Harry's Baby Girl

Hi, Im Lauren. im 18 years old an i have a 3 year old daughter. She was Born April 14, 2014. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. if you havent figuered it our yet then let me tell you who her father is. He father is Harry Styles, thats right THE Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. Now, lets go to the year 2018. where this story takes place.


21. Off to America, Miami to be presice

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Guys, Paul says we are going on tour, again."


Those words still haunt me. It's been 1 month since Liam told us. And now, i'm helping Zayn pack. While I was there I picked up a a Onsie that meant so much to me, to us; his American Flag Onsie. I started to think about eveything and a tier escaped my eyes without my permission. Zayn looked over at me.

"Babe, what's wrong?" he asked.


"Babe, didn't you hear me before. I said that you can come, Paul isn't that heartless." he said laughing. Since when did he tell me that.

"When did you tell me that?" i asked

"I told you at the hospital, even Rose is going." he answered. God, i need to start listening.

"Well, can you help me pack?" i asked him.

"Sure, let's go." he answered, walking into my closet taking out my luggage. We all started to pack, even Rose. These are some of my outfit's ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=73251126; http://www.polyvore.com/pajamas_for_all_days/set?id=73250614; http://www.polyvore.com/day/set?id=73250310; http://www.polyvore.com/day/set?id=73249876; http://www.polyvore.com/birthday_outfit/set?id=72633348; http://www.polyvore.com/doctors_appointment/set?id=72583730;http://www.polyvore.com/months/set?id=68260683;  SOME OF THEM ARE REPEATED AND HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I USED THEM FOR BEFORE. THEY WILL ALSO BE IN THE COMMENTS ) We were leaving in 2 days and are going to be on the road when i am due, so we need to be prepared.

"Babe, do you have the luggage what we need incase we meet this little bogger a little early?" i asked him, pointing to my stomach.

"Yep, did you pack everything for Rose?" he asked, popping his head out of the bathroom.

"Yep, are we all packed?" i asked. He nodded his head. we leave in a 2 days. Rose is very excited becasue she always wanted to go to a concert. Instead she is going to be backstage.

Then i realized something, there is going to be 3 new additions to the gang in the middle of this tour. This is going to be a very fun few months.


*2 days later*


Today is the day we are going on tour. We were all going to meet at Louis because he has the biggest house, and it's the closest to the airport. On our way over to Louis i got really nauseaous.

"Zayn, pullover. NOW!!!" i screamed tryring to hold it in. He pulled over and i ran out the door and threw up. This has never happend to me, not even when i was pregnant with Rose, damn you morning sickness. Zayn came up behind me and started to rub circles in my back.

"Its alright. Just calm down." he said, with a very soothing voice. I stopped vomiting and we got back in the car.

"Mommy, are you ok?" asked Rose.

"Ya baby girl, i'm fine." i answered her. Zayn kept driving over to Louis. After another half hour, we finally arriived.

"Vas Happnin'?" both me and Zayn said, once we were inside. Rose followed us, shaking her head.

"Mommy, Daddy, stop being crazy." she said looking at us. We all started laughing. We all got our luggages and went into the limo that was waiting outside for us. We started to head to the airport. Once we were there, a crowd of screaming girls were outside. Paul and some security guards grabbed our luggage while we were trying to get out of the limo. Once we were out the girls started to swarm around us.

'who's the little girl?'

'awwww!!! she's adorable, come here'

The tried grabbing Rose and she started to cry. That's the last straw!

"LET GO OF MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!" i screamed, trying to get her away from them. They started to fight, they pulled her arm when i was trying to get her away. SHe started crying even more. That was it!!!!

"ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARRY!!!!!!!!!! LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed trying to get someone's attention. They all came running, Jasmine, Christine, and Katie were already inside. All the screaming fans imeadietly let go of Rose, trying to hug the boys. We all ran back trying to get into the airport. Once we were inside i bent down, making sure Rose was alright. She had bruises, cuts, and a lot of red marks. Those girls were going to pay.

"Zayn, look, they hurt her. Can we please do something about it?" i said to him. Paul came and looked her over again.

"Lauren's right. This time they went to far. We need to do something about them. They are out of control." said Paul. We got Rose some ice and bandaids and started to head over to the airplane. Zayn was carrying Rose becasue i was too big for her already. We all boarded the plane, Rose, me and Zayn were all in one row. Rose fell asleep once we took off.

"Zayn, where exactly are we going?" i asked him

"Miami, FL." he answered, excited. I on the other hand, was not. Miami is the last place i want to be. i sighed.

"What's wrong LoBear?" he asked me.

"Nothing, it's just, Miami has a lot of memories, remember?" i said, looking at him. He nodded, i guess he rememberd. We both fell alseep to the roar of the engines. 8 hours later, someone shook me awake. I looked at who it was and it was Chrisine.

"We're here." she said, with a big smile. I wasn't so happy, but then i looked outside. We were at the Miami International Airport. I looked up and the sun was shining and i could feel the heat on my skin already. I started to smile, remembering all the good things.

"Leggo!!!" i said, wobbling off the plane. Once i was outside i took a big breath of fresh air. I started to smile again, looking around. Last time i was here, was when i left to the UK with Zayn and Rose.

"Babe, your smiling." said Zayn looking at me.

"No duh, i don't like some of the things that happened here, but i grew up here. And i still have all the good memories." i said looking at him and Rose.

We started to head to the hotel, when i looked at it, i imediatly recognized it. Its was the Magic City Casino. We went inside and went to our rooms. Me, Zayn, and Rose's room was a 3 bedroom villa.

"Babe, how long are we gonna be here?" i asked him.

"Paul said we are gonna stay here until Jasmyne is old enough to travel." he said, looking at me. So, that's why there was three bedrooms, and a crib. We unpacked and prepared the nursury.

"Babe, can you tell me more about Miami?" he asked me.

"Hmmmm, well, it's summer ever day, it barley rains, and the beach is 15 min. away from our hotel." i said, answering him.

"Ok, do ya want to go the beach?" he asked.

"Nah, not until Jasmyne's born. I don't want anyone to recognize me." i answered him.

"Mommy, are we going to the beach?" asked Rose, while she was walking towards our room.

"No baby girl, but we can go see a movie and go shopping." i told her, looking towards Zayn, wondering if he wanted to go too.

"Sure, lets go. Wait, where are we going?" asked Zayn

"Um, how about Sunset?" i asked all excited. Maybe i'll run into my old friends, i mean they always go there. He nodded and went to go get ready, i got Rosemary ready, i was already ready. We went to Christine and Niall's room, i wanted them to come along.

"Hey Lauren." said Niall, while he answered the door.

"Hey, is Christine here?" i asked him, looking in the room looking for Christine.

"Ya, hold on a sec........CHRISTINE!!!!!" he screamed into the room. She came running.

"Ya? Oh, hey Lauren." she said, looking at me.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to Sunset." i said.

she nodded and we headed out.

We saw a movie and decided to go shopping also, while walking around, i noticed a nursury shop.

"Zayn, lets go in there, we need everything, minus a crib." i said looking at him. He nodded and we went inside. We looked around and bought a few things. This is what we got (http://www.target.com/p/eddie-bauer-camellia-collection/-/A-14428977) we payed and went to a baby store this is what we got (http://www.target.com/p/gerber-3-in-1-ribbon-diaper-bag-pink/-/A-12903062#prodSlot=medium_1_4; http://www.target.com/p/gerber-baby-girls-3-pack-zip-front-sleep-n-play-pink/-/A-13848369#prodSlot=medium_1_8; http://www.target.com/p/gerber-newborn-girls-flower-layette-collection/-/A-14398275; http://www.target.com/p/circo-infant-toddler-girls-1-piece-tutu-swimsuit/-/A-14262265#prodSlot=large_1_3; http://www.target.com/p/the-first-years-breastflow-bottle-gift-set/-/A-12873540#prodSlot=medium_1_4) we payed again and continued walking around. When we were walking i thought i recognized someone. I looked at Christine and she was squinting too, probably trying to see if she recognizes them. She turned around and i realized who she was, me and Christine looked at each other....it was Vicky, the person who called me a slut on twitter.



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