An Unexpected Adventure

My entry for the ' An Unexpected Adventure' competition! Still a work in progress at this point!


1. Leaving becomes Left

Grandpa says people are small. Now, out here, I am starting to believe him.With the night sky hovering high above us, I almost don't know how I feel. The best word is probably engulfed. Engulfed by a universe to big to comprehend. Somewhere, a Raven caws and I remember that I am supposed to be walking.Following. Grandpa is already a little way ahead, out of the village bounds and into the start of the wild lands. I hurry to catch up and together we pass over the top of the slope, where I see the Barvane Mountains for the first time. For now they will stay as hazy outlines, but when the sun brings light tommorow, I know I will see them in a way that the others in my village will envy. Young people are only allowed here if accompanied by an elder, therefore many will likely never see the peaks. Grandpa has been mostly silent while I take this in, but now he turns to face me and his green eyes glimmer. 

"Now," he says, " we begin."

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