Relationships and Friendships

How boys work and how friends work. Also ways to catch a boys attention! Not to be missed girls!


2. HOW TO HINT TO A BOY YOU LIKE HIM :) My fave chapter ;)

Flirt with him. There is no doubt about it, flirting is the key to opening the door to a new relationship. Of course, you need to make sure you are not overdoing it, but you also want to get the message across.

Find ways to make physical contact. We all like our personal space, but we're eager to give it up when it comes to that special person. Touching him gently in social situations will signal that you don't just want to stay friends.

Smile, smile, smile. Be happy when you look at him, and try to project that happiness as much as possible. Being happy is attractive, and smiling is the way you show the world you're happy.

Be in the same place as him. This can be difficult to do, but it will give you more chances to talk to him. The more you're around him, the more he'll take notice.

Exchange looks in class. When the two of you are in the same class, look at him from wherever you're sitting and when he looks back, turn away and blush. This sends him non-verbal information that you enjoy looking at him.

Work in compliments. Be sincere about what you compliment, and don't make it seem cheesy. The best compliments say something sweet about a person's character.

Give him a gift. Give him something boyish and thoughtful. It might seem weird to give him a gift, but just pretend like you're giving it to your best friend.

Call him more regularly. Don't call him every day and talk to him for hours, but don't be afraid to take that next step and get to know him. Calling him is a sign that you're serious about getting to know him better.

Mention to his friends that you like him. This is risky, because his friends may distort information or tease him (don't worry, they're jealous!), so you have to be careful about who you tell. But sooner or later, his friends will bring it up to him, and the ball will be in his court.

Get a feel for where he's at. You can try indirect flirting all you want, but it might not have an effect. Sometimes guys need you to spell things out really clearly.

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