Not The Same

14 year old Allison Robinson is granddaughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen. It has been 20 years since the rebellion had ended. Ally thought that it was over. That there was nothing to hide from anymore. That was when it happened. All of the people from District 12 showed up at 13, saying they were weak and needed help. District 13 had gone soft. They let 12 in. Bad Choice. Another month later, The Capitol had come back with everybody from district 12 to rule Panem once again.Ally knew she was not safe in District 13. The carreers from 1 and 2 were helped train. Ally knew. The Hunger Games was back. And it was worse then ever before.


1. Free

Allison's P.O.V

     I climb onto a high branch on my tree. Furious with myself, I hit my head on the rough bark a few times. Eventually, I calm down. Why didn't mother let me go? Then again, why did I argue? Tired and frustrated, I sigh. I settle down in my tree, with my pack facing my chest. Think about today. Think about how you can fix it. So I do.This morning, I woke up tired and groggy. That's when mother walked in. "breakfast, Allison". I stepped out of my bed, hearing my stomach grumble. We ate Bread from Red's house, topped with cottage cheese, sugar, and to my surprise, a raspberry on top. "What's the occasion mother?" I ask. Even after the rebellion, we didn't have great food. "Well, We decided to take in some refugees from District 12. And, well-". "WHAT?!? MOTHER DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?" She looked startled, so I calmed down."We don't know what they could do to us!" She stood up from he table and looked me in the eye. It was my turn to be scared. "CALM DOWN! Allison, they are not many people and they look poor and helpless. Now i'm not just going to let them die okay?" Mother drops her dish into the bin where we wash. I follow."Sorry, mother. I got scared." I mumble. "Its alright honey." she smiled at me and gave me a hug. Now was the time. "Mother, you trust me, right?" "Well, Of course!". I spill. "Mother I was thinking, that since you trust me, and i'm getting older, that you would let me go to Red's party tonight. He really wanted me to go, and-" I was interrupted by mother's laugh. "No." was all she said. I got mad. I got furious. "THIS IS NOT A JOKE, MOTHER! I'M RESPONSIBLE AND SMART. I KNEW YOU DIDN'T TRUST ME!" I hollered. I dashed up to my room, dodging her hand that barely hit my arm. After about five minutes, I hear her voice. "Your right. I don't trust you. You stubborn girl! I said no because yo needed to help me with.." I zoned out after that. There was no way i was helping her with anything. I grabbed my green pack my father gave me, and climbed out the window. I would be back in two weeks, like I always would. And my mother would do all her chores by herself. It would me nice to see that for a change.


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