Short Stories.

The first story is about horses.
The second has a robin, but there's no other category that really fits it. And there will be animals in every one.


2. Alexia.

 Alexia walked through the field. A thick blaknet of snow covered the ground. The morning sun made it look like someone had walked along, sprinkling glitter over the snow. It was beautiful, but she didn't notice.

 She heard the screech of brakes and the blast of a horn in her head. She clamped both hands over her ears and dropped to her knees. A robbin hopped over, looking for bugs in the footprints. It hopped over and looked at her.

 "He needed me," she muttered, her tears melting the snow that she was kneeling on. "He asked me to help him. I didn't. It should be me who's dead, not him."

 Her hands were shaking, "Now he's gone. Jack. He's gone!"

 The memories were fresh in her mind;

 Jack was driving the car. They were talking, but he was also concentrating on the road. He drove over a patch of oil.

 The car slid and the brakes screeched. His head hit the horn and it blared as the car turned on its side. Alexia looked at Jack. He had blood running down his handsome face. He reached out towards her.

 "Alexia,  please help me." His voice was weak. She tried to open his seatbelt but it was stuck. Tears streamed down er face as she struggled. The door was pulled open and hands grabbed her.

 "NO," she screamed, reaching for Jack, "NO! Let me GO!"

 "Alexia, please help me," Jack begged, "It hurts. Alexia, I need you."

 Alexia lay back in the snow.

 "It's my fault he's dead," she whispered, "I could have saved him..."

 The cold and wet were seeping through her clothes but she didn't care. She grabbed handfuls of the snow and began to cover herself.

 By the time she was finished, almost her whole body was numb. That was the first time since the crash that she felt truly happy. She smiled as her life drifted away from her.

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