Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


12. One Week

Harry's P.O.V.

Ashley has been really on edge since the other day when we went go karting. She won't tell me what's wrong, but I know it's something. I walked in the front door to see her curled up on the couch with what looked like hot chocolate. She jumped when I opened the door, spilling some of it on herself.

"Oh, it's just you." She said, putting down her mug and grabbing a napkin from the table to wipe herself off.

"Ashley, I know you don't like talking about things bothering you sometimes. But we are getting married, if you can trust anyone it's me." I said walking over to her, and sat down on her left. She moved so her body was facing me, there was fear in her eyes as she avoided eye contact with me. 

"Uh... Well..." She was twirling her fingers, she did that a lot more recently. "The other day.. when we went out go karting and went to ice cream.... you remember how I forgot my wallet inside?" I nodded slowly waiting for the reason she's been so jumpy, "Well when I went in to grab it I noticed something on the T.V. well actually someone...." I looked at her confused for a second but with the terror in her eyes as she made eye contact with me for the first time during this conversation, I knew what she was getting at. 

"No." I said, trying to deny what she had implied. but she nodded.

"Rob got out of jail." Anger was swelling up inside me. 

"How could they let that asshole out!? He could have killed you!!"

"But he didn't." Ashley said softly. "Harry, we both knew this day was coming." I nodded but still felt my face turning red from anger.

"If he gets anywhere near you I swear-"

"Please just promise me you won't go try to find him, or try to beat him up or anything. We don't know if he is still looking to kill me." Her eyes were filling with tears. I pulled her in for a big hug.

"He won't find you. And if he does, I'll take care of it." She nodded but still looked really nervous. Probably because I'm gone a lot more now, and she is worried he will come when I am away. But we are going on tour soon and she will be coming along so we only have to make it one more week. Nothing bad can happen in a week, can it?


Yeah very short update but I guess it's better than nothing... I seriously can't apologize enough for being such a slacker when it comes to my writing. I hope you are all doing well and I hope I can figure out how to update soon. I was also thinking of changing the name of this book to something better than just "Stole My Heart Sequel" Would that be something I should do? I could make a contest with it or something.. haha I don't know I need a way to give back to you all for sticking with me any ideas or suggestions just comment below and I'll read through them!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU ALL. <3 

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