Head Over Heels in Love

Danielle, and Lindsey Always wanted to move to London ever since they were younger. When they finally get the chance they bump into some familiar face that change there life... Forever.


1. What just happened?

Danielle's POV
Me and my best friend, Lindsey are finally here in London. I'm a bit nervous since I don't know where anything is, not even our flat. We bought one online since we were home in the US our parents helped look. Well, they basically told us which one to get. Of corse they got there way, But its actually really nice from the pictures and Lindsey nor I had I pay. "Danielle!! Baggage claim is this way!!" Lindsey pointed to the sign above. She grabbed my hand and raced to find it. "Slow down!!! We're both going to trip and fall!!". We were both in heels bad day for it. *Smash* Ow... I slammed into someone. I looked over to see Lindsey. She was Lying on someone too. I told her were going to fall. I quickly shot up off of the person, I looked down and I couldn't believe my eyes.. I was on Harry Styles. "Omg Im so so so so sorry" I helped him up. "Sorry about that.." I felt so bad and yet I was freaking out in my head I couldn't think straight. "Danielle!" Lindsey said in a whisper tone. I realized I was staring at Harry. "Oh sorry" I think my face was redder then a tomato. "Don't worry, I'm Harry if you didn't know already." He said. I was melting on the inside his voice was perfect. "We know who you are!" Lindsey giggled. We were really big fans. I looked over at her and I didn't see earlier who she landed on. I looked and It Was Niall Horan. "We should get going, but first can we get a picture?" I asked Politely. "Yeah sure anything" Niall replied. I could tell Lindsey was about to die on the inside. She played it cool on the inside. I girl out my Phone and went up to a random stranger and asked to take a picture for us. They took the picture and handed me my phone. "Nice meeting you!" We called out and headed to baggage claim. "You too!!" They called back. "Holy mother of Jesus what just happened?" Lindsey asked. "We just tackled Niall, and Harry.." "Omg" she faked hyperventilating. I laughed. "And send me that picture. New background on my phone!" "Don't worry I will". On the conveyer belt I saw my bags. I fast walked over to them. Lindsey bolted to hers. "Ready to get lost?" She questioned returning to me. "Ready!!" We walked out of the airport. I got a taxi for us. We both got in the car. "Why is the steering wheel there?" I whispered to Lindsey. "We're in Europe, that's we're its suppose to be." She whispered back. I feel dumb. "Where we headed loves?" The driver asked. "Hm... 2345 Hill Berry Rd." "Oh the nice Flats... That's 30 minutes from here." "sounds great!" Lindsey said. He hit the pedal and we were off to our new home in London. The Next 30 minutes went by pretty fast. Lindsey and I just talked the hole time and went all Fangirl.

Lindsey's POV
The driver dropped us off at our new flat. Looks really nice. "Dam" was all Danielle said. "I know". I took the key out and unlocked the door. "You first." Danielle walked past me into our new home. "Holy crap!!" I ran in. My jaw dropped. I looked around. And saw something I hate. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "What?" "SPIDER!!" She took a magazine out of her bag and smacked it. "It gone" she glared at me. "Thank you" "welcome" she smirked. " First one to a room gets to get it!!" She ran down the Hall way. I didn't under stand her and the. It repeated in my head. "What? That's no fair!!" I ran after her. I ran into a room. "He he he" wow... She would get the master bed. "Wow" "first come first serve" I walked out and found another room. It was the same size as hers and had the same bathroom to. Guess there's two masters. Sucker. I walked out and grabbed my suitcases. Danielle's were gone. She must be unpacking them too. I wheeled then back to my room and started unpacking. That wasted half of the day. I walked into the bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror. I have long Blonde hair and Blue eyes. I'm 5"4 and skinny. Danielle walked in. "Do you have my straightener?" "Yea, why?" "We're going clubbing duh?" She played with her dirty blonde hair, well it was almost brown. She had different color eyes. They were different everyday, blue, green, hazel, all three. It was just but really cool. "Clubbing on the first day in London?" "Yea. NOO I wanna go shopping!" " we don't have a car!" "I called a cab to pick us up at 3 so get ready!!" "Okay" I handed her the straightener and she walked out. I walked into my closet that I just spend 3 hours organizing. I picked out jean shorts and a blue crop top with the words "Stay True" in cursive. And blue Air Jordan's. I walked into the kitchen and got a drink since we had know food. "Danielle!! Are you ready we need to go get food!!" We didn't need a car since the store was a couple blocks down. "Yea!!" She walked out. She wore white shorts and a loose pink tank top from PINK and pink flats with bows on them. "Let's go." We both grabbed our keys and purses then headed out the door.

"This is taking forever!" Danielle complained. We were standing in line for 10 minutes. We finally got to check out and grabbed all the bags and we had probably 5 bags on each arm. We walked a couple blocks back. It was 2:30. Danielle unlocked the door and we took 30 minutes putting all of our food away. We both made a quick sandwich and headed out the door since the taxi was honking. And our shopping spree starts now..
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