Yoru Vampire

Yoru is a 14-year-old girl who goes through all things most girls do.But she can barely be around the guy she likes. This is due to a side of her that she can't exactly show.

This is my first ever story. If you like vampires I believe you'll like this. If you do please share with your friends! (Not forcing you to do so) Please leave a comment, I would like to know what people think.Thanks for reading and enjoy. :)


3. The Woods

It was a sunny day. I was lazing  up in the branches of the old oak tree at the back of the garden. A faint breeze russled the leaves about me and my fringe swayed back and forth as I sketched the butterflies drifting about. I couldn't help but find it funny. Yesterday I was full vampire but now I felt like I did before. I was feeling pretty good, I had woke up that morning to find my fangs and eyes were back to normal. My parents decided I would be fine to go to school after the weekend. I couldn't wait to see Kai. I stopped. "Damn it!" I said to myself, "I have to stop thinking about him!". I think  my feelings for him  trigger my vampire side.

I took a few breaths and  tried to calm down. Thankfully no fangs appeared. I leaned back in the tree and started thinking. How was this going to affect me and Kai? I hate how my feelings cause this. Why couldn't this stop, this is one part of being a vampire I could live without.

Normally if I had a problem I could just talk to Shinju about it. But that was back when we had boy problems and when we got bored in classes. There was just no way I could talk to her about this. I don't think she would understand about it. Also how would she cope with  having to keep me being a vampire a secret.

"What are you doing?". My thoughts were interrupted. I looked down to see Kurai. Wit a small jump he hauled himself up onto the lowest branch and clambered up the tree with ease. "Y' know, it dosen't exactly look normal for a girl to be sitting this high up a tree." he said.  I was a bit confused"Huh?" I said and I looked down. I hadn't realised how high up I actually  was. " I just came out to draw and I kind off wasn't paying attention."

I jumped out of the tree and landed on my feet like a cat. My brother climbed down after me. Kurai landed beside me on the grass. " I think it might be best if you burn of some of that energy." he said. It was true. It would be a bit of a disaster if anyone saw me doing anything like break down one of our doors. I cringed a bit at rembering how my dad had to fix Kurai's bedroom door handle. "I think that's a good idea." I said, "but where exactly can I run about without been seen?". Kurai tilted his head to the side in thought. "Well I went to the woods..." he said.


So with that we just casually strolled to the woods. When we got there, I realised what he meant. The woods are a quiet place and nobody really goes there. "Race you to the middle of the forest!" said Kurai. He ran of at super speed leaving me standing there."That's not fair!", I shouted after him, "You got a head start!"


I ran through the forest after him, the trees and bushes becoming a green blur as I zoomed past. I ducked and jumped over branches, I was impressed with my reaction time. I could run throuh a forest faster than a car and not run into a tree. Then again if I did that would hurt... a lot. I decided to be careful because I wasn't daring to test if vampires are tougher than trees. I guess I could ask Kurai, Speaking of Kurai, where is he?


I slowed down to jog eventually stopping in a clearing. I'd lost site of Kurai. "Damnit!" I said as I kicked a fallen branch. He should have waited for me plus I don't exactly know the forest that well. I sighed, "Maybe if I try to retrace my steps..." I thought. I heard a twig snap behind me and I heard laughter. "Great, there's someone here in the wood as well?", I thought, "Okay remain calm, no-one knows you're a vampire, just remain calm and everything will be okay. I heard talking, sounded like a group of boys my age. Kinda familiar at the same time. They eventually came into the clearing. It was Joshu and his gang.


"Oh look who's here." said Joshu, "Enjoying your skive of school.". All his mates laughed as thoughb they had just heard the most hilarious joke ever. I felt myself getting annoyed, "I wasn't skiving, I was ill as a matter of fact,", I said, "And I don't see exactly how you even have any  right to tell me off about being in school seeing as you skive off half the lessons.". Joshu crossed his arms in presumbly what he thought was supposed to be an intimidating way. "Well for someone who's ill you look like you're fine." Then he added, "Carrot Head.". He said it with that stupid smirk of his. I'd always hated that nickname. I said, "Well seeing as you're lowering yourself to the standard of using vegetables as insults I will too... Pea Brain." His expression instantly changed. If there is one thing I know Joshu really despises is when someone calls him an idiot. He replied in an aggressive manner, "Are you calling me stupid!?". I smiled at him. "Well when you put it that way, yeah!"


That's te exact moment things went wrong. He lunged forward grabbing me by the hair. "Nobody calls me stupid!" he shouted at me. I winced as he pulled harder. "Well the truth hurts does'nt it?" I said. He replied by pulling my hair harder so I fell on the ground. All of his mates were chantng, "Fight, fight, fight!".

"Well if he wants a fight I'll give him one," I thought. I grabbed one of his legs and pulled it out from underneath him. He fell backward on the ground. I used this oppurtunity to get up. My scalp was throbbing from where he had pulled my hair. Joshu got up looking really annoyed.He swung a punch at me but I stepped backwards avoding it. I saw a chance to fight back and shoved him when he was open. He stumbled back a few steps.

"Look Joshu I didn't come here for a fight so just get lost already." I said. Joshu stood his ground, it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to give up unless he won. "I'm not going anywhere until I've showed you I'm better!", he yelled. He ran towards me and I was expecting another punch butthis time he swung his leg round so it hit the back of my knee. I involuntarily went down a bit and just as I regained my balance Joshu swung a punch at hit me in the face.

I stumbled backwards, shocked, I put my hand to my face where it hurt. When I brought it down, it was stained wit my blood. He had given me a nose bleed. "Son of a ...", I began. Joshu interrupte me before I could finish what I was going to say. "Whoops, was that me?" He said sarcastically. He was clearly impressed with what he had done. All of his friends were laughing at my blood stained face. Blood dripped down onto my shirt staining it with red blotches.

I felt myself getting hot and my pulse began to pick up. "Your going to pay for that!", I said. Joshua just laughed and the boys laughed as well copying him. "Yeah right." he smirked. I just snapped. Before I knew what I was doing. I ran up to him and punched him. After that he just sort of collapsed. All of his mates just stared. I then realised, I just punched him with my vampire strength. He wasn't moving, was he dead?



Author's Notes: Sorry this took so long. School and Homework are taking up a bit of my time so I was finding it hard to get round to doing this. But now this chapters done so... Yay! Sorry if I've made grammer and spelling mistakes. Plz leave a comment below. I do read them and will answer back to them. Bye! :3



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