed, "Im going to get some water."
"We didn't bring any water, Harry." Sarah told him.
"Then I'm going to go find some." He turned and walked away.
"What the hell is going on?" Louis asked me.
"We tripped and he tried to kiss me but I stopped it and yeah," I looked at Harry who was a distance away, "I've got to fix this, don't I?" I asked him.
"Look, Clare, he really likes you." Louis said.
"Do you think I don't know that?! Uhh, I'll be back." I said as I turned and jogged away.
"Harry!" I shouted after him, still running to him.
I don't know if he didn't hear me, or if he was plain off ignoring me.
"Harry!" I shouted again. I sprinted up to him and stopped right in front of him, so he stopped.
"What?" He said harshly.
"Look," I started.
"Save it, Clare." He said and then tried to continue walking.
But I got in front of him again, refusing to let him walk any further.
"Funny, isn't it?" I laughed awkwardly.
"What?" he asked, obviously confused.
"It's funny how every time we get into an argument, one of us always walks away angrily. But, somehow, we always-" I started to explain.
"Clare, just stop." He interrupted me and continued walking away from me. I stood there, gaping at Harry as he walked away from me.
He reached the building and went inside. I decided it would be a good time to go back now.
I slumped back to the field. "So, it's either he's still upset or he's going in there to grab us all some gelato?" Sarah said.
"Definitely not the second one considering I didn't give him my order."
Sarah cracked a smile. But, I on the other hand, had no clue what to do. I sat down on the neat grass and laid down on my back. I rubbed my eyes.
"Why does this always happen to me?" I wondered out loud.
"Why does what always happen to you?" Louis asked as he sat down right next to me.
"This. Me ruining the best relationship, or whatever I can call it, I've ever had. Me always pushing people away. It always happens." I looked down to my feet. I guess since after Ellie died, I'm afraid to make new friendships, afraid that they'd leave me like she did. But I was too afraid to say it out loud.
Louis' phone just beeped, saying that he had a text.
"It's from Harry." He told us.
"What does it say?" I asked eagerly.
"'I'm taking a cab, the keys are in the bag. Don't wait up for me.'" He recited.
"Yeah." He mumbled, "But everything will work out in the end."
"Yeah, just don't worry about it Clare." Sarah added.
"How can I not worry about it?" I asked, "Harry just walked away."
"Do you even like him?" Louis asked me.
"Well, obviously she does considering she's moping because he left after she rejected him." Sarah answered.
"Gee," I said sarcastically. "Thanks for clearing up that situation."
I stood up from off the grass, "Can we just go?" I asked.
Louis nodded and pulled himself off the grass.
Sarah grabbed the soccer bag and we headed to the car.

Harry's POV

I got inside the main building, looking behind me I saw Clare staring. A look of hurt spread across her face. But I didn't care. I felt hurt too. I get it, she wants nothing to do with me. She lead me on, and I let her. I thought things would work out, but I guess not. I made my way to the lobby. People were staring at me, I just remembered I was out in public. No hat, no glasses. People obviously recognized me. I went at sat down on the nearest couch I could find. Two teenage girls were looking excitedly at me. I looked down, ignoring them. Why did I always have to fall for the girls who wanted nothing to do with me? I just have to get my mind off of her. I put my elbows on my knees and rested my head in my hands.
"Uh, excuse me," a girl interrupted my thoughts. I looked up, she seemed to be about my age. She had long dark hair and deep brown eyes. I wouldn't call her hot, but she was definitely pretty.
"Oh, hi." I smiled at her.
She giggled a bit. "Uh, hi Harry. Can I please have your autograph?" She asked me nervously and held out a piece of paper and a pen.
"Sure. What's your name love?" I asked while I took the paper.
"That's a pretty name," I said while I signed the paper for her.
I saw her blush, I laughed silently to myself. "So what are you doing here at this club?" She asked wondrously.
"I, uh, I came with some friends." I said honestly.
"The band?" She asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.
"Well, Louis." I said.
"If you dont mind me asking," she pressed, "You said friends, did you also come with Clare?" She looked down nervously as she quietly said Clare's name.
I didn't answer at first, just sat there looking at my hands.
"Would you like to sit down?" I asked gesturing towards the other part of the couch.
"Thank you," she gushed as she sat down next to me, "You still haven't answered my question," she said flirtatiously.
"You are one nosy girl," I laughed.
"Yes, I tend to be," she admitted with a smile.
I smiled at her as she looked at me to answer. "Well, yes. Clare's actually a member here. That's why we are here."
"So where is she?" She asked she glanced at my eyes.
"The hell if I know." I mumbled.
She looked confused, "Harry, is everything okay?"
"No, actually." I blurted and then looked down at my hands. I can't believe I'm telling all of this to a girl I barely know.
"Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that." She smiled nicely at me.
I looked out the large window that was behind the couch. Clare, Louis, and Sarah were walking right past it on the way to the parking lot. I saw Clare stop and look at me. I didn't know what came over me but I quickly leaned in to Anna and closed the space between our faces. She was taken aback by me kissing her. But, after a moment she kissed me back. We pulled apart and her face was beet red.
"What was that?" She asked me, a big smile on her face.
I looked out the window once again, Clare's back was turned and she was running to the car. Louis just stood there, glaring at me, shaking his head.
She followed my gaze and looked out the window and then her face looked hurt.
"Harry, I'm sorry but you are messed up. You need to get you're feelings straight and I'm not just going to sit here and help you get Clare jealous."
She looked me in the eye. I opened my mouth to speak but she got up and left.
"Anna," I called after her, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." I admitted.
"Just forget it, and good luck with what ever is going on." She said sternly and disappeared from my sight.
I can't believe what I just did.

Clare's POV
I was running to the car, Sarah was trailing behind me.
"Clare!" she yelled.
I reached the car and tugged on the door. Of course, it was locked. I couldn't hold my tears in any longer. I sat on the ground, my head in my hands, just letting the tears flow.
Harry kissed another girl. I don't understand why I feel so hurt. We aren't even together. But, the tears just continued flowing. Sarah came up to me, standing over me.
"Clare," she huffed, out of breath.
Soon Louis came over to me. He sat down right next to me in the parking lot. He engulfed me in a hug and I cried into his shoulder.
"It's okay, Clare," He soothed, "Harry's just a dick."
I found a way to laugh through my tears at Louis' comment.
"Yeah,"Sarah added, "He doesn't deserve your tears."
I pulled away from Louis and wiped my eyes. "Please don't tell Harry I was crying," I begged.
"I won't." Louis promised.
I smiled at him. "God, I'm such a mess. I'm sitting here, in a parking lot, crying over a guy."
"Well then, how about we get you up off the ground and we go get some ice cream?" Louis suggested as he stood up and held out his hand to help me off the ground.
I took it and he pulled me off the ground. "Louis, you really do know how to make a girl feel better."
"I try," He said with a tone of cockiness.
I laughed as we got in the car.
"So where to?" He asked.
"Uh, I dont care. Just drive and stop at the first place you see."
"Sounds like a plan." He drove out of the parking lot. I looked in the rearview mirror at my reflection. I looked like a mess. My cheeks were puffy and my eyes were blood shot.
"Great," I said sarcastically.
"What?" asked Sarah.
"I just look so amazing right now," I answered with a tone.
"Yes, tired out is a wonderful look on you," Sarah answered.
Louis turned on the radio and as always, a one direction song was on. 'They Don't Know About Us' was blasted through the speakers and of course, it was on Harry's solo. Louis quickly reached over to turn the station.
"No, it's fine," I interrupted him, "I can handle it."
"You sure?"
I nodded as his angelic voice was playing in the speakers 'It keeps getting better all the time girl-' he sung.
Lies. I reached my hand out and changed the station.
"I thought you said you could handle it," Louis smirked.
"Shush," I warned as 'Home' by Phillip Phillips came on.
I started humming along and I immediately felt better.
"How about this place?" Louis asked as he looked pointed to a small building. The sign in the font said that it was called The Cone. It looked to be an ice cream shop considering there were ice cream in cones along the sign.
"Perfect," I exclaimed.
He parked the car and we made our way into the building. I opened the front door to let us in. A quick ding chimed as it opened. The place was cute and cozy. The walls were baby blue with pictures of ice cream lines along it. We crossed to the left where there was a counter with a huge sign with ice cream flavors. On the right were little old fashioned booths. There was only 3 other people in this place. Perfect.
Louis lead the way to the counter and ordered a chocolate strawberry swirl in a cone. Sarah ordered vanilla dipped in sprinkles and I went for the cookie dough sundae. Louis offered to pay and wouldn't let me deny. He payed the older woman who took our order and she told us it would be right out if we wanted to take a seat.
Sarah went right for a booth in the back corner. We heard the bell ring telling that more people walked in. We all turned to look and we saw three teenage girls walk in. They were busy chatting and made their way over to the counter to order.
"Thanks again for the ice cream." I told to Louis.
"Yeah, thanks." Sarah said.
The older woman just finished taking the girls orders and I heard her instruct someone to bring us our ice cream. I looked over and saw a teenage boy, probably in high school. He set a tray on our table and walked away.
We all grabbed our ice cream. Louis dug in right away.
"Oh, I don't have a spoon." I noticed. I scooted out of the booth and walked up to the counter.
The girls were still at the counter, probably waiting for their ice cream to go. I saw one stare at me.
"Uh, excuse me, may I have a spoon please?" I asked the older woman.
"Oh, of course," she smiled at me and grabbed a plastic spoon out of a nearby jar.
"Thank you," I glanced at the three girls before I walked away. They were all staring at me, one even smirked.
I gave them a friendly smirk before I walked back to my table.
Their eyes were still on me and once they saw Louis, their eyes practically bulged out of their sockets.
"Louis," i laughed, "You've got ice cream all over your face!"
"Do I now?" He smirked.
He had a devious look on his face.
"What are you looking at?" I asked.
"Well, I was thinking that you'd just look amazing with ice cream on yours." He giggled.
"Never going to happen." I said.
He gave me a glance and before I knew it my face was freezing.
"Louis Tomlinson, you did not just do that." I growled while opening my eyes. His cone was smushed and half his ice cream was gone. He was laughing historically.
"Louis, where'd your ice cream go?!" Sarah laughed.
"I don't know!" He laughed, "How about we ask Clare?"
"I wonder where it went." I said above their laughter.
I wiped my face off with a napkin and leaned over the table and shoved the sticky napkin down his shirt.
"We even?" I said with a smile.
He had a gross look on his face as he pulled out this napkin.
"Yeah," he chuckled, "we're even."
"Good." I exclaimed.
I looked over at the girls and they were still staring at us.
"Hey, Louis." I whispered. "There's girls over there staring at us. Do them a favor and wave at them, please. Maybe that way, they'll take their eyes off of us."
Louis turned around in his seat and noticed the girls. Their eyes got really wide, one even squealed. He lifted up his hand and vigorously waved to them. They all shrieked and automatically waved and smiled back. Right then, their orders came and they left with their ice cream, giggling about Louis.
I looked over at the clock, it was 5:30pm.
"Crap. We have to leave, now." I told them.
"Why?" Sarah asked.
"It's 5:30."
"God, we're gonna be late!" Sarah exclaimed as she gulped down what was left of her ice cream.
"Late? For what?" Louis wondered.
"Dinner's at 6. Mom needs us home," I explained.
"Oh, well we better get you two home then."
We left our dishes on the tray and a bus boy came by to pick them up. I thanked him and we headed for the car.
After a 20 minute ride, we pulled into their driveway. All of us got out of the car. "Thank you," I hugged Louis, "For everything."
"Anytime." He smiled at us.
"See ya Louis!" Sarah yelled to him as we were making our way round the house to the beach. He waved goodbye and entered through his front door.
He walked along the beach, heading to our portion.
"Thanks for not freaking out around the guys," I told Sarah, breaking the silence.
"They're really fun!" She squealed.
"Yeah, they are."
"I'm sorry about Harry." She looked at me.
"Don't be."
"But," she said slowly, "Now you know that you really like him."
"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.
"Well, you wouldn't of cried if you didn't have feelings for him." She said matter of factly.
"You know what? I hate that your right." I said quietly, but she just had a satisfactory look on her face.
We got to our beach and walked up the deck to our back door. I opened it and looked at the clock, 5:58. Yes, right on time. We walked to the kitchen and my mom was setting out dishes of food on the table.
"Hello girls, good timing." My mom greeted us.
"Dinner's ready!" She yelled through our house. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and the TV shut off from the living room. My dad entered the dining room and sat down in his usual spot. I walked and sat to the left of him and Sarah sat next to me. Luke came in and sat across from Sarah and my mom across from my dad.
We all started filling our plates with food. My mom steak with onions and mushrooms with a side of mashed potatoes.
"Can you pass the gravy?" Luke asked sweetly. My mom passed it down to him.
"So, how was your day girls?" Mom asked us.
"Fun," Sarah answered and I nodded in agreement.
"So, what you do?"
Sarah looked at me, as if asking what to say. I shrugged. "We hung out with One Direction." She said excitedly.
"You mean that band your obsessed with?" Luke asked. Sarah nodded.
"Oh, did you now?" Mom asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, we did," I confirmed, "They're our neighbors actually."
"Oh, just be careful. They are foreign," My mom reminded us.
"Mom, they're perfectly nice." I said.
"Aren't those the boys in that Pepsi commercial with Drew Brees?" My dad finally spoke.
I was confused but Sarah knew the answer, "Yes, that's them."
"Oh," was all my dad said. He had an odd expression on his face but I couldn't tell what it meant.
After we finished dinner, I put my plate in the sink and walked up to my room. I automatically undressed and walked to the bathroom that was attached to my room. I turned the shower on and immediately washed away my sorrows. Sarah was right, I have feelings for Harry. But I blew it, or he blew it. I don't know. I'm just confused.
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