Stole My Heart Sequel.

This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here:


5. Confrontation

Ashley's P.O.V.

Yesterday was amazing. It sucks that every day can't be like that. Harry has been so busy getting ready for his tour, I know it's what he loves, what he has to do. But I still can't help but miss him and wish he was here with me. I got out of bed and went down to the kitchen, I started making tea when I saw a note hanging on the fridge;


Dear Ashley,

      I'm sorry you had to wake up without me this morning. you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you. I'll be home at 7 Love you! xx


Love, Harry.


I smiled and put the note on the counter. Finishing preparing my tea I went to the couch and put on my favorite Disney movie, Tangled. I sat drinking my tea but found myself not really paying attention to the movie, which was odd for me. I kept thinking about Jade and that dirtbag that possibly raped her. then I thought about how Harry told me to stay away from him. But I can't. I need to set this straight.


I got dressed and made my way to Jacob's house, If he still lived in same house from when he was dating Jade. I was getting butterflies, this is a bad idea. This is a REALLY bad idea. But what if it's true. I need to at least confirm what happened… Right? I came up on his house, took a deep breathe, walked up to the door and knocked. It took about a minute of no answer before I was about to turn around and the door swung open.


It was him.


He stared at me intently. "Ashley?"

"Yeah. We need to talk." I said crossing my arms.

"You want to com-" 

"No. This won't take long" I cut him off, he leaned against the door frame and stared right at me.

"The other night you were at a party, yes?"


"And you saw Jade at said Party, Correct?"

"Where is this leading to?" He said harshly coming off the door frame.

"Just answer my questions."

"Yes, I saw Jade." 

"Jade put down her drink, someone put something in that drink that made her black out. Was that you?"


"Can you please just answer?" I almost yelled. He hesitated.

"No. I didn't."

"I knew- Wait what?"

"I saw someone else put something in it but I was across the room, by the time I made it over there through all the people. She was out. So I took her back here."

"Explain how she ended waking up next to you, naked." 

"Well, I was feeling lonely and-"

"That's all I need for my answer." I started to turn away but was stopped with what he yelled at me.

"I still love her!" I looked at him. Not sure what to think.

"If you still love her why the hell would you rape her? Feeling 'lonely' is notan excuse! there is never an excuse to rape someone!!"


"you know what? Just leave her alone okay" I was about to turn away but he stopped me again.

"Can you tell her I said sorry?"

"It's going to take more than sorry to get her back." I finally was able to turn away with my head held high, I made it down his driveway when I heard his door slam shut. I looked back and got a little nervous, Is he mad? He is a scary man when he is mad, which is part of the reason him and Jade broke up. I made it back to my house to a surprise as I opened the door to see Harry on the couch. Crap do I tell him where I'd been? I smiled as I walked towards him and he stood up.

"Hi beautiful," He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Go for a walk?" 

"..Yeah" I hesitated but I don't think he picked up on it. 

"Do you want to go get a bite to eat, I got off early and figured we could get an early dinner"

"Yeah sounds good!" We went into the car and decided to go into some Pub we have never heard of. When we walked in I looked around and saw some guy at the bar looking right at me. Shit, it was Jacob and He was mad. When he's mad he drinks and when he drinks, he gets violent. Harry and I sat down in the corner across the room and I think Harry could tell I was getting nervous. 

"Hey you okay?" He asked.

"What? Yeah I'm fine."

"Well, is it alright if Niall comes by, he has nothing to do and asked to come along" 

"Sure of course! Where are the other boys?"

"All out either hanging with girls or shopping or both" He chuckled and I joined in. For the Next 10 minutes I kept looking towards Jacob, He was drunk, and I was scared. I felt a little better once Niall got here because he sat right in my line of view of Jacob which meant he couldn't stare at me anymore. And now is about when I'm starting to regret what I did today. I had forgotten about it as I talked to Harry and Niall but out of the corner of my eye I saw Jacob stumbling towards us. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Hey you!" He slurred trying to point his finger at me.

"Shit." I said out loud this time.

"Who's that?" Harry asked getting angry. I looked him right in the eyes "Ashley?"

"Jacob…" I mumbled. 

"That's Jade's ex that…" I nodded. "Niall get her out of here."


"No I don't want him near you." He turned to Niall, "Bring her to my car and wait for me there." I couldn't help but start to tear up. Niall grabbed my wrist but before he could pull me outside I kissed Harry's cheek.

"I love you Harry." 

"Love you too Ashley." Niall continued to pull me outside, I was looking back the whole time. Watching Harry stand and come face to face with Jacob, I was out the door before I could see more. I stopped.

"Niall! What if Jacob starts something!"

"I'm just trying to keep you safe. Harry wouldn't be able to live if anything happened to you. You know that." I looked back at the restaurant then back at Niall. "He's a tough guy, He will be okay." I let Niall pull me to the car, I didn't get in though. I just sat on the ground next to it waiting for Harry to come back, Niall comforting me. It felt like hours before I saw Harry coming back towards us, and as he got closer I saw a cut on his cheek. 

"Harry What did he do!?" I stood up quickly and touched his cheek.

"He just came at me, but don't worry he shouldn't be bothering you anymore."

"You didn't have to do that Harry."

"Yeah I did."

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