Lauryn Heart has kept a diary ever since her best friend left her. When he broke his promise. And who's her best friend? Only The Niall Horan. And He's back, to babysit her. Even If She's Already 16 and He's 19. Her dad and mum went on a business trip, and they don't trust her because well, she's been doing lots of bad things. She doesn't like to mention it. She just got past cutting and anorexia thanks to her best friend Damian. Her parents are barely home, and now she's stuck with him. And worst, he's bringing the boys. Will these past 2 weeks be torture? or will it turn out to be fun? Will a love triangle come along and ruin the band?



OhMiGosh! I Forgot To Update (/.\) I'm Sowwwwwwyyyyyyy. Well Here It Is Guys ;(PS) Southern Girl, I'm Sure I Could Take You Out In A Sec Now ;) I'm Awesome And strong ;DDD SIKEASSS ! Lmfaoo Okay Here It Is ;

*Niall's POV*

"NIA-" I heard Louis scream from downstairs. I ran down and saw Louis and Lauryn right next to him standing. "LAURYN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" I shouted at Lauryn. She looked startled and she jumped a bit. "Relax, I've been at Damian's House, No worries !" She said with no care. "RELAX!? IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY FOR ME AND YOU TELL ME TO RELAX?!" I screamed to her. Lou looked really scared and his eyes showed fear. "WHATEVER NIALL! YOU THINK I WANT THIS TOO!? WELL IF YOU DO, YOU'RE WRONG! I DONT ! I NEVER DID!" Lauryn shouted and stomped to her room. I stood there feeling aggravated, I pinched the bridge of my nose and sat down on the seat. "I've never seen this side of you, Ni" Louis said walking out. His footsteps fainted. I shouted, at the top of my lungs. I banged the table. I really want what's best for Lauryn, but she just pushes me away. I try to do my best, and one day, in just one day, day one that I've been here, she already causes trouble. What happened to her? She turned...... The opposite of what she used to be. She used to be a softy, and now? She's just, like the other boys. I guess? What did I ever do to her that made her mad anyways. I stood up and ran to her room. I knocked on the door and said, "Laur?" I kept on knocking softly. "Lauryn? Are you in there?" I whispered. "Go away!" I heard her muffle, I heard her sniff. "Lauryn, I just want to-" "GO AWAY!" She screamed. "Please, just let me-" "I SAID GO AWAY NIALL!!!!!!!!" I felt something hot trickle down my face. I sniffed and ran to the room I was staying in. I couldn't stand anyone being mad at me, let alone Lauryn. She used to be my best friend. And now.... It's all just a memory, like it never even happened before..

Okay! Enddd !!!!! My cousin said Hi guiseeee! :DDDDDD Anyways, Sorrrreeeehhhh So Short, But Yah Know, Fameleh Timeee <3

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