Give Me A Chance

Clare Sampson is not you're average girl. Her dad, who she dislikes, is famous and takes his fame for granted. But, her past has caused her to have trust issues. Then when Clare's car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was Harry Styles who came by to offer help. But, being the stubborn girl she is, she turned down the offer from this familiar boy. It wasn't until that night when her directioner sister made her realize who she met. The two are closer than they first realized. Harry starts to fall hard for her, but doesn't know what to do when he finds out she's not interested. What will Harry do to try to win her heart? What will happen if Clare starts to trust him? Read to find out!(:


1. A break down or fate?

Clare's POV

     I quickly got out of my jeep. Good. No one is home. I found the spare key to my parents house and quickly unlocked the door. The large chandelier that hung in the great room sparkled as the light hit it. The mansion my parents and younger siblings call a home disgusted me. The way my dad's fame has changed my family and the way they treat people just ins't right. I made my way to the winding stairs to the upper level and found my way to my old room. I only moved out a couple months ago with some struggle to get by. But I don't regret my decision at all. 

     My room was the same as I had left it. Lovely purple walls with white decal decorated on it soon came to vision. I walked to my king sized bed and sat down. Looking to my left, I noticed my framed picture of my best friend Ellie and I. I missed her so much. I still couldn't believe that she just left me. I felt so lonely without her. I can't trust anyone these days. She was the only person that knew everything about me. But now, she's gone. And there's no way she's coming back. I grabbed the framed picture along with extra clothes i left behind, money, some childhood mementos and my soccer ball and threw them into my duffel. 

     It's almost 5:00. My mom should she home any minute. I ran down the stairs and went out the door making sure I put the spare key back into place. I jumped into my jeep and zoomed down the road. About 10 minutes later I decided to take the long way to clear my mind. The top was down and the cool wind in this summer heat felt good on my face.  After about 10 miles my jeep started slowing down. I heard a low and raspy gustle coming from the engine. My gas gage still has over half the tank and my oil was just changed a week ago. I managed to pull my car over to the side of the back road. I couldn't hear anything and I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. I put my earphones in and started my playlist. I then got out of the car and made my way to the hood of the car. I pulled my long dirty blonde hair into a messy bun and then I popped the hood open. Steam immediately stormed up into the air and into my lungs. I immediately started coughing. After the steam had cleared, I bent over the hood to see what was the problem. There was a crack in one of the pipes. I dont know a lot about cars but I noticed that this wasn't good. Being the stubborn person I am, I walked to the back of my jeep and took out a roll of duct tape. Duct tape fixes everything, right? I hope so. 

Harry's POV

    The boys and I just finished our tour in America. So, management decided to let us have the summer off for vacation. We're all excited to finally have a couple months of freedom. Don't get my wrong, I love what I do but sometimes I just need a break. 

     We are all currently in California. Our manager rented a large beach house for us in a private area in the middle of no where. Hopefully no paps will find us there. The guys all arrived there sometime last week but I had to go back home after the tour to spend time with family before I'm gone for another couple months.

     I was driving down this long backroad in my favorite red convertible when about a mile up the road I saw a puff of steam go into the air. The closer I got I saw a yellow jeep parked to the side of the road. Leaning over the hood of the jeep was a girl. She was wearing shorts that were short enough for my liking and a loose tank top. Her golden hair was messy on the top of her head. If she looks this good from the back I hope she looks even better from the front. It looked like she was wrapping something in duct tape and not knowing what she was doing. I pulled up on the opposite side of the road as her jeep was parked and parked my car. I don't think she noticed me considering she has ear phones in and she hasn't looked up yet. I wonder if she's a fan. Do you think she'll freak out if I offer her help? There's only one way to find out. I looked in my glove compartment and found my sunglasses and my beanie. I got out of my car and made my way over to her. Gosh, she looked gorgeous. Her face was perfectly chiseled and has the cutest little freckles by her nose. 

"Um, hi." I mumbled to her. I don't think she heard me considering she didn't look up. I got closer and waved my hand in front of her face. She jumped and tore one of her ear phones out of her ear.

"What?" She asked with a bit of annoyance.

"Uh," I couldn't get any words out of my mouth. Suddenly my mouth went dry as I stared into her eyes. They were a deep blue that sparkled in the sun. Little specks of bright green surrounded her pupils.

"Hello...?" She started, "If your just gonna stare at me then you can just leave."

"Uh.. Um.. Do you need any help?" I asked.

"Does it look like I need help?" She grumbled. Wow. For a girl like this she sure has an attitude.

"Well, it looks like you were having troubles. I didn't think duct tape was in the top ten for tools needed to repair an engine." She looked annoyed at me and was about to open her mouth to retort. "Look, I was just trying to help." I interrupted before she could say anything.

     Her face started to soften. "Uh, sorry. I didn't mean to be rude but I had a rough day and this break down is not helping at all." She looked at the ground and then back up at me. She started to untangle her hair from her bun and let it fall down to her lower back. "Well, I don't need any help. Thanks for the offer tho uhhh, whats your name?"

     She didn't recognize me. That's a good thing. "Uh," I contemplated on giving her my real name. What the heck, why not? "Harry." I said.

"I'm Clare." She shook her hand out for me to shake. As I grabbed her hand I immediately felt sparks. I'm not sure if she did to, but oh I hope so.

     "Do you need a ride somewhere?" I asked secretly hoping she'd say yes.


Clare's POV

"Do you need a ride somewhere?" Harry asked me. I had no clue who this guy was. But, I'll admit it. He's cute and that British accent of his is pretty dang sexy. Clare, stop it. Snap out of it. What's wrong with you. You just met this guy and now your thinking of getting in his car with him?

"No, I think I'll just call a cab and a tow truck." I answered him. His face deepened. Was that a look of dissapointment I saw? 

"Um, okay. Do you want me to wait with you?" He asked.

"No, it's ok, you go." 

"Oh, okay. See ya around Clare," He called as he turned away. A few dark curls popped out from underneath his beanie as he walked. He looked oddly familiar.

"Wait!" I called after him. He turned around with a smirk of wonderment on his face. "Do I know you?" I asked.

He looked back at me and responded, "No, I don't believe so."

"Oh, okay. Bye."

He turned back around as I got into my jeep and grabbed my phone. I called the cab station and glanced up at Harry. I caught him staring at me again and he quickly looked down and started his car when he saw me look at him. He's an odd boy. He drove off down the road leaving a small cloud of smoke behind him.

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