Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


8. The Date

Jade's P.O.V.

I woke up pretty late today, not too sure why. I picked my phone up off the night stand, unplugging it from the charger and taking it to the kitchen to start my breakfast, pancakes and tea. When It was finished I sat at my table eating it and scrolling through my phone Having messages from both Ashley and Niall. I opened Ashley's first.

"Heyyy When's your date with Niall ;) I want to come help you get ready!" 

I rolled my eyes and went straight to Niall's text.

"Good morning xx Any plans for the day?"

feeling like I completely blew Ashley's text off, I texted Niall back.

"Nope, Not yet!" 

I put my phone down and finished my food before I got a text back.

"Good I'm taking you out, 5 sound good?"

"sounds wonderful!" 

"Awesome! See you soon ;)" 

I chuckled and put my dish in the sink, looking at my clock across the room. It was 2:30. I should call Ashley and let her know, she would never forgive me if I didn't let her help me get ready. I dialed her number as it only rang twice before she picked up the phone.

"Heyy girly!" She sang into the phone making me laugh.

"I have a date with Niall tonight."


"Ouch no need to shout." 

"what time!!" She said quieter but still not very quiet.


"Ooo I'll be over soon!" 

"Ashley It's only 2:30" 

"I need an excuse to come over?" I laughed

"Noo Come on over."

"Yay! Be there soon!" She hung up before I could say goodbye. I went and turned on the TV while I waited for her to get here, and she got here a little closer to 3.

"Are you excited!?" she asked walking in as soon as I opened the door!



"Yes very excited." 

"Do you know where you're going?"

"No." She shook her head and sighed.

"How are we going to know what you need to wear?" I shrugged and she told me to text him.

"Where are we going tonight?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out!"

"You should probably tell me what I should wear or Ashley will have a breakdown"

"Something warm, see you in a few hours xx"

I told Ashley and she pulled me up to my room. She threw to me a somewhat large, but cute sweater, leggings and toms. 

"Go change!" I laughed and did as she said coming back in she had makeup spread over the table and the straighter on. I sighed and she encouraged me to come over. I shook my head making my way to the chair.

It was finally 5 and Niall had come to the door, Ashley had left just a few minutes ago, knowing Niall would be here soon. 

"Hello love" He said as I opened the door.

"Hi there!" He reached his hand out and I took it. Leading me to the car but before he let me get in he told me to turn around.


"Just turn, It's nothing bad!" I turned like he said and a piece of cloth covered my eyes. "Like I said it's a surprise. I laughed and he helped me into his car. We drove for what felt like a good 30 minutes. When the car stopped and  heard my door open. I got out and the piece of cloth over my eyes fell to the ground. 

"Oh wow." We were on a hill looking over the whole town. "What a view."

"And!" Niall said, I turned around as he was pulling a picnic basket out of the trunk. He set it up on the hood of the car and helped me up onto it. He started pulling out sandwiches and crisps and other picnic foods. 

"Niall this is awesome." 

"Which is why I wanted to surprise you." I smiled "We left off in a bad spot and I wanted to make it up to you." My smile faded as I looked out to the city. I had completely left Niall's life once Ashley and I stopped touring with them. I moved back with my mom for a while, got a new flat, and made terrible choices. But Ashley helped me back on the right track in the past year. 

"It wasn't your fault that we did Niall. It's mine." There was a short silence. 

"What do you say we put that all behind us.." He looked to me with hopeful eyes. "Just start over?" I nodded.

"Please." He smiled. We finished out food talking for hours when Niall picked up all the food and grabbed a blanket from the back.

"Perfect time to watch the sunset."I looked out and realized the sun had been setting. I was too busy talking to Niall to even notice. He hopped back on the hood and put the blanket over both of us and putting his arm around me. We watched the sunset in almost complete silence. But it was a comfortable silence. I was about 8 when the sun had set and Niall drove me home. 

"Thanks for coming out tonight." He said, walking me to my door.

"Thanks for inviting me, Even if Ashley asked you to."

"I-" he was going to defend himself but I cut him off.

"It's fine. It didn't feel like a pity date. You passed" I smiled at him as he let go a sigh of relief.

"So you had fun?" Niall asked.

"Yes, I did." 

"Good." He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek which I was kinda disappointed with but I knew that we would kiss some day soon. "Have a good night Jade, See you soon." He winked and started backing away.

"You too Niall." I smiled, opening my door. Both of us keeping eye contact until he made it to his car and I made it fully into my house. I slid down the door with a smile on my face.

"Have fun on your date?" A deep voice from inside my house said. I gasped as I saw a figure come out of the darkness. 


Hey guyss! I never do this announcements at the end of chapters but I have announcements! 

My creative juices have been flowing while I was spending time with my family this week and I have three ideas for new stories! I'm going to post the titles and their descriptions would you guys mind voting so I know which one I should work on first! I would love the help!!

Story 1- Reversed

It started out like a normal day. Hadley, Maddy and me, Rose, went to a One Direction signing in the mall. Until a while after we saw something we probably shouldn't have and we were taken...... By one direction.

Story 2- Hate that I love you

Kalyn was on the X-Factor with Harry Styles, until she got kicked off. But while she was there she had a thing for Harry, and she thought Harry had a thing for her too. What will happen when she meets with him again after all these years of holding in hate for him? 

Story 3- Catfish

Peyton met a fellow directioner on tumblr who she quickly had a connection with. They talked for a long time, until she got suspicious of who he really was. So she emailed the one and only Nev who helped her figure out the biggest surprise of a life time. 
***Inspired by the show Catfish***

Comment the title of the story you would want to see first!! and if you don't care, just disregard all of this

Love you guys!! xx :)


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