Dream of Me

Their lives have been... rough. Alexa Clark gets cheated on by her long term boyfriend and becomes a stripper. Becca Bishop's boyfriend of three years gets killed in a motercycle accident, and Chloe Marx- well, Chloe's never had a boyfriend. When the orphaned trio of best friends get jobs at Nandos, everything changes. The place is flooded with cute guys! Alexa is throwing herself at every guy that walks through the door, while Chloe is flirting it up with a boy she knows has a girlfriend. And a pretty one, too. Becca, meanwhile, is not interested, still healing from her boyfriend's death. Until... Niall Horan saves her life at the train tracks. With all three girls in new relationships, Chloe dating Liam Payne (who is also dating Danielle Peazer), Alexa dating Harry Styles, and Becca dating Niall, the girls find themselves caught up in a life they never thought they'd have. But is being a relationship worth losing your friends...? Or... your life?


1. Nandos!

*Alexa's POV* It was dark outside. The sidewalk was damp, and the streetlights flickered. It still smelled like dumpster like it had last night, and the night before, and every night that I'd walked home from "work" at Big Daddy's Gentleman's Club. Let me just say... none of the guys in there are "gentlemen". "Dammit," I said as my shoe landed in a puddle. My apartment wasn't that far away., and Becca was probably stil up. With Chloe. My best friends since orphaned. We'll get into that later. I heard someone whistle as I walked by. I kept walking, keeping my head high. "Careful princess," I told myself. "If you let your head fall, your tiara will fall too." Soon I was standing outside my aprtment, turning the key, and falling onto the couch with Becca who was sipping on a Coke. "Rough night?" she said. I shot her a look. "Ya think?" She laughed at me and turned off the TV. "I'm going to bed. Chloe's in the kitchen. Good luck," she said. I groaned. It was my night to put Chloe into bed. She was 18, but she always begged both of us for a boyfriend EVERY night, and took lots of words to put her into bed and get her to fall asleep. I had no problem with Chloe getting a boyfriend, but she wasn't really girlfriend material. She was awkward, a little on the chubby side, and had HUGE glasses that made her skin greasy if she didn't use the perscribed cleansing cloths. Nine times out of ten, Chloe resembled an elephant. And I mean that in the most honest and loving way possible. But she was funny. Nice. And when she wanted something, she'd get it, one way or another. "Ooh, I almost forgot. I have a HUGE surprise for you!" She opened her laptop and clicked on an email. "Read." 'Dear Ms. Bishop, I'd love to employ you, Ms. Marx, and Ms. Clark at Franchise #305. Please report there tomorrow at 6 AM to start your first shift. Sincerely, Donald Richmond, Manager of Nandos Franchise #305.' "WE DID IT!" I screamed. We got jobs at Nandos! I know EXACTLY what you're thinking. Nandos isn't exactly the best job, but its 10x better than being a stripper at a joint with "man-sluts". "We have to tell Chloe!" I screamed, breaking the silence. "I heard you! What do you need to tell me?!?!" Chloe screamed, while walking down the stairs. "We got a job at NANDOSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. Chloe didn't look to happy, and I knew the reason why. She wasn't "cookie cutter" and she knew it. A TON of boys went to Nandos, and she knew she was going to be made fun of. "Kay" was all she said. "Chloe, don't be such an ungrateful bitch." Becca said. Becca had a temper, and thats exactly what Chloe DIDN'T need. Chloe was a baby sometimes, especially today. She ran upstairs crying. "We start at 6!" Becca yelled after her. "Way to go Bec." I said to her. "What? It's time that she stopped sitting around and work herself!" she mumbled. "I'm going to bed."I said, and walked up to my bedroom.

*Becca's POV, The Next Morning* "Hey, babe, gotta wake up," I said, gently shaking Chloe at five-thiry AM. "Why. So I can be an ungrateful bitch?" "Hon, you know I didn't mean it. Please, we need this. All of us." She bit her lip and looked at me, then got up. I smiled and walked out, already in my jeans and white tank-top, choppy short blonde hair brushed to  perfection. I sprayed on some purfume and woke up the girls. Chloe was downstairs in an instant, glasses on her face, zits smothered in makeup. "Looking sharp," she said to me. Yeah, you get the pitcture. She was that kind of girl. "Thanks. Where's Alexa?" Alexa came down the stairs just then in sweats and a black shirt that said "Bite Me". "Really, you wore that?" I said. She shrugged. "They'll give us Nandos shirts anyways." We piled into my car... Our car. There it was. Nandos. Our new begining.

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