Harry's Baby Girl

Hi, Im Lauren. im 18 years old an i have a 3 year old daughter. She was Born April 14, 2014. She has curly brown hair and green eyes. if you havent figuered it our yet then let me tell you who her father is. He father is Harry Styles, thats right THE Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction. Now, lets go to the year 2018. where this story takes place.


18. Baby Names

Lauren's P.O.V


"Babe, do you want pancakes or waffles?" i yelled out towards Zayn.

"How about........you?" he answered. sneaking up behind me and turning around giving me a big kiss on the lips. I blushed and looked towards the ground giggling.

"I love how i can still make you blush babe. And giggle and smile towards the ground." He said.

I smiled and screamed out "YOU DON'T KNOW-OW-OW YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR BEUTIFUL!!!!" He started to laugh and we started to sing the song. Then Rose came into the room.

"Mommy, Daddy?" she asked.

"Yes baby girl" we answered at the same time.

"Can you be quite? I'm trying to get my beauty sleep ova hear!!!!" she screamed to us across the hall. Me and Zayn looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

"I guess that she isn't spending that much time with Louis anymore." i told Zayn.

"Agreed!" he answered. We both settles on pancakes and ate them while Rose was getting her 'beauty sleep' as she puts it. 

"Zayn, we need to talk about baby names. And i'm serious; it's now or never." i told him, trying to put on my most serious face.

"First, LoBear, don't ever try to pull a serious face ever again. Second, i know lets right down a few names." he said. getting paper and a pen.

"What names do you like? I'm starting to like Jasmyne." he asked/told me.

"Really?!?! Well, i narrowed it down to: Jasmyne, Faryal, and Aureliana." i told him.

"I like those too. Now, to put a full name to all of them." he said, getting ready to right down names.

"Well for Jasmyne how about: Jasmyne Sofia Malik?" i asked.

"I like it. What about for Faryal: Faryal Jamie Malik?" he asked writing both names down.

"I like it too. Don't you think that Rose should have a say about the names?" i asked. He nodded and headed towards Rose's room to wake her up. He did and carried her into the kitchen.

"What do ya want Momma?" she asked with a really tired voice.

"I need you to help pick out a name for the baby." i answered. Her face lit up and suddenly she was wide awake.

"What about Princess?" she asked.

"Baby girl, princess isnt a name for a person. That's more of a dog name." said Zayn.

"Well, then can mommy have a dog?" she asked. Me and Zayn started to laugh. She looked at us very upset.

"What?!?!" she asked, with a mad voice.

"Mommy can't have a dog. Mommy can have a baby." answered Zayn.

"Ohhh, well, what her name gonna be?" she asked, with a sassy attitued might i add.

"Well, do you like Jasmyne Sofia? Faryal Jamie? or Aureliana Christina?" i asked. Zayn looked at me funny because of the last part, but then he nodded and wrote it down.

"I like Jasmyne Sofia, Momma." answered Rose.

"Well, i guess that settles it. Jasmyne Soria Malik it is!!!!" i screamed.





Thank You to:




for helping me with picking the name. I liked that one the most.


Lots of Love for My little Carrots,


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