Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


3. Are you kidding me?

Clare's POV

It's been a like 20 minutes and the taxi driver should be coming any minute. I've heard enough of my usual playlist on my ipod so i decided to turn on the radio. My jeep still turns on, but the engine just wont start. I blasted the air conditioning on me and turned the radio up. A Ke$ha song started playing but soon ended. Then the dj announced that Kiss You by One Direction was up next. My little sister Sarah is obsessed with them. I, on the other hand, could care less. The tune was kinda catchy but the lyrics were meaningless to me. I've only heard a couple songs of them and have only throughly enjoyed only a couple. They are not bad, it's just all their songs are about the same thing: a girl that they want and how they are going to get her. How come they can't figure out that not every girl is obsessed with them like Sarah is. My mind started to wonder. Ellie loved One Direction. She said that their music is the only thing that kept her from wanting to leave. I never gave their music a chance though. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a car come up the road and found that it was the taxi. 

I grabbed my things from my jeep, put the top on just in case it decided to rain, locked the door and then went in the taxi. A man in his looked around to be thirties sat in the front seat. 

"You Clare?" he asked.

"Uh, yes. Can you take me to Malibu?"

"I'm sorry Miss, but we close in a half hour and I need to be back by then and Malibu is a half hour away from here. Is there anywhere closer I can take you?" He responded.

Uhg. "Are you kidding me?" I almost yelled at him. I swear I have anger issues when I don't get my way. This is what I get when brought up in a family like mine. I can't believe it. I have to go back to my parents for the night. "Fine. Just take me into Beverly Hills. I'll give you directions."

I put my bags in the back and sat in the front. After about 15 minutes, we got to the outskirts of my parents house. It was a large beach house and the only one on the beach within 10 miles. But, one house was sat 100 yards away from it. I don't understand why that house was built there  couple of years ago instead of a little more up the beach. My house was to the left. I payed the taxi man, grabbed my bags, and made my way to the front gates where I pressed in the code. I noticed the black camero of my dad and my moms range rover. Great. They're home. I started rumbling to myself as the thought that I had to face them came to mind. 

I moved out the day after I had turned 18. I don't have a problem with the life that I led, it's just I was tired of the way my family treated people like they were lessers and not equals. On top of that, I was tired of all the special treatment people gave me just because of who my dad is. My dad was the NFL player of the year for 2 years in a row and got it 2 more times after that. He helped his team get to the super bowl 3 times and won 2 of the three times. He was starting quarter back. So, of course we got perks. We used to live in Texas where he played with the Cowboys but we moved here 4 years ago when he retired. I opened the front door for the second time that day and once again, saw the chandelier glistening in the light. 

"Hello?!" I called out.

My mom ran to the front when she heard my voice. She has always been pretty. She was a cheerleader in college at the school my dad went to. Thats how they met. She ended up getting pregnant with me in college but then a year later my dad got drafted so he finally had enough money to propose and they got married. Her blonde hair still glistens in the light. A lot of people say I look like her. The gorgeous face and all. All except the eyes. I have my fathers eyes. Blue with green specks. Everyone always compliments me on my looks. I don't get it though. I don't find myself beautiful. I'm insecure about myself just as much as any other normal girl. I looked my mom in the eye and saw a couple tears form in her eyes. "Sarah! Luke! Come here! Clare's home!" My mom ran up to me and hugged me as I heard foot steps running down the grand staircase. "Clare. Where have you been?! We came home from vacation one day and you were just gone. We've been so worried. I'm so glad you've decided to come home!" "Mom," I interrupted, "I'm not here to stay." Her face suddenly froze. "Why?" She half asked half demanded. "Well, I'm 18 now. I've moved out. I start college at UCLA in the fall." "How do you have enough money to live off of? Have you gotten a job?" Mom asked. "Well...." I started knowing my mom wouldn't like my answer. "When I turned 18, I gained access to my trust fund." My moms face was frowning red but then I added "but don't worry, I've only spent a small amount!" She still looked mad. "We will discuss this later. For now, I really hope you will stay with us until college. But for now, go spend time with your siblings. They haven't seen you in months. No questions. Just do it." My mom told. "And in the morning, you owe your father an explanation also and we will discuss your living conditions." She whispered in my ear angrily. Sometimes I feel as if my mom doesn't understand me at all. My brother and sister were sitting on the stairs. My little brother Luke is 8 and was sitting on the stairs anxiously. He is so cute. He has the same eyes as me but has my dads dark hair. He got up, ran up to me, and hugged me. I squeezed him and ruffled his hair. I hope he stays this sweet and innocent forever. My sister Sarah could care less. She's 13 and her eyes are glued to her phone. I walked over to her and sat next to her. She was on twitter on her iphone5. "What ya up to?" I asked. "Twitter." "Oh? Anything new?" "Um apparently One Direction is in Beverly Hills!" She shot up and screamed just looking at the tweet. "Look!" She handed me over the phone. And yes, it did ready '@Real_Liam_Payne Just got done surfing in Beverly Hills, now enjoying the best burger ever that @Harry_Styles made.(: xx #livingthelife' I can't believe how many retweets and follows he got in the past 5 minutes. "Um. Wow. Sounds fun..." I added being very uninterested. I locked her phone and handed it back to Sarah. "Clare," Luke said, "Come outside with me! I wanna show you the sand castle I made!" He grabbed my hand and dragged my through the living room, dining room, another sitting room, tv room, and the porch before we got to the deck. We walked on the deck around the pool and cabana until we got to the stairs. Luke started running to the edge of the beach where his castle was. The sun was setting and it was beautiful out. I looked to my right as I was following my brother. Out neighbors house was equally large and very beautiful as well. I wonder who lives there? "Clare, look! You see the rocks and the shells for decoration?" Luke asked proudly. His toothy smile was adorable as he kept babbling on about his creation. I ruffled his hair again and he smiled up at me. I definitely missed this little boy. All of a sudden, we heard screaming as 2 boys ran out of the house next to ours. Since it was approximately a football field in length away from our house, I couldn't see them real well. But there was a boy screaming as another boy was chasing him with what looked like a... Light saber? Gosh.. Our neighbors are so weird. The guy that was getting chased looked to have black hair while the other one had a brown shaved head. They were yelling at each other in British accents. Did everyone from the UK just randomly decide to move here or something? Just then the boy I met today popped in my mind. I was thinking about his secretive appearance when Luke interrupted my thoughts. "Hey Clare, you wanna go watch a movie?" Luke questioned. "Sure bud." We walked inside just as the sun was setting and right before I went inside I heard 3 more new voices screaming at each other, all in British accents.

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