Harry's Baby Girl

Hi, Im Lauren. im 18 years old an i have a 3 year old daughter. She was Born April 14, 2014. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. if you havent figuered it our yet then let me tell you who her father is. He father is Harry Styles, thats right THE Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. Now, lets go to the year 2018. where this story takes place.


23. When I Was Your Man


Chris' P.O.V


I was sitting around watching T.V when i heard something that caught my attention.

".....the girl's name is Lauren Gordo." said the T.V. I looked at it and started to pay attention.

"Well girls its official. Zayn Malik is defenitly OFF the market. You heard me right. He has a girlfriend or should i say, Fiance." those words just felt like a dagger to my heart. but when she continued, it went in deaper

"Here is a photo of the couple in Miami's Sunset Place. They were shoping with a little girl inbetween them. They were heading to baby stores. We heard that the couple is expecting another baby, a girl that is supposed to be named Jasmyne. Many congragulations to the happy couple. But, is it just me, or does their daughter, Rosemary, look like Zayn's fello band member Harry Styles? Well, maybe we need to have them in for an interview. That's it for tonight, see ya tommorrow." said the T.V. host.


My Lauren, the Lauren that i still love. I know i broke her heart, but i didn't really care. I never spent any time with her, i should of bought her flowers, held her hand, taken her to every party because all she wanted to was dance. We were best friends before we started dating, so we have the same friends. All they do is talk about their memories with her, and it hurts inside. I don't know why i did it. See, the reason i broke up with her was becasue i cheated on her. A few weeks after i broke her heart, i see her at my door step.

*Stop listening if you want*




It was a rainy day and i was there playing COD (Call of Duty) when there was a knock on my door. I paused the game and went to get the door. When i opened it, i saw Lauren their, her mascara running, her eyes red like she was crying, shivering because it was raining. My sister, Jen, came up behind me and saw Lauren. She ran to the bathroom and got Lauren a few towel and wraped her in them and let her into the house. She sat down my the fireplace and we gave her hot cocoa, our parents weren't there. They went to Hawaii for a month.

'Lauren, why are you crying?" asked Jen, she knew about the brakeup, but we knew she wan't crying over that. Lauren only crys when she is hurting physically or mentally.


one.....stand...." is what i understood because she was crying. Then it hit me. Lauren's parents kicked her out becasue she is pregnant with some one night stand guy's kid, and the guy's name is Harry. I got really mad and ran up to my room, i punched a whole into my wall. See, i was still in love with Lauren. We would talk about running away and getting married, even though we were 14. I can't believe i broke her heart, if i didn't she wouldn't be in this mess.

She stayed in our house untill my parents came back, then she left to go and stay in another friend's house. I never saw he since.



Now, here i am finding out she is engaged to some super star and having a kid with him. I need to call Jen..

"Hey Jen, did you watch the news?" i asked her.

"Ya, i'm sorry bro, i don't think she's gonna come back." she said.

"I don't care, i'm gonna find her, i need my Lollipop back." i said, i hung up on her, Lollipop was my nickname for her.

I need to find out what hotel they are staying at.......I need her back, and i don't care how many fights i have to get into.

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