Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


18. Butterflies, dead or alive?

Clare's POV
I sat on my bathroom floor, slowly hyperventilating. Stop crying Clare, you cry too much. I need to stop talking to myself. I heard Harry's voice through he door, "This is They Don't Know About Us." I stopped my heavy breathing and listened as the piano started playing and Liam started to sing. I jumped as I heard Harry's singing voice,"This love is only getting stronger, and I dont wanna wait any longer. I just wanna tell the world that you're mine girl." Then everyone joined in to sing the chorus. I've never heard them sing live before, and they were amazing. I can't believe I found them fake before. I take it all back, they are the most real people I have ever met. I laid down on my back. I was just sitting there on my bathroom floor. I know, pathetic. I took out my phone. I hesitated before I opened my messages. I made a new message to Harry.
Me: I saw the interview, I'm sorry for everything.
I was about to send the message when I realized that I shouldn't be the one to apologize, he's the one that kissed another girl. But on the other hand, he stood up for me on twitter. He also looked hurt when he saw the photo of me crying. Harry's not a bad guy, why haven't I realized that before now? I heard the song end and waited a moment. I stood up, wiped my eyes, took a deep breath and walked back to my room. Sarah was gone. I changed out of my jeans and put some pajama pants and a sweatshirt on. I grabbed my iphone and my headphones and headed down the hallway towards the back of the house. I got to our balcony on our upper level of our house. It overlooked the beach and right below it was the cabana. There was stairs that spiraled down from the balcony to the deck. I opened the screen door and sat on a lounge chair on the deck. It was only a little past 5, and the sun was still out. I put my headphones in my ipod and listened to pandora. I watched the waves and saw the seagulls swoop down from the sky.
Harry's POV
I quickly changed out of my clothes and back into my sweats. I didn't wait for anyone, I just walked down the long hallway and went towards the door that we entered through. The security guards saw me coming and told me to wait for a second to make sure a path was clear to the car. I took that moment as a chance to put my aviators on to hide my watery eyes. I also put my hood up, with any luck, the fans won't be able to tell my expression. The security guard gave me the okay and I stormed out the doors. Immediately I heard screaming fans shouting my name. I continued my bee line for the car, not stopping for a single fan. I heard fans yelling at me, asking if I was ok. I lowered my head and shoved my hands in my pocket, waiting until the moment that I can get in our car. I was about 10 feet away from the limo now and I heard the entrance door loudly open.
"Harry!" Paul shouted. I immediately rushed around. He jogged up to me.
"What has gotten in to you? I had no clue where you were. Luckily the security guards knew where you were!" he scolded.
"Look, I'm just not in the mood. Can we please go home?" I looked to the ground and said glumly.
"Fine. Get in the car, I'll tell the guys to hurry up," Paul said with sympathy and walked back to the entrance. I walked to the door and let myself in the limo, blocking out all the fans. I know, I really should care more about the people that made my career possible, but all I can think about is Clare. Did she see the interview? She told me, well er Louis, that she'd be watching. How did she take the picture? I closed my eyes, I could still hear all the girls screaming my name. All I could picture was the picture of Clare. Her sitting in the parking lot, sitting there. Not even having the effort to get in the car. She sat there, crying. Crying over the pain that I caused her. I'm probably over analyzing this situation but I didn't care. I just pictured Louis sitting there, comforting her. When I should of been there, taking everything back. I adjusted my position and laid down. I closed my eyes once more and let my mind wonder, I felt myself drift off to sleep and I didn't fight it. It felt like only a moment later, but I felt someone nudging my arm. I slowly fluttered my eyes open and saw Zayn looking over me. "Wake up, Harry. We're almost here." I grunted, noticing my surroundings. I was still sprawled out on my back, taking up half the limo. Everyone else was squeezed where I wasn't.
I sat up, giving everyone a chance to spread out.
"Harry, are you okay?" Louis asked, "After the song, you just stormed out of there."
"Do I look okay?" I huffed.
"No, and I don't blame you."
"God, they should really look at the pictures in advance before displaying them live to everyone!" Liam exclaimed, "I mean 2 out of 3 of the pictures were focused on Clare."
"I know, I'd hate to be in her position right now, and yours of course, Harry." Niall said.
"Not helping, Niall." Louis said. I felt guilt overcome me again. The sun was just beginning to set and the driver was just pulling in to our driveway.
After he parked the car, I was last to get out. I didn't even go inside, I just walked around the house in silence, heading for the beach.
Clare's POV
I was still listening to my music, watching the sun as it began to set. A small figure stormed on to the beach from next door. Are they home? I sat up in my chair and looked closely. Yeah, it was definitely Harry. You couldn't miss that curly hair anywhere. He made his way to the shore and started kicking the water angrily. Is he okay? I continued watching as he finished abusing the waves. He backed off and walked a bit away from the waves and slowly sat down in the sand. He bent his knees and buried his head in them.
I slowly stood up, contemplating on going over there. Before I could think anymore, I felt my feet carry me down the stairs from the balcony to the deck. I quietly crept down to the sand, staying a ways back so he doesn't hear me walking. I feel like such a creep. I was about 15 feet away from Harry, he still hasn't noticed me. I crept closer, I lost my footing and felt my feet getting tangled. Before I knew it, I was on laying on the sand along with a loud thud. I was on my stomach, I looked up and Harry sprung up from his seat.
"Jesus, Clare. You scared me half to death," He said in his cute accent.
I rolled on to my back. He reached his hand out to me, I took it, letting him help me up. I gazed in his eyes, they were the same green that I came to know.
He looked down, avoiding my gaze. We were about a foot apart from each other. We were awkwardly standing there with each other.
"I, uh, just wanted, uh, I'm sorry." He finally spat out.
Now it was me who avoided his gaze, "It's okay, I mean it's not like we were together or anything." I let out a small awkward chuckle.
"No, it's not ok. I don't know if you saw the interview, but-"
"I saw it," I interrupted him and looked at his face. It was full of worry.
"Oh, well I'm so sorry," He looked into my eyes, "I just can't explain what I was feeling, they were mixed emotions."
"Harry, it's fine." I said sternly.
"But I made you cry! It can't be fine!" He blurted then immediately shut his mouth.
"Yeah, you did," I admitted, "but I forgive you."
He had a look of confusion spread across his face, "You what?"
"I realized that you were hurting from my actions as much as I was hurting from yours and I realized that we were both confused. We didn't know how we felt. Well, you knew how you felt, but I was confused," I continued to babble, "I knew that I liked you, I was just, well I don't know, scared of commitment. But then at the park, when I saw you kissing that other girl, I fell apart. I didn't want to, but I did. And then Sarah told me that if I didn't like you, I wouldn't have cried over you. And she was completely right. I realized that I had strong feelings for you. But I didn't know if you moved on or not so I kept up a strong front and-" Harry took a step closer and gently grabbed my face. He closed the space between us and kissed me. I immediately felt sparks and I felt like I was melting. We deepened the kiss and he let go of my head and wrapped his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck, my fingers gently brushing up against his hair. We separated for a moment, me still in his arms.
"That was the nicest way anyone has ever told me to shut up," I blushed. He let go of me and I felt slightly disappointed. He put his hand on his neck, blushing slightly.
"Do you realize what you just said?" He asked with a cheeky smile.
"And what is that?" I asked.
"You just said that you really like me," He came up to me and poked me in the stomach.
I laughed a bit, "So what if I did?" I teased.
"So what?! So what is that you like me!" He exclaimed.
"Oh, you must feel so accomplished," I said sarcastically.
He laughed and ran up to me, throwing me over his shoulder and running into the water.
"Harry!!" I shouted, "Put me down! I'm in my pajamas!!"
"Exactly, you need to have a bit of fun!"
"I dont need to have fun, I'm perfectly sane!" I argued.
He stopped in the water, he was knee length in it. "Well, with all those tears I caused you, I want to replace them with smiles." he said sweetly.
Awwww, he's so sweet.
Just then he flipped me into his arms bridal style and jumped deeper in the water. He dropped me in the water, I held my breath and stayed under on purpose. After a few moments, he reached frantically in the water for me, right before he grabbed me I took a mouthful of water. He lifted me out of the water. As soon as his face was even with mine, I blew out the water and it squirted all over his face. He was soaked.
"Your face looks funny!" I laughed.
"It's also beginning to itch!" He dropped me in the water and started to scratch his face.
I resurfaced. "Why does it just itch all of a sudden?"
"Because Lou put some cream on it to help the itch, I guess when you spit water on me, it got washed out." He told me.
I immediately felt really bad. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I exclaimed.
"Don't be," he said as he splashed me. I was already soaked as it was so I didnt mind very much. "That was payback," he said.
"Fine, we're even now." My teeth started shattering.
"You cold?" He asked.
"No, I just enjoy clanking my teeth together uncontrollably." I gave him a sarcastic look.
"Well, then have fun with that," he laughed, "You sure have some strange hobbies, Clare. Should I be worried?" He smirked.
"You are sooo hilarious," I said and wrapped my arms around myself. "I need to get out of this water, I'm freezing!"
I said as I started to walk away.
"Wait, I'll warm you up!" He said with a cheeky grin.
"I'd like to see you try," I challenged.
"I'll accept that challenge." He said as he walked up to me. I was almost to the shore so he started jogging but tripped on the waves and got engulfed in water. I bursted out laughing.
"Not funny." He said.
"Oh, I thought it was pretty funny." I laughed.
"Come on now, you said you were cold." He met me at the shore and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
"I can go home and get dry," I suggested.
"No, no, no. I told you I'd get you warm, now thats what I'm doing."
"Uhh, okay?" I laughed as we reached the deck.
"You two are too cute." Louis said and I jumped because I wasn't expecting his voice.
"You were watching us?" Harry glared and Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis who were sitting out on the deck.
"Well, yeah, we followed you out to see if you were okay, but it looks like Clare beat us to it," Liam explained and pointed to me.
Harry still had his arm around my shoulder and I nuzzled my shoulder under his arm some more. He smiled down at me.
"Your face is gross," I observed.
"It's grossly funny," Niall added.
"Very true, Niall!" I laughed.
Harry lead me through the house to the back stair case so we don't drip water throughout the house.
"Harry, I'm soaked." I said.
"I know, I'm not blind."
We walked up the stairs and came to Harry's room.
"My bathroom's there," he instructed and pointed to a door in his room. "There's towels in there, you can dry off."
I nodded and walked into the bathroom. I stripped off my drenched pajamas. I grabbed a nearby towel and started wringing out my hair. I noticed Harry's phone in here.
"Harry!" I called, "Your phones in here!"
"I know, I accidentally forgot it before the show," He said.
"Oh, I see." I said. Oh, so that's why he never texted me back. "Uh, Harry, I don't have any clothes," I said, embarrassed.
"Here, you can just borrow some of mine." I wrapped a towel around my bare body and walked out the door after grabbing Harry's phone. I walked up to him and handed him his phone. He stared at me in my towel for a bit.
"Stare much?" I asked.
"Uh, thanks for my phone," he changed the subject.
I laughed, "Yupp, so, I uh, just wanted to thank you."
"For?" He looked confused as he searched through his drawers for some clothes for me.
"For sticking up for me on twitter." I said. He turned around and looked at me again. He handed me a pair of grey sweat pants and a tee shirt.
"You don't have to thank me, I just hated what everyone was saying," He said honestly. I smiled sweetly at him and walked back to the bathroom to get changed.
I realized that my underwear was soaked. I guess I'll gave to go commando. I contemplated putting the pants on. Oh, what the heck, he won't know. I slid them on. They were really baggy. I tightened the draw string and threw on the tee shirt. It was a shirt that has been worn times before with a Beetles logo on it.
I walked back out.
"I just threw my wet clothes in the tub," I said.
"Sounds good," he was already changed in to dry clothes, "You warmer now?" he asked.
"Getting there," I confessed. He immediately walked right up to me and wrapped his arms around me. Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. I wrapped my arms around his back and smiled into his chest.
"Better?" He asked after a moment.
"Much," I admitted.
He chuckled for a second and then I felt him softly kiss my head. For the one stereotyped as the flirt, he is so sweet.
We sat there in silence holding each other, but it wasn't awkward. It was nice. We mutually let go of each other.
I just remembered that I left my phone at my house and I didn't tell anyone where I was going. "Uh, I have to go home for a bit." I said and an immediate look of disappointment spread across his face. "But I'll be right back! Just give me like 10 minutes!" I assured hime.
"Promise?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.
I nodded and walked out the door of his room, still dressed in his sweats. I made my way down the stairs and on to the deck. I opened the screen door, and sure enough, everyone else was still out there.
"Hey Clarebear," Louis said, "Where ya going?"
"Home, I forgot my phone." I told them.
"Aww, dressed in Harry's clothes?" Zayn noticed.
"You know, that's his favorite tee-shirt." Liam said, "You must be pretty important." Liam said with a smirk.
"Is it really?" I looked down at the worn out shirt.
I heard a couple of yes's and continued on the way to my house.
I got to the steps and made my way to the upper balcony. My phone was on the lounge, just as I left it. I walked into the house and went to Sarah's room.
I knocked on the door and let myself in.
"What are you wearing?" She asked as soon as she saw me.
"It's Harry's and speaking of who, I'm going over there so if mom or dad asks, will you cover for me?"
She contemplated the idea, "Sure, what should I say?"
"I dont know or care, maybe in the bathroom?" I suggested and quickly walked out of her room.
I went back to the balcony and ran down the stairs. Wait, I'm not wearing underwear!
I quickly ran up the stairs once more and made my way to my room. I rummaged through my drawers and put some on. After, I ran back down the stairs, sure that I have everything.
When I got back to Harry's house, everyone was on the back deck, including him.
"Hey guys," I said with a smile as I walked up the stairs. A smile immediately spread over Harry's face when he saw me.
Butterflies immediately over came me when I saw that smile. That prerfect smile.
"Hey," they greeted me as I took a seat on an empty lounge chair on the deck next to Zayn.
"Loving the shirt," he smirked.
"Well you should love it," replied Harry, "considering your the one who gave it to me."
"Yes, it's an amazing shirt." I said trying to break the awkwardness.
"So, I'm just gonna say what everyone is thinking," Liam changed the subject, "Are you two dating?" He asked as he eyed both of us.
I looked at Harry who looked at me. We both had odd looks on our face, either from confusion or just not knowing.
There was an awkward silence as me and Harry looked at each other.
"See, more with the inbetween crap, why is it impossible for you two to make up your minds?" Zayn said as he put his feet up on his chair.
Harry still didn't say anything and neither did I.
"Well a picture that I have kinda says that you guys are together.." Louis said slowly.
"What picture?" i said hastily.
"Yeah, what picture?" Harry said in confusion.
"Should I show them the adorable picture?" Louis asked the lads.
"Why not, it's pretty adorable." Niall laughed.
Louis took out his phone and was scrolling through it for about a moment until he showed us the screen. And Niall was right, it was cute. It was of Harry and I. Kissing. Our bodies silouetted because of the sunset directly behind us.
"You didn't tweet it, right?" Harry asked.
"Not yet," Louis said mischieviously.
"Yet?" I asked.
"Yeah, either you ask out Clare right now or this thing goes viral." Louis blackmailed.
"Louis, you gotta be kidding me." Liam said, "That's blackmail."
"Exactly," Louis smirked.
"I'm not asking Clare out." Harry said clearly.
When I heard those words, I felt all the butterflies in my stomach shivel up and die. I know, harsh, but that's how I felt.
"Why?" asked Zayn. "You like her."
"So?" Harry said harshly.
"You guys know I'm sitting right here, right?" I asked secretly hoping I was imagining all of this.
"Well why won't you?" Niall asked.
Harry glanced at me and I felt the butterflies reform.
"I, I'm just not. Okay?" He said quickly.
"Fine. So I'll post the photo." Louis rebounded.
"Louis, don't." I told him.
He looked at me, obviously seeing the look of confusion. "Fine," he locked his phone and put it back into his pocket.
"I'm going inside to watch a movie, anyone wanna join me?" Liam stood up and asked.
"I will," I offered and followed him inside, ignoring Harry's look.

A/N Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as much as usual and sorry for the shorter chapter. I've just been super busy lately and I'll write more tomorrow! Thanks again for reading(:
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