Harry's Baby Girl

Hi, Im Lauren. im 18 years old an i have a 3 year old daughter. She was Born April 14, 2014. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. if you havent figuered it our yet then let me tell you who her father is. He father is Harry Styles, thats right THE Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. Now, lets go to the year 2018. where this story takes place.


14. Zayn's B-Day (now to tell his parents)

*January 12*

Lauren's P.O.V

Today was Zayn's birthday. Me and Rose woke up early to make him some breakfast. Rose went up to him, i told her to wake him up gently. She did the complete oppossite

"DADDY WAKE UP!!!!!" she screamed in his ear. He popped out of bed like a ninja. It was kinda funny becasue then he saw that i had a tray with food. He walked up to me and kissed me and said thanks.

"Babe, remember your parents are coming over today. We are supposed to tell them." i said. Reminding him that his parents are coming over for his birthday and we thought that it was a perfect time to tell them about me being pregnant.

"I know babe! Now, can i take a shower?" he asked i nodded my head and got ready for his parents. I started to make lunch when the doorbell rang. I asked Rose to go and get it, because i knew that it was Zayn's parents.

"Hello Lauren. Hello Rosey." said Zayn's mom.

"Hello Lauren. Hello baby girl." said Zayn's dad.

"Hello Mr. & Mrs. Malik." i said giving both a hug.

"Oh, please. Call us Yaser and Patricia sweetheart." said Zayn's mom, she was always so sweet. I went towards the kitchen and continued with lunch. Patricia came with me.

"Sooo, Lauren. Do you need any help?" she asked.

"Oh, no. I'm fine. Do you mind watching Rose? I don't want her near the stove, especially when it's hot." I told her.

"Of, course! You know, you are a great mother! You and Zayn should have a kid." she told me. I laughed at the last part. Little did she know that we are.

"Thank you, Patricia." i told her. She went to the family room where Yaser was with Rose. They all sat down to watch 'The Little Mermaid'. Zayn came and said hi to his parents. He came and behind me and wrapped his arms around my stomach.

"Whatcha cooking babe? It smells good!" he said

"Oh, just pasta. Nothing too special." i said. We went to the dinning room and ate lunch. After that me and Rose came up with a cake. we started to sing.

"Happy Birthday dear Daddy!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!" we all sang.

"Daddy? Ohh is that what Rose calls him?" asked Patricia.

"Not really, she calls him Z a lot more than Daddy." i told her, hoping that they will catch on.

"OMG!!! YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Patricia

"Yep!!" i answered.

Yaser and Patricia came and gave us all big hugs. They congragulated us and then had some cake. After that they had said their good byes and left.


"Thank God we got that over with." i said.

"Ya. Now to tell any one else we need to tell." said Zayn.

We all got ready for bed but Rose didn't want to go to sleep.

"But, Mommy and Daddy I don't want to go to sleep!!!' she screamed. Me and Zayn looked at each other and nodded.


Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things
So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past? Impossible!
She'd turn away from me
He's holding back, he's hiding
But what, I can't decide
Why won't he be the king I know he is
The king I see inside?
Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things
Can you feel the love tonight?
You needn't look too far
Stealing through the night's uncertainties
Love is where they are.


After we sang she fell asleep. We put her in her crib and then went to our room.


"Babe, you know that we need to get Rose a new bed right?" said Zayn.

"Ya, it just feels like yesterday she was in my stomach and i had to buy a crib for her." i said all sad.

"But, now you have OUR baby there and we can still use Rose's crib for her." said Zayn.

" 'Her'?" i asked all confused

"Ya. I think that it is a girl. I can fell it." he said all proud.

I giggled and looked up at him. He started to smile at me.

"See, there is that smile again. I love you soo much LoBear. That is why i want to marry you and that is why God let us have this baby. Don't ever forget that ok Babe." he told me.

i started to blush, no boy has ever said that to me. So i kissed him as a thank you. He looked back at me and then at my stomach. He started to sing.


Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she pretty
Truly the angel's best
Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can't believe what God has done
Through us he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely made from love


We fell asleep like that. Him singing to the baby and me listening. I love my life right now.

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