Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


16. Reunited


Harry's P.O.V.


I never knew how fast I could run until I heard the two words 'she's awake'

I felt like a bullet as I sped through the hallways and around a few corners before I made it to Ashley's room and burst through the door, there were still a few doctors in there whose heads whipped towards me when they heard the door hit the wall, but the only person I was looking at was Ashley and she was looking right back at me with that beautiful smile.

"Harry." She said with her weak voice. I was trying to hold my tears of happiness back.

"Ashley." I whispered walking over to the bed and taking her into a hug and not letting her go for a good 5 minutes. When I actually did let go I noticed the doctors were gone and the boys along with Jade were standing behind me instead. I turned back to look at Ashley once again pulling the hair out of her face.

"We are going to have to put both of you into a bubble or something so we don't end up at a hospital again my god" Louis said, both me and Ashley let out a laugh as I decided to take a step back and let our friends hug her and talk to her as well, though it was a pretty hard decision on my part. I never wanted to let go of her again.

The doctor had come back in after our small reunion to let us know that Ashley can be checked out within the next two days, but hopefully tomorrow. 

It was getting late as we have talked and laughed most of the day, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn decided to go home and Jade was dragged with them, leaving me with my beautiful fiancé. I was sitting in a chair next to her bed with my hand on hers as we watched some tv, when she took hold of my hand and pulled my arm. I let out a chuckle.


"Come lie on the bed with me." She whispered. I didn't hesitate to hop into bed with her as we laid there staring into each others eyes. 

"Marry me" I said slowly.

"wait didn't you already ask that?" she asked giggling. "I mean I guess I can see how you would forget since it was only in disney world and-"

"no no no, I meant, I want you to marry me sooner than we planned."

"Harry. I realize what just happened was scary but we already booked everything for that day." She laughed. "we will just have to stay on house arrest for another couple months so nothing bad happens to us" I started tracing her face with my fingers. 

"I don't think I can wait that long though"

"You're going to have to my friend" I gave her a pout and she just rolled her eyes "it will be here before you know it"

"God I really hope so." I gave her a kiss on the nose before kissing her lips. "I love you with all my heart Ashley."

"I love you too Harry." and with that we fell asleep.

Ashley's P.O.V.

The sunlight shining through the windows of my hospital room woke me up the next morning. I was feeling better, still a little weak, but definitely better than before. I turned to see Harry by my side and I smiled. I heard the door click and turned my head to see one of my doctors coming in.

"Hello Ashley, how are you feeling this morning?" 

"better, not amazing, but better."

"Well that's what I like to hear." She gave me a smile and walked over to my bed with a wheelchair. "If you don't mind us doing a little check up, just doing a few tests to see how strong you are and if you are ready to go home, that would be lovely."

"Yeah, yes of course, anything to get me home" she laughed slightly and helped me into the wheel chair.

After the tests were over she told me I was looking better but still might need a little rest and a few more tests here and there, But hopefully I will be out by tonight. When I got back to the room Harry was still asleep and he took up the whole bed, I chuckled before giving him a little shove. He opened his eyes slowly and seemed confused for a few seconds.

"Sorry to wake you prince charming, I just need a little help getting back into bed." 

"oh god I'm sorry" He said as he stood up quickly

"No you're fine I was just taken to do some tests and they said that I'm not ready yet so yay, more bed rest for me."

"I'll make it entertaining for you" he said with a dorky smile

"I'm sure you will Harry." I gave him a quick kiss and he helped me out my my wheelchair and back into the bed.

And entertaining that day was. we watched tv, talked about the wedding, played some card games, and even slept a little bit more all before i got some more tests done and the doctors decided that I was ready to go home, though I still may need the help of a cane or walking stick for a few days. 

I honestly didn't mind though. As long as I am with Harry, I'll be happy. Whether I'm in a wheel chair or he is. 

but hopefully we are done seeing the hospital for a while. 



no need to comment about how i suck because trust me i know I'm sorry i've been gone for so long, so much crap has been going on but tHAT IS NO EXCUSE TO LEAVE YOU GUYS HANGING EVER JUST KNOW THAT NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO UPDATE I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE WRITING THESE STORIES FOR YOU.

aha anyways i might change the name of this soon since "stole my heart sequel" is a little... well... lame xD so if you get confused that would be why aha



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