Lauryn Heart has kept a diary ever since her best friend left her. When he broke his promise. And who's her best friend? Only The Niall Horan. And He's back, to babysit her. Even If She's Already 16 and He's 19. Her dad and mum went on a business trip, and they don't trust her because well, she's been doing lots of bad things. She doesn't like to mention it. She just got past cutting and anorexia thanks to her best friend Damian. Her parents are barely home, and now she's stuck with him. And worst, he's bringing the boys. Will these past 2 weeks be torture? or will it turn out to be fun? Will a love triangle come along and ruin the band?


3. It's Lou-wee, Not Lou-wis

Oh No ! What's THIS!? Another Update !? O; It's A MIRACLE ! Just Kidding :DD I Updated Yay ! You guys Can Thank The Southern Girl, she Threatened Me o;

*Lauryn's POV*

I slowly walked on our patio. I carefully slid in my key twisting it.CLICK.Shit, hope that didn't make a sound. Oh, who am I kidding of course it made a sound! I took it out and opened the door slowly. I checked if there was anyone in the living room and there wasn't. I tiptoed to the kitchen and saw no one, but pizza. SCORE ! I took the pizza and grabbed a plate. I took a small bite, cheese, I'm loving this. "Where have you been?" I jumped as I saw one of the boys standing behind me, um what was his name? Lesley? No Lo-Lo-Lorenzo? No, Lewis? Yeah, that's it, Lewis. "Why do you care?" I said still chomping on my pizza. "Oh, I don't, and by the way it's Lou-wee, Not Lou-wis, Lou-wee!" He said snapping his fingers and flipping his hair, Gay. "Whatever" I rolled my eyes. "NIA-" Louis started to scream for Niall. I got up and covered his mouth. "Shaddup! I don't want to see Niall okay?!" I whisper shouted to him. He licked my hands. "GROSS!" 


OMG Guys, I'm So Sorry, This is probably like the shortest chapter ever! But I Really have to leave for Michigan. I'm Meeting my 'Long Lost Cousins' . Sowwy But Family is important(/.\) I promise to continue it when I get There, I heard I have a cousin there that likes one direction, Louis (My Louis ! O;) , And she's the same age as me ! Ahhhh ! :DD Byeeeeee I Promise to update soon <3

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