Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


3. Furious

Ashley's P.O.V.

Jade decided to go home after a while of talking and comforting. But I couldn't stop thinking about I decided to go to where Harry and the boys were working today, I think it was a photo shoot. Harry always lets me know where they are working just in case of an emergency and I took this as a pretty big emergency.

I made it to there shoot about 45 minutes later and started looking for a sign of one of the boys.

"Ashley? What are you doing here?" I turned around and saw Niall's face smiling.

"Hey Niall, I'm actually looking for Harry. Do you know where he is?"

"Yeah he is in the middle of the shoot right now he should be done in 5." I blew out a huge breathe. "You okay?"

"Yeah Jade just told me something really big this morning and I still haven't been able to calm myself." I said talking fast. Niall put his hand on my should and motioned for me to walk with him.

"Need a little help from Harry to calm down?" I nodded and he took me past many people to where the photo shoot was taking place I saw Harry, talking to what looked like the photographer.

"You're all set" I heard the photographer say as Harry turned around and saw me. He knew the second he looked into my eyes that something was wrong.

"Ashley, What's wrong?" Niall turned and walked away, both me and Harry gave him a thank you as he left, then Harry led me to a quiet corner and sat me on a couch. "What's up?" I tear rolled down my cheek as I told him all about Jade and the other night and how I was frightened for her but also really furious about what Jacob did to her. By the end I was cradled in Harry's arms crying a little into his chest. 

"I just didn't know what to do and once Jade left, I couldn't stop freaking out about it and I am truly worried for her and I just couldn't calm down which is why I'm here." I said through my tears. Harry lifted my head and wiped my tears.

"It will be okay. I'm sure this jerk wont try anything again and if he does then he will have to speak to me and my fist." I gave a little chuckle as I straightened myself up.

"I'll probably beat you to that one."

"I don't want to be one of those controlling fiances but please try to stay away from him." I sighed and nodded. He gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Would you like to stay here for the rest of the day?" I nodded as her brought me to a chair on the side of the set so I could stay there and whenever they didn't need Harry he could come be with me. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I felt bad for her, I would look over every once and a while and she would look so sad. I always took advantage of when I could go be with her, but when I couldn't one of the other boys would, just to make sure she was okay. I felt like all the boys loved her like a sister and I couldn't ask for more, I would never want one of them to fight with her... even though I'm sure that would never happen.

The end of the day neared and it was completely dark out. We finished with our photo shoot and took off. I drove everyone home and by the time I dropped everyone off, Ashley had fallen asleep with her hand in mine. I pulled into our driveway and shut off the car, as soon as I did she woke up.

"Morning sleepy head." I said laughing. I got out of the car, walked around to the passenger side and picked her up out of the car.

"You know I am capable of walking." She smiled at me.

"I know." She shook her head and giggled. Once we got inside I put her on the couch. "How about some Hot Cocoa?" I said, knowing it's her favorite. She nodded and I gave her a peck on her nose and went to make hot chocolate. By the time I got back she was cuddled up in a blanket.

"Thank you so much." She said.

"For what?"

"Being the best fiance ever" I kissed her then handed her the hot chocolate. I sat next to her, lifting the blanket on top of her and placing it beneath it as well. "Only thing that could make this better is some beauty and the beast." She turned on the T.V. and went to disney channel, I'm pretty sure she knew this was playing, she turned it on and drank her hot cocoa. Once she was done we cuddled on the couch and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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