Love Leads To Hate...

18 year old Rose and her best friend Stella fall in love with One Direction. Stella is crazy about Louis while Rose is in love with our Bradford's Bad Boy Zayn.. However the fans don't approve and soon Rose isn't looking so pretty in the news and on the internet... She has had enough..

Will Zayn and Louis find their soul mates or are they gone forever...
Hope You Guys Likee Itss.. ITS MY FIRST ONE :D


1. Lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun..

Rose's Point Of View...

I had just met up with my best friend Stella in Starbucks.

"Omg GIRLFRIEND you look amazayn." Rose said hugging her best friend.

"Not even half as pretty as you."

I blushed. It was likely of Stella to make me blush.

I looked at her in admiration. I'd always wanted to look like Stella. Her brown wavy hair falling down naturally. Her green eyes and her nose with little bumps, her thin and long red lips with her pale skin. I sighed.

"Don't be jealous girl" she said reading my mind.

"Oh come on!You always read my mind." I was going to give her the evil look when I just sighed and said "I love you."

"Same here girl."

"So lets get down to buisness should we." I said. She smiled at me and I smiled back. We got up and went to the cinema which was right a head of us. Our plan was to sneak in and watch all of the movies on air and then when we got caught just run like idiots and hide to make up another crazy plan.


So far so good. We had already seen The Impossible, Life of Pi, Kung Fu Panda, Jack Reacher,  Skyfall, Taken 2, Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2, The Dark Knite Rises, Paranormal Activity 4, The Ring, The Omen, Avengers and were about to go and watch the only one movie left. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was my favourite movie I had already seen it but I didn't mind watching it again cuz as I said before it actually is my favourite movie. We sneaked right pass the man and he didn't even notice.

"Idiot" Stella muttered under her breath.

I laughed under my breath. Wait, was that even possible? Well I don't know and I guess I never will. Who cares anyway?We found really awesome seats where we could see perfectly. After laughing, singing and dancing like idiots someone still came to sit with us. Well not someone. They were five cuties. My attention fell to one of them who I over heard was called Zayn.

"Cute gals. Don't ya think?" Stella asked me.


The movie started and all my attention fell to the screen.


I got out of the room where a man was standing. Behind us came the five cute gals.

"Excuse me but um we all noticed" said the man pointing to a few people behind him "that you saw every movie on air but none of us really you know saw the tickets."

"Hey look at that. Bloody hell" I said pointing somewhere random. They all turned.

"RUN!" I yelled at Stella. And we both ran like hell laughing as we looked back at the random starngers, the man and the five cuties...

"That was close" I said.

"Your telling me."

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