Short Stories.

The first story is about horses.
The second has a robin, but there's no other category that really fits it. And there will be animals in every one.


1. The Accident.

"Thanks Milly," Heather said, buckling her helmet and taking her pony's reigns from her friend. She put her foot in the stirrup and mounted up on her palamino, mix breed mare, Weeping Willow. Milly, her best friend, was mounted up on her bay arabian mare, Gazelle. They were just about to leave on a road hack when a cherry red ferrari pulled in. A slim girl with an expensive looking tan stepped out. She flicked her shiny blonde hair back off her shoulders.

  "Taking the donkeys for a ride then?" She sneered. Heather's anger flared up, but she tried not to show it. She didn't like Willow just because she wasn't pure bred. Ailbhé, the girl's instructor, came aroud the corner.

"Ah Elizabeth. Queen is tacked up and waiting," She said, referring to Elizabeth's chestnut thoroughbred mare, Queen Of England. "Since the in door is being renovated, and I have a lesson in the out door, why don't you join the girls on a road hack?"

  Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Fine," she sighed. Ailbhé led out the sleek mare. She was always in show gear, only black bridle with a plain noseband and a black saddle. She always had a white numnah, white or leather leg wraps.

  Elizabeth put on her helmet, and mounted up. She held a crop in her hand. She never rode without one. Milly trotted Gazelle to the front, Heather was in the middle and Elizabeth was at the back.

  They had been riding for half an hour, when all three horses spooked. Heather looked in the bush, to see what might have spooked them. She couldn't see anything but all horses were prancing, holding their heads high. Then she heard it. The car.

  The next few minutes went in slow motion for her. A white honda civic tore around the corner, and raced twoards them. Gazelle reared up, throwing Milly off balance, then she raced accross the road. As she was half way accross, the car collided with her. She screamed a horse scream as she fell, with a sickening thud. "Miiiillllllyyyy!!!" Heather screamed.

  There was a huge hole in Gazelle's side. Milly's leg was twisted and bloody, while the other leg was trappped under her pony. Heather vaulted off and ran to her. Tears were streaming down her face. "Milly! Please answer me, Milly!" she whispered, stroking her friend's bloody face.

  The driver stepped out of the car. She was obviously drunk. She went and threw up in the hedge. Elizabeth had tied the ponies up and called 999.

  She knelt beside Heather. "You're not a worthless donkey. You're amazing, come on wake up!" She said, bawling her eyes out. Ailbhé jumped out of the vet's van and ran over. As soon as she saw how bad the situation was, the colour completely drained from her face.

  Then the ambulance came. The paramedics came up and between them, Ailbhé and the vet, they lifted Gazelle, while trying not to interfere with Milly. Then the paramedics lifted Milly on to a stretcher and left. Everyone helped lift Gazelle in to the field. The vet took Gazelle's tack off. "She should be as comfortable as possible when she goes." He said gently.

  Heather lifted her head onto her lap, and stroked the mare's cheek. She told the pony that she was  brilliant, that she was amazing and stuff like that while the vet injected the lethal liquid in to her neck.

  Her head suddenly became heavy and her eyes stayed open for too long.

  "Oh Gazelle!" Heather sobbed in to her still warm neck. Ailbhé put her hand on Heather's shoulder and she stood up.

  Ailbhe dropped her home. She arranged for Willow and Queen to be brought back to the stables.

  At five o'clock, her mam came in to her room. "Honey?" She said, "Milly- Milly.. She- she" Heather's mam took a deep breath. "She's passed away..."

  Heather never forgot that warm summer day, when she lost her best friend.


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