An Unexpected Adventure

My entry for the ' An Unexpected Adventure' competition! Still a work in progress at this point!


2. Closing

As we walk, until midnight, along the valley floor, we are accompanied all the way by the rushing sound of water. Many  tiny streams follow me as I clamber blindly through the rocks, thankful that, so far, I seem to be without injury.I try not be annoyed at Grandpa: he will have a reason for making us journey in the dark. I just don't dare to ask him for it.I wonder briefly  - he hasn't even told me why we have come to begin with.He claims he wants me to see he lands, but I can see precious little in the darkness.He must have a different purpose, it's just a shame that he is hiding it.

"Juniper," says Grandpa softly," I think we can stop now." 

He is looking back at me with amusement playing on his lips. I try not to smile.He knows I am struggling but I am no longer ashamed. Just pleased, happy that soon I can sleep.He picks out a spot on the bank of a larger stream, and tells me to make myself comfortable admist the cluster of slightly less jagged rocks.They form a support around me and I sink down gratefully. Grandpa is sitting among a similar crowd of stone, humming as he unpacks the blankets from the bag I had been carrying.The ground isn't hard or wet - it is just right. I sigh. Perhaps when day breaks I will know more about what we are doing. A tree pushes its spindly branches over our little space and the leaves give us the gift of a canopy. I fall asleep easily.

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