An Unexpected Adventure

My entry for the ' An Unexpected Adventure' competition! Still a work in progress at this point!


3. Hidden in the heights

Grey peaks rise up to greet the morning sky, rolling outwards for leagues and leagues until they are all that I see. Their angular crags are making pools of shadow along the slopes, keeping alive fledglings of the darkness of the night just gone.Cradled between the mountains is the valley floor where we are, and in the light I can see it is littered with green and blue.The streams that I heard yesterday twist through the rocks, branching off like the arms of a tree so that the mountains appear riddled with scars.I had had no idea how many there were - I had been bumbling along behind Grandpa, paying little attention as he chose every step of the path. I didn't even have to think. But at least now I can enjoy the surprise, discover all that I missed last night. From here the waters further away seem blue, but Grandpa has told me that up close they move with the speed of bird wings, some of them raging along so that the waters are churned white with froth.That must have been the sound I heard previously. There are more patches of grass and shrub than I first thought,and I have already met some of the trees . 

We don't wait long before we set off again - just long enough to eat a small meal of bread and cheese. I decide against drinking my water: I will save it for later. For the first time since Grandpa has led me here, we start to move up the side of one of the mountains, moving through the thicker greenery that grows up the base of the slope. We don't go too far for there seems to be no need: Grandpa seems to be searching for something. Perhaps now he will tell me the purpose of our journey.


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