Head Over Heels in Love

Danielle, and Lindsey Always wanted to move to London ever since they were younger. When they finally get the chance they bump into some familiar face that change there life... Forever.


2. Surprise! Again

Lindsey's POV


We arrived at the mall. It's was much bigger then the mall back home. That's a plus! Danielle needs a new 'London' woredrobe, she always wants to look her best. I do to but I'm not going and buying a hole closets worth of stuff. Gezzzzz. I don't care for shopping as you can see. We walked into a store and our journey just began. We just finished shopping. I had 3 bags full of stuff. With 6 shirts, 4 shorts, 3 jeans, and some new shoes. Danielle had almost 15 bags with 20 shirts, 10 shorts, 11 jeans, and alot if shoes.


We had to keep going back to the taxi that was parked waiting for us. He must of got really bored waiting 3 almost 4 hours in a car. We opened the door to the taxi, "Finally!" He said on relief. We both laughed. "Back home Im guessing?" "Yes" I replied. Danielle was texting someone. Probably one of her guy 'friends'. She kept smiling and I tried reading what she was typing. She was just to fast. I then took my phone out and went on ifunny. I kept laughing and she looked at me funny. "Whatttt?" I looked at her questionably. "Your just funny sometimes! Well correction all the time" she responded laughing. "Who you texting?" I asks getting off the subject from me being weird. "People" yeah her people meaning her 'boy friend' "it's Jared isn't it...?" She has a really big crush on this guy named Jared.


He's a jock and is really cocky, but hes really hot. I looked at her face. She looked up at me. Yup. It's jared she's blushing. "Hmm..." She thinks I'm dumb I'm not, I know everything. Okay that sounds really creepy. I started laughing. "Girlll" she said. Okay the taxi drive must think we're weird. **At home** It took about the same time to get back from the mall then it did to get there. We put everything we bought away and sat down and turned on the T.V.. I grabbed the remote and turned the channel to Degrassi. My all time FAVORITE show of all time. I could just eat Cam, and Elli up. I love them like honesty almost more than life it's self. "Okay I'm not watching this." Danielle got up and walked upstairs. Rawr. I know she will love it, if she actually watched it. Oh new episode. Heheheee.... *Crash* I immediately got up and ran up stairs. "Danielle!?" I called. "I'm in my room!!!!" She yelled. It sounded like she was crying. I ran and she was under email most everything in her closet. "OMG are you okay?" I asked while I pulled all the clothe and stuff of her. "My leg has a shooting pain going up it."OMG owwww!" I helped her up. She tried standing on it. "Okay no i cant. Can you take me to the hospital? Its getting swollen and is turning black and blue." tears started pouring down her cheeks. "Its Fine you probally just broke a bone, or sprained it really bad" i spoke. she glarred at me. Okay fine. "Wait we dont have a car yet..." i said quite. "Call an Amblance Then!!"


Danielle got put on a strecher and the person said its just a broken bone. I went with her, and made her laugh so she didnt think about the pain.


 They pulled in and i saw someone that i never thought i would see again. Niall, and Harry. but there were more people with them. Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Why were they here? Oh wait. Zayns hand is all puffy and has a cast on it. I think thats why. "OMG OMG" i said starting to hypervenalate. "What What?" Danielle questioned when they started taking her out of the amblance. "One Direction.." "Where!?" She started to get up. "PLease stay still!" the doctor person said. "Can you go wheel me over there? Pleaseee i will do anything. There my idols!!!" Danielle plead. "Only if you stop moving" He replied. "Okay" They then wheeled her over in the gurne to see them. Harry and Nialls faces were in shock since we just met them and now were meeting them again! or cause shes like staring them down. "Hey didnt we just meet you guys?" Niall spoke. "Yea, you and Harry" I said. my voice was trembling i could tell.I was just nervous since all of One Direction are here. Dont Fangirl. Dont Fangirl. "Thats cool. So what happened to you?" he asked Danielle. "Stuff from my closet fell ontop of me and i think i broke my ankle." she said. we carried on our conversation for 10 more minutes untill they had to wheel danielle in since she was in pain.


After about 2 hours i called a taxi and Danielle had a pink cast on her foot. and cruches. I really dont want to be a maid for what 3 weeks or so? urgh. She always get hurt. First day in london too, but we met One direction like twice which is really ironic... it must be our 'luck'. Lol just kidding.

   "LINDSEYY!!!" really again? "WHAAAATTT?!!!" i yelled back. "CAN YOU GET ME A BOWL OF ICE CREAM?" Hahaha. No. "LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEE" she yelled. BITCH. Get it your self. "IM COMING" This is going to be a long couple of weeks.

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