The Hanging Tree

Twisting bark, sharp finger like leaves, and a rope necklace. A song in the wind will draw you into it's grip. You will never escape The Hanging Tree...


1. The Old Wives' Tale

Many years ago, amongst the fields of farming there was a forest. A forest unlike any other. The ground was always cold, the sky above it was never blue, and the trees whispered at night. No-one dared to go in there, it has remained untouched for generations. Women wouldn't ever let their children go near the forest, in fear that something would happen to them. No-one would dared go near it.


One night, in the Winter. A young man was walking in the fields, after a long day out working. His ears caught something in the wind, a lullaby. He didn't know why, but he followed it, and walked straight into the forest. It was then he saw her...

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