Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


14. The Thought of Death

Ashley's P.O.V.

I woke up in an empty, cold room. It was dark, had cement walls and only one small window that had bars on it. I tried to stand up but I struggled, realizing that Rob had tied both my hands and my feet together. Which made it take about 10 times longer to get up then it would if they weren't tied. When I finally got up, I hopped over the window and got on my tip toes to look out of it. All I saw was a run down neighborhood that I have never seen before. I could tell I was in the Attic and to say I was scared would be an understatement. I was starting to breathe heavier, and like always, I started thinking about all the bad things that would happen to me.

Out of everything that I thought was going to happen I didn't expect sitting against the cold cement wall of this room, for hours on end without anything. No food, No water, nothing. I could feel myself getting weaker with every passing hour, I was having a hard time keeping track of how long I was sitting here, but I could tell it was getting dark outside so I tried to fall asleep on the ground, which didn't go over very well. I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was cold, and I was thinking that I was never going to be found.

With every second that was passing, the more I thought I was going to just die in here. 

But the sad part is, as it was coming onto what felt like a day there, I was starting to accept the idea of death. The only thing that killed me was thinking about Harry.

Harry's P.O.V.

I hate canceling shows, and hopefully we will be able to find Ashley before we have to cancel too many, but this is serious. I'm not going anywhere until I find her. 

I called the police hoping they would be of more help, I told them exactly what happened and they were off to work. All I could do at that point is wait. All the boys came back from London, and stayed with me for support. I had no motivation to do anything, I just sat by the phone and waited for the police to call me.

"Harry, why don't you go to bed it's almost 1am" Niall said coming past the living room with a midnight snack in hands. I just shook my head.

"I can't miss that call." Niall walked over and sat down next to me then gave me a pat on my leg. 

"They'll find her." I nodded, my eyes starting to water slightly.

"If I had just went back in with her-" My voice was shaking.

"Mate, the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up over it." Niall said followed by eating a chip. We sat there for a good 2 hours just talking until he fell asleep. I tried to stay awake as well until about 5 am, when I passed out.

I was woken up by a ringing phone and I didn't bother looking at the time, my eyes shot open and answered the phone on the second ring.

"Hello?" I said into the phone eagerly.

"Yes, Is this Harry Styles?" a deep voice replied.

"Yes yes!"

"We are very close to the location of your Fiancé. We found out that her step-father Rob was killed early this morning by another man who we interrogated before he was put into jail. He gave us pieces of information that might lead to where your fiancé is and to know she has been alone for hours on end which means she could not have had any access to food or water for the past 24 hours which is a danger to her health" I asked them where they were and all they said was that they would take care of it and let me know when they find her, but I didn't take that for an answer. They finally caved, and gave me the location of the house they think she was trapped in.

"I'll be back." I said hanging up the phone and running towards the door."

"Where are you going?" Liam yelled out.

"To get my Fiancé back."

I made it to this very run down town and saw the house with a few police cars on the outside as well as an ambulance. I parked as close as I could and saw that the door was open, I started to run towards it when one of the paramedics walked out with Ashley in his arms. 

"Ashley!" I took her hand and it was ice cold. "What happened!?" He kept walking quickly to the ambulance, I was trying to keep up but looking at Ashley, made me stumble a few times.

"All the signs point towards dehydration, severe dehydration." He put her on the gurney and brought her into the ambulance.

"Will she be okay?" I said worrying and following the paramedic to stand right next to Ashley.

"As long as we get her to the hospital soon to start treatments."

"What happens if we don't get there in time!?"

"She'll.... She'll die." I looked at Ashley whose skin was starting to get a bluish tint, and was unconscious. I couldn't help it any longer, the tears started falling from my eyes.


Hello lovelies!! hope you enjoy the new chapter! Still isn't too long, I have no idea why I can't write very long chapters! haha Maybe I just get exciting about posting the chapter for you! 

Alright so as much as I have loved writing both this book and the first one, I'm thinking that this series has to come to an end at some point, so only a few more chapters, I'm just warning you now. It's sad to think about because I love you all and these two books mean the world to me! But I'm not done writing, I will hopefully be posting more stories in the future once I'm done with this one. When one door closes another opens!! Thank you all for sticking by me, writing this book has taken longer than it should have but I still enjoyed every second even though my updating skills need work! 

Can't wait to bring you another chapter soon!! It isn't over yet! xx :)

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