Free Falling

18-year-old Emma Sheeran, Oxford University student on full-ride scholarship, hasn't had a boyfriend in nearly a year. She's so focused on everything else that the desire was unseen underneath other things. But the day her brother invites an international boy band over to the house for a month, the desire for love tops everything, and it has perfect timing. But what happens when Emma's slutty rival, Lacey Schmidt, is fresh off a break-up, and ready to pounce on the same boy Emma's eyes are on. *Crossover Fanfiction Competition*


4. Chapter Three

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Emma's POV

We were in a bit of a pickle. Either sit between Niall and Liam, who according to Harry had specifically wanted us to join the group for the television show, or we could sit on the hardwood floor and make the boys think we're a little wacko in the head. I decided to take the Niall and Liam risk.

I sat in between Niall and Maddi, and Maddi sandwiched similarly to me except on her opposite side was Liam, not Niall.

I don't know, I guess that it was an "Every Episode Ever Made" marathon for The Office because we watched from the pilot up to the finale. It was around 10pm when The Inbetweeners replaced The Office on the telly.

"Yay!"   "I love this show"

"This is my favourite episode!!"

I was getting tired and cold. Damn you Ed for making up the " saving electricity" bullshit so we didn't have heating. Couldn't you just pay for the damn heating rather than forcing me to be constantly in jumpers.

I slid slightly closer to Niall, who put his arm around me. I smiled slightly. No, Emma, no! You're a studious student! You're not supposed to be dating anyone!

But before I knew it, my conscience had given up on me. After awhile, the episode was over. The television turned to 11 o'clock local news. Ed snapped it off, the screen blacking out. He yawned.

"I'm tired," he announced, "I'm going to bed."

Harry nodded in agreement and grabbed Louis by the wrist, dragging him off the couch, onto the floor, and down the hallway, following Ed down to his room. Zayn jumped up on the empty couch, claiming it.

"Dibs!" he called. Niall and Liam huffed and adjusted themselves on the other couch they were sitting on. I lifted Maddi off the couch, planning to carry her down to my bedroom. But she was heavier than I predicted, and I dropped her. Surprisingly enough, she was still sound asleep. Damn. Heavy sleeper much?

I grabbed shoulders pushed her down the hallway (thank God for hardwood floors!) like a lawn mower. When we finally got into my room, I didn't even bother picking her up and putting her on my beanbag. She just lay like a corpse on my bedroom floor.

I climbed onto my bed and opened up Twitter on my iPad. 3,492,035 followers. What the...?   Mentions. 3,274,480

Lucy Styles @luce_styless: @edsheeran Control your damn sister @GingerbreadGirl keep her gross hands off my Hazza!

↷ Ed Sheeran @edsheeran: @luce_styless Do NOT talk about my sister that way!

↷↷ Lucy Styles @luce_styless: @edsheeran OMG IM SO SORRY ED I DIDN'T MEAN IT  

↷↷↷Harry Styles @Harry_Styles: @luce_styless I am no one's property, please control your damn mouth. @GingerbreadGirl is a lovely girl and doesn't deserve to be treated like shit.

Oooh, damn, nice one Harry! Maybe these boys weren't as bad as I thought. I mean really, they're standing up for me. Well at least one of them.

Sexual Sheeran @sexsheeran: @GingerbreadGirl ahh you're so gorgeous! AND YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE YOUR BROTHER OMFG

1D Lights Up My World @likenobodyelse: I'm sorry, typically I don't ship any couples with Harry, but @GingerbreadGirl and @Harry_Styles would make such a cute couple! #Hemma  

↷Ed Sheeran @edsheeran: @likenobodyelse OH HELL NO. @Harry_Styles isn't touching my sister, no.

There were more, but I decided to check the trends. I swear, if #Hemma is trending I will smash something through a window.

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Congrats Justin





Directioners vs Beliebers

Goddammit. Oh well, my balcony door is locked and I'm too lazy to get the key to throw something off of it.   I went back to my Twitter homepage one last time before turning my iPad off and going to bed.

Lacey Schmidt @LaceySchmidt: I hear @onedirection is in Suffolk for the month...;)

Oh fuck.

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