my big dream

Jessica and her best friend Summer got one direction tickets for christmas.
the day of the concert ther ended up bakestage for some randome reason then after the concert they end up meeting Harry, Naill, Liam, Louis and Zayn. Then someting happense.
Plese read to find out


1. Christmas morning


On cristmas morning I run down stairs and open all the presents most of them one direction stuff. But at the end of the tree look one more present for ME? wow what cold it be i open it and AHHHHHHHHHH!! ONE DIRECTION TICKETS YAY! I hury to the phone to call my bestie Summer.



I get a phone call christmas morning it is Jess my bestie i hurry up to answer it. Hello! I say quietly cus my family is still sleeping. OMG SUMMER I GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!! she said loudly. I loudly screm and wake up my family.



OMG Summer it is next week and i also got 2 bakestage passes and we leave it 2 days yuppie cant whait, i say really fast with out letting summer say a word. Then i here got to go Jess sorry love ya bye she said quietly BYE!! i say



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