Free Falling

18-year-old Emma Sheeran, Oxford University student on full-ride scholarship, hasn't had a boyfriend in nearly a year. She's so focused on everything else that the desire was unseen underneath other things. But the day her brother invites an international boy band over to the house for a month, the desire for love tops everything, and it has perfect timing. But what happens when Emma's slutty rival, Lacey Schmidt, is fresh off a break-up, and ready to pounce on the same boy Emma's eyes are on. *Crossover Fanfiction Competition*


3. Chapter Two


Lol hai.

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Emma's POV

"What was that all about?" Maddi asked as I slammed my phone down on the bed.

"Tell ya later," I explained quickly, "just help me clean."

"Why?" she questioned.

"We're having guests in five damned minutes, so help me clean the fucking pigsty I call my flat!" I snapped. Maddi crinkled her face, jiggled her head, and shook her hands around as a way of mimicking me.

"Quit it, Mads, the mimes are embarrassed by you," I smacked her arm. She shook it off, running out to the kitchen to straighten up after the disaster we called making breakfast.

I darted to Ed's room across the hallway and tried to make his bed, which wasn't going to happen because he hasn't cleaned his bedroom in three months, whereas my room was always spotless; OCD sometimes has an upside. I tossed his notebooks across the hallway.

Maddi tossed me a broom, in which I used to push everything into the corners of Ed's room. I hadn't seen the complete floor in a long while. Turns out it's a darker brown than we thought.

I dashed out the hallway and into the front room. We really ought to get a penthouse. I dusted off the furniture.

"Emma, your brother and some friends are in the elevator." the American doorman called through the pager.

"Thanks Dan," I replied, running from the front room to the kitchen, where Maddi was still struggling with kitchen mess.

"Don't waste your time, it's not gonna do anything." I pulled Maddi down the hallway to my bathroom to at least pull a brush through our hair. I pulled a big school sweatshirt over my head to cover my sweat-stained shirt.

I heard the elevator ding downstairs.

"EM?" Ed shouted from the kitchen. I could picture the One Direction boys with their hands clamped over their ears just like Maddi.

"UNO MOMENTO!" I screamed back.

"Can you both NOT scream your lungs out when you need to talk to one another?" Maddi groaned, removing her hands from her ears.

"Nope," I replied stiffly. I pulled my red hair into a pony tail, "Not unless you're willing to buy us a pager for within the flat."

Maddi made a face at me and I rolled my eyes. "C'mon!" I grabbed her by the wrist, dragging her down the hall, leaving her brown hair tangled and half removed from its braids.

"Hello!" I smiled as we managed to reach the kitchen, each in one piece.

Niall's POV

Two girls stumbled into Ed's kitchen. The first one greeted us breathlessly. She had bright red hair pulled into a loose ponytail. She was in the spitting image of Ed. But in spite of being a ginger, she was incredibly fit. She was notably thin, which was surprised me by how er, thick Ed was, but still wore the same sparkling blue eyes as him. One other extremely obvious difference between the two was she had a perfectly smooth ivory complexion, whereas Ed's was crowded with freckles from being in the sun. She must be a indoor person.

The other girl was much different, appearance-wise. She had brown hair the colour of Zayn's, but kept dark ivory skin, just a bit darker than Ed's sister. The other girl also had stunning dark eyes. They'd stop you dead in your tracks upon viewing them. Although I'm not calling her fat in any way, shape, or form, she wasn't nearly as thin and Ed's sister. The other girl actually looked of average weight, whereas Ed's sister looked like she may have some sort of eating disorder.

"Nice to meet you?" Louis inquired as the girls struggled to gain balance.

"Lads, they didn't have much notice that you were coming here so I assume they were in a mad rush to prepare themselves." Ed attempted to explain the girls' just-got-up-in-the-morning appearance. But they still looked rather fit even in that state.

"Yeah, Ed, five minutes was actually rather lovely," his younger sister said sarcastically. The boys and I laughed as Ed made a face at her, and she returned it identically.

"Well boys," Ed stepped aside, "This is my younger sister Emma and her friend Maddi. Maddi's staying with us for the month, too."

"And Emma and Maddi," he moved over, "This is Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall." I giggled as the girls' eyes traveled to each of us as Ed stated our names.

I thought for a moment. Wait. Ed doesn't have a penthouse, and I know he doesn't have a large flat because he's told us before that it's just him and and his sister. Damn. I wonder who's sleeping with who.

"And FYI, sleeping arrangements were set up in 50 seconds Emma and I were on the phone. Louis and Harry, you'll be in my room. One rule with that, no PDA and no intimacy with one another. Nobody wants to see that. Zayn, Liam, and Niall, you guys can figure out how to divide the two pullout couches amongst yourselves in the living room. Don't destroy the living room because Emma will murder you if you do." When no one else was looking, I sent Ed a confused glance. 'OCD' he mouthed. I nodded in understanding.

"So, boys, make yourselves at home." Ed explained. We all sort of just scattered in the living room as a bunch of old 'Friends' reruns played over on the telly. Except Ed, Emma, and Maddi.

Maddi's POV

After the awkward little introduction thing, the One Direction boys sat down in the living room to watch 'Friends', Ed went off to clean up the kitchen from our "breakfast" as punishment for bringing home five fit-as-hell boys while only giving us five minutes notice, and Emma and I went back to her room.

We returned to our places, Emma on her bed with her iPad, and myself on her beanbag chair with my laptop.

My phone buzzed with a mention on Twitter next to me momentarily after I rebooted my laptop for use.

'Emma Sheeran @GingerbreadGirl: Lovely moment for @MadsGoneMad and I - @edsheeran brought home @onedirection with no warning!'

I giggled at her sarcasm. My phone vibrated again in my hand as my mentions refreshed.

'Ed Sheeran @edsheeran: @GingerbreadGirl I believe that 5min was enough for you and @MadsGoneMad !'

Ed's response was nearly more gutbusting (A/N: YES I JUST SAID GUTBUSTING xD) than Emma's. I don't know if it's genetics or something, but those two share a similar sense of dry, sarcastic humour.

My phone went off again and my mentions refreshed AGAIN, but this time there was a few tweets at the top of the list.

'Emma Sheeran @GingerbreadGirl: Well @edsheeran you thought wrong moron. It wasn't enough time for @MadsGoneMad and I'

'One Direction @onedirection: Guys please follow @edsheeran @GingerbreadGirl @MadsGoneMad they're the greatest people you will ever meet -zayn x ;)'

Ohmigod. THE MEAN GIRLS REFERENCE. That was hysterical as fuck, ohmigod.

'Emma Sheeran @GingerbreadGirl: @MadsGoneMad Can you believe @edsheeran right now?!'

'Harry Styles @Harry_Styles: @GingerbreadGirl @MadsGoneMad Do you mind stopping your banter and joining us to watch The Office? @NiallOfficial and @Real_Liam_Payne would REALLY like that ;D'

I went mad with laughter. Emma started giggling at my reaction, but soon was pulled into my full-blown hysteria.

"Harry's tweet? I know. Let's to watch The Office," Emma said the moment we finished laughing. We went down the hallway to the living room. Harry was on Louis' lap on one couch with Ed at the other end of it, and Niall and Liam sat separate ends of the other sofa, Zayn was sitting on the coffee table, don't ask me why.

Oh boy.

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