One Direction Preferences

One Direction preferences. If you have any ideas for one, just comment below and tell me if you like them or not! <3


1. How he asks you out

Niall: He runs up to you while your at lunch with your friend. "Well hello beautiful!" He says!
"Um, hi?" You say, not believing Niall Horan just called you beautiful. "I was wondering if you'd come to dinner with me tonight?" He asks with his signature wide smile. You go speechless, but nod. "Great, see you then!"

Harry: He writes you a note and puts it in your bag when you're not looking. Then he calls your cellphone so you have to reach in your bag to answer it. He quickly hangs up when he sees you have the note and waits impatiently for an answer. Of course you say yes. He jumps up and hugs you, appearing as the happiest man in the world.

Zayn: The two of you have been friends forever, so him asking to hang out at the park with you on a Saturday evening was no big deal. When you get there he takes your hand, which is odd, and walks you over to some flowers. They're your favorite ones (not going to specify, just whatever your fave flower is, insert it here) and they spell out, Y/N, will you be my girlfriend? You cover your mouth and gasp. How can you say no to this?

Louis: He just comes out and ask you. He tells you how beautiful you are, and how long he's waited to ask you. But the things is..he's on stage as he does it. He made sure you had a front row seat, and he made sure your best friends were there too. Best. Night. Ever.

Liam: Liam has been your best friend since age five. Every summer your families come to America on Holiday. The two of you have nothing to do, so you decide to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop. You make your bears and he puts a recording in his. As the two of you are leaving he hands you the bear. "Squeeze him." He says smiling. You raise your eyebrows and squeeze the bear. "Be Liam's girlfriend?" It says to you in Liam's voice. You start laughing and look at the bear. "Of course I'll be that dork's girlfriend."
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