my big dream

Jessica and her best friend Summer got one direction tickets for christmas.
the day of the concert ther ended up bakestage for some randome reason then after the concert they end up meeting Harry, Naill, Liam, Louis and Zayn. Then someting happense.
Plese read to find out


3. the day we leave


ZZZZ BEEP BEEP BEEP goses my alarm clock OMG 8:15 i got to get ready. i am getting dress and i get a call its Summer. HELLO I AM SO SORRY SUMMER I SLEEPED IN  I WILL BE THERE IS TOW MINUTES I say sadly HELLO SUMMER i said questionning she hanged up what ever.



ive bien whating for Jessica for almost 20 min but all of a sudent there she is Jess how did u get here so fast i say questionily i live tow blokes away she said LETS GO COME ON LETS GO



we are on are way LOOK THE AIRPORT YAY i yell Bye mom see ya in 2 weeks love ya i say sadly but at the same time happily and we get on our playine.

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