Umm I'm new to this so sorry if it's bad


1. Wow his cute

"oh my god I hate my li . Whoa he is hot , who is he" Chelsea asked her beastie Sky
"umm I'm not sure " Chelsea walks up to the guy"
Hey I'm Chelsea are you new here ?"
"Yes I am my name is Harry I moved her from England" Harry Styles said
" umm can you tell me where room C5 " Harry says
" we are in the same class I'll show you " Chelsea giggles .
At lunch Harry started talking to Chelsea
"I love your smile it's cute!" Harry grins
"hehe thanks I love your grin " Chelsea says
Chelsea soon finds out that Harry lives next door she was shocked
They started to walk home with eachother.
One day Harry and Chelsea were walking home when Harry stopped walking
"what are you doing" Chelsea says
Harry leans for a kiss .
They soon make it official.
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