The Hanging Tree

Twisting bark, sharp finger like leaves, and a rope necklace. A song in the wind will draw you into it's grip. You will never escape The Hanging Tree...


3. The Ambulance

I couldn't breathe, the world has gone silent. Everything was still. I couldn't even let out the tears I was crying inside, I was almost dead. Natasha had a tight grasp on my wrist, clawing into it. I put my arm around her, I knew you was emotional, but this was even emotional for her. She whimpered while burying her head into my shoulder. I just stared at Scarlet, scared if she wasn't breathing. An ambulance rushed through the crowd, dispersing everyone like cockroaches. The teachers were shooing everyone to class, except us. Mrs Tallin came up to us, she was one of the younger teachers. She had blonde hair and pink lips, wearing a suit. Not a posh one, a more casual one. She put her hand on my other shoulder, and leant down to us slightly.
"Do you want to do with the Scarlet?" I looked up at her. And like a child said sheepishly,
"Yes." She nodded and led us to the ambulance, the paramedics were rushing to Scarlet. Stabilising her and getting her strapped in.


I couldn't seem to wake up. I swear this is one of those realistic dreams that you get caught up in. I kept whispering to myself, trying to get out of my bed. But nothing. This couldn't be real. Scarlet has always been careful, she would see a car in the street, she wouldn't cross til it was clear. We sat at the side of the ambulance, while they got Scarlet in. Machines bleeping, wires and tubes already in her. I couldn't look. Natasha was still buried into my shoulder, I knew she too didn't want to see. No-one would want to see their friend in an ambulance on the brink of death. I still couldn't work out how this happened. How? I didn't want to over think it. I just needed to comfort Natasha, I can handle emotional trauma better than this. But this might be were it crosses the line. My eyes began to water. What if she doesn't make it? That pierced my mind and chest. Like a hand was squeezing the air out of my lungs, and closing my thoughts only to this. I couldn't think about anything else.


The ambulance doors slammed shut and almost immediately went speeding through the school gates and to the hospital. There wasn't a hospital in this town, or the next. We'd have to do at least 10 miles away. What if she doesn't hold in for that long. What if she falls into the empty blackness of death...

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