Lauryn Heart has kept a diary ever since her best friend left her. When he broke his promise. And who's her best friend? Only The Niall Horan. And He's back, to babysit her. Even If She's Already 16 and He's 19. Her dad and mum went on a business trip, and they don't trust her because well, she's been doing lots of bad things. She doesn't like to mention it. She just got past cutting and anorexia thanks to her best friend Damian. Her parents are barely home, and now she's stuck with him. And worst, he's bringing the boys. Will these past 2 weeks be torture? or will it turn out to be fun? Will a love triangle come along and ruin the band?


1. Bad News

"LAURYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My dad shouted from downstairs. His voice startled me. I hurried down the stairs tripping on my way down. "Yeah?" I asked not caring about what he was gonna say. "We're going on  a business trip," He said. "YES!" I jumped in the air, "I could finally be alone, right!?" I asked him jumping up and down. He shook his head. "No Lauryn, I don't want you causing trouble again, last time we left you alone, the kitchen was a wreck." He told me. I rolled my eyes and smiled remembering that time me and Damian were making cupcakes and it didn't turn out well. "Don't roll your eyes, it'll fall out soon" He told me. I rolled my eyes more. "So where am I gonna stay?" I asked him going to the kitchen biting an apple, he followed me. "Here," I looked at him nodding, taking another bite. "With a babysitter" He added. The apple fell from my hand onto the table. "WHAT!? But, But Dad, I'm 16! Why can't I stay with Damian!?" I asked him. "His mom is busy," He explained. "But what about his d-" I started, "His dad is busy too, he's also in a business trip" He cut me off. "UGHH!!!!" I sighed in frustration. "Well, You wanna meet your babysitter?" He asked me with wide eyes. I shook my head. "When are you coming back?" I asked him. "A couple weeks." He said fixing his tie. "Gr," He led me to the living room. "Here's your babysitter" He said moving out of the doorway to the living room. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!  I shook my head. "LAURYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted. No, Not Him. He engulfed me in a bone crushing hug. I pushed him away with all my force. "Dad! Not Niall!" I tried to tell my dad but he wouldn't listen. He shook his head instead "Just Once Laur, Just once please." he told me with pleading eyes. I kept on shaking my head. "No dad, you don't understa-" He kissed me in my cheek and looked at his watch. "Gotta go hun, be good!" He shouted. And just like that, they both left me, to die! Aghh!!!! How could this get any worse?! "So Laury, How've you been?" He asked me with his thick Irish Accent. I ignored him. This is gonna be the worst two days of my life. Oh, Let me introduce myself. My name's Lauryn Heart, I'm 16, I'm a bit of a trouble maker. I have a best friend named Damian. He's pretty cool. We've been best friends since we I was 10 and he was 11. I like to play volleyball, it's pretty awesome, well, umm, I'm not that kind of girl that likes pink and taylor swift, I'm the kind of girl who, likes to be a tomboy, well not very tomboy though. I'm just... Normal I guess? Well, as you could see, my life is getting worst by the minute. And it just got worst when I saw 4 other boys on our living room couch. They all stood up and went in a line next to Niall. "Hello, We're one direction! You must be Lauryn?" The boy with hazel hair greeted me. I rolled my eyes. "Who's one direction? Never heard of them!" I replied. "We're a boyband, I'm liam," He introduced himself. "This is Harry," He pointed to the boy with curly hair and green eyes. "This is Louis," He pointed to a boy with brown hair swooped up, and ocean blue eyes. "And this is Zayn," He pointed to the last one with black raven hair with a bit of blonde in the middle, and brown eyes. "And we're one direction" They all chorused. I gave them a half smile and a 'do-you-think-I-care' look. "And I'm leaving!" I Told them and went to get my keys to my car, and my phone. "Where do you think you're going?" Niall asked me. "Umm, I think I'm going to Damian's house!" I nodded my head. He shook his head. "Nope, you're not going anywhere!" He told me. "You. Could stay. Here" He told me grabbing my keys. "ugh, come on Niall, he's my best friend!" I tried to convince him. "Even dad knows!" I added. He just shook his head, "Nope". Ughh. I stomped up to my room and slammed the door, I locked it and jumped on my bed. "UGGHHHH!!!!!!!!" I Screamed in frustration. This is the worst day EVER! 

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