Lauryn Heart has kept a diary ever since her best friend left her. When he broke his promise. And who's her best friend? Only The Niall Horan. And He's back, to babysit her. Even If She's Already 16 and He's 19. Her dad and mum went on a business trip, and they don't trust her because well, she's been doing lots of bad things. She doesn't like to mention it. She just got past cutting and anorexia thanks to her best friend Damian. Her parents are barely home, and now she's stuck with him. And worst, he's bringing the boys. Will these past 2 weeks be torture? or will it turn out to be fun? Will a love triangle come along and ruin the band?


2. Strawberry with sugar?

I started collecting the dirty clothes,pillow cases, and the blankets I have on the floor. After collecting a big pile as tall as my waist, I started tying them together. I opened my balcony and looked down. My room was 10 feet from the ground, I shivered. Don't look down Lauryn, don't look down. I took the 'rope' I made and threw it outside holding the top of it. Just right. I tied it to the balcony railing, and made sure it was tight. I grabbed my phone and keys and looked at my door making sure the chair was under it protecting it from getting opened. Who knows what Niall might say to my dad? He might convince him to take away my car! I carefully steadied myself and looked up. I took a deep breath then started making my way down, pretty soon, I was already down. I tidied myself and got in my car, which was a red mercedes soft top convertible, since my dad's a business man and all, but not many people like me because I have this, they think I'm a rotten spoiled brat. I just got my license 2 months after my 16th birthday too, that's when my dad gave me this. Well anyways, back to what was happening. I gently closed the car door and started it, hoping it wouldn't make a big ruckus. I was relieved when it didn't, I sped my way to Damian's house which was 5 minutes away. I got in his parking lot and knocked on his door. His mum showed up with a brief case on her hand and checking her watch. She looked at me and I smiled. "Hi sweetie, Damian's in his room, go ahead, I've to go, buhbye!" She said quickly hurrying to her car. I shouted "Thank you! See ya later!". I closed the door behind me and went up to Damian's room, which was the attic. I got in without knocking and saw him on his bed laying down playing COD Black Ops II. "Whoa, What Is That Smell!? I Can't even identify it!" I teased him. He chuckled. "Ooooh! Black ops II, Nice! Lemme Play!" I shook him. He pointed to another remote and I took it. "Ugh, How many more minutes?" I asked him. "HEADSHOT!" He screamed. "Oh yeah, just a couple more minutes!" He added. I rolled my eyes. "You know, if you keep doing that, your eyes may fall out of their sockets" I rolled my eyes again, why does everyone keep telling me this!?

*Niall's POV*

It's been 25 minutes since she's been in her room, what is she doing in there? I put down my pizza and went to her room. "Lauryn?" I knocked on the door. "Lauuuuuryn!" I knocked harder this time. "LAURYN WHATEVER YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS HEART! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" I heard Louis shout. "Mia." I told him. "LAURYN MIA HEART OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" He corrected himself. "Wait, why are we banging on her door when the key is right here?" He questioned me. "Wait, what key?" I asked him. "That key!" He said pointing to a key next to my foot. "Oh" I said standing there staring at the key. "Well??" Louis said trying to hurry me up. "Oh, right, right" I picked up the key and unlocked her door. I tried to push, but it was stuck. I tried it one more time and it finally opened, revealing a broken chair, and a messy room with no Lauryn. "What did a tornado come in here?" Louis said face shocked. I chuckled. I looked at her balcony and saw that there was clothes and blankets tied up onto the railing. Anger rose up in me. "LAURYN!" I screamed. Ugh, She's gonna be in so much trouble. If she gets introuble, I'll get in trouble. I pulled my hair in frustration. "Try To call her" Lou suggested. "Oh, um, I dont have her number" I told him looking down at my shoe. Shoot. I'm dead. Mr. Heart is gonna kill me. 

*Lauryn's POV*

"HAHA! I'M OWNING YOU!!!!!!!" I Screamed in Damian's ears. "Shaddup!" He said. The game ended and I won. "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! I Win I Win I Win!" I sang while doing my victory dance. "Whatever!" He said scoffing. I looked at the clock. "Ugh, it's time to go! Gr" I sighed. "Why? You usually don't leave until, like, 8:30. It's only 6:30." He told me. I sighed again. "Niall's babysitting me" I said making a long face. "Niall? As In THE Niall Horan?" He asked me. I nodded my head. "OH MY GOD! HE'S LIKE SUPER FA-" I glared at him. He cleared his throat. "I mean, ew, why him?" I rolled my eyes. "Well, I gotta go, see ya!" I said walking out of his room. He did the peace sign to me and the duckface. I chuckled. I went to his fridge and grabbed his strawberries then left. I got in my car and took my phone out. 

To: Best Fwend c:

Look out cho window.! X

From: Best Fwend c:


To: Best Fwend c:


I saw his curtains open up and he looked at me and did a 'what-is-it' face. I showed him the box of strawberries and me eating it. He opened his window. "WANT SOME SUGAR?" He shouted. I chuckled and nodded. He closed the window and after a few minutes he came out with sugar on a bowl. "Give the bowl back tomorrow, my mum'll freak!" He said laughing. "Thanks!" I said and left. I parked in the drive way and finished the last strawberry. Oh well, leave it here. I was skipping to get to my room window until I saw that my 'rope' was gone. My eyes widened. Oh no, I knew he'd find out. I'm in so much trouble. ugh! 

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