Free Falling

18-year-old Emma Sheeran, Oxford University student on full-ride scholarship, hasn't had a boyfriend in nearly a year. She's so focused on everything else that the desire was unseen underneath other things. But the day her brother invites an international boy band over to the house for a month, the desire for love tops everything, and it has perfect timing. But what happens when Emma's slutty rival, Lacey Schmidt, is fresh off a break-up, and ready to pounce on the same boy Emma's eyes are on. *Crossover Fanfiction Competition*


2. Chapter One


Does anyone even read this book? Lol probs not.

B xx


Emma's POV

"It's confirmed," my best mate Maddi stared at her laptop, "John Mayer and Lacey have broken up."

"Thank God," I flopped back on my bed, my iPad lying beside me, "I thought I was going to have to deal with listening to her boast about their fucking relationship forever."

"Same," Maddi sighed, "How boyfriends has Lacey had over the past year?"

"Let me think..." I recollected. It was nearly every week Lacey strolled through Suffolk with a new guy, "I believe 48?"

"She's such a slag..." Maddi muttered, scrolling through her Twitter feed, "and then you look at yourself, Em, and you haven't had a boyfriend in nine months."

"Yeah, but I'm rather content with just focusing on my studies," I replied. I'd been a student for 11 months, and I was currently on break for 8 weeks.

"I'd be like that, too, if I didn't have Noah." Maddi smiled remembering her boyfriend of three years. They met the first day of year 9, and in simplest terms, love at first sight.

Just then, Emma's older brother's voice started speaking from her back pocket.

"Em, if you answer this, I swear to God, I'll get Lilygreen or Maguire to DM you!! I swear!! Please just pick up the damned phone? Not gonna? Fine. Be that-"

"Hello?" Emma cut off Ed's custom ringtone.

"Hey Em, what's happening?"

"Not much, Maddi's over, why you calling?"

"Uh...I forget now, is she a Directioner?"

"Hell no, why?"

"Because I might have to like...bring them over to the flat for awhile-"

"How long is 'awhile' Ed?"


"Quit stalling!"

"I'm not stalling!"

"Just give me a goddammned answer!"

"...a month?"


"I'm sorry, Emma, but I have no choice. Tell Maddi we're having guests."

"You do realise she's staying here for the month, too, right?"

"It doesn't matter, she sleeps just fine on the floor-"

"Have you no manners?!"

"Shut up, you know she does all the time-"

"Doesn't mean she enjoys it."

"Stop interrupting me! We can make it work!"

"Ed, I don't know if this ever crossed your mind, but we live in a two bedroom flat."


"And none of those boys are sleeping in my room."

"Yeah, I know. Lou and Harry can stay in my room with me, and Niall, Zayn, and Liam are perfectly fine on the sofas."

"I suppose. When are you bringing them home?"

"How about...five minutes?"

"Hell no! Our flat is a pigsty, thanks to you!"

"Oh well, theirs is a toxic wasteland, anyway."

"Fuck you, Ed!"

"I love you too, Em!" Ed hung up.

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