Harry's Baby Girl

Hi, Im Lauren. im 18 years old an i have a 3 year old daughter. She was Born April 14, 2014. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. if you havent figuered it our yet then let me tell you who her father is. He father is Harry Styles, thats right THE Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. Now, lets go to the year 2018. where this story takes place.


12. New Years Eve Surprise

We went to Miami, FL for New Years.


*11:00 pm. New Years Eve*

Everyone was at our flat for New Years. Rose tried to stay awake, she wanted to wait til New Years. Me and Zayn were talking and before we new it the countdown started.

"10.....9.....8....." everyone started to say. Zayn just stood infront of me. I was just confused.

"5....4.....3....2....1....Ha-" said everyone stopped. Zayn moved out of my way. i looked at the TV. I was in shock. There writin on the ball was "Will You Marry Me LoBear?" i looked at Zayn and there he was infront of me on one knee with a box in his hand. I gasped and so did everyone else.

"Will you?" he asked. Opening up the box and showed the most beutful ring i have ever seen. (1.25 ctw 14k White Gold Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring. on the website: http://www.ragazzajewelers.com/category/Vintage-Diamond-Rings-24. it will also be in the comments.) i just stood there shocked. I looked around me and everyone looked at me too.

"YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!" i screamed. Everyone started to clap and chear. Then i noticed that was coming from the TV too. There on the ball it said "SHE SAID YES!". I can't believe i was going to marry the love of my life. When i looked over at Harry i noticed that he didn't seem to happy. i walked over to him.

"Hey Hazza." i said. He looked at me and he was hurt and confused.

"How can you? How can you lie to her? How can you marry him?" he said.

"How can I what? How can i fall in love with another boy? how can i try to save my daughter from all the confusion there is in her life? How can i marry the Love of my life?! you tell me. think about if Harry if you were in my position you would do the same thing. I'll tell her that your her dad when she is older, but right now i dont want to ok Harry!" i screamed at him. he looked at me and nodded. i took that as an 'i understand'.


Gosh why does my life have to be so complicated.



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