Yoru Vampire

Yoru is a 14-year-old girl who goes through all things most girls do.But she can barely be around the guy she likes. This is due to a side of her that she can't exactly show.

This is my first ever story. If you like vampires I believe you'll like this. If you do please share with your friends! (Not forcing you to do so) Please leave a comment, I would like to know what people think.Thanks for reading and enjoy. :)


2. A Vampire...

Unbelivable  as it may sound, it was the truth. I was in the girls bathroom and I had grown vampire teeth. I just couldn't think of how I should feel. It was so sudden that I had  no time to think about it. How should I feel? Upset? Angry? I just didn't know.

"Yoru, please come out, we have to get you home!" Kurai said. He sounded serious, a thing my brother really never was. I stepped over to the door placing my hand on the handle. I was so tense, it felt like slow motion opening the door. I stood there and looked at my brother. I could easily imagine what he was seeing. His little sister had amber eyes and teeth, not your everday occurance.

"I know this is strange for you Yoru but it's time you knew the truth." He looked at me and I looked back at him for a second.He took a deep breath and began to speak."Basically straight to the point, our family isn't human, we're vampires." he said.

"Why wasn't I told?"I said, confused at that a part of me had been hidden for so long.

"It was the same for me, I was only told when I became vampire because of responsibility of keeping it secret." he replied, "When we get home Mum and Dad will explain more."

"Wait, what about the fangs!?" I said. There is no way people wouldn't notice them! I think I was about to have  a panic attack about then. "You'll just have to keep your mouth shut until your blood lust goes down, come on we have to go home." said Kurai. He took me by the arm and we left the school.

Walking home was one of the hardest I've ever done. My fangs were scratching the inside of my mouth like they were trying to get out but I kept my lips firmly shut whilst walking. People walking past seemed as though they were looking at me. My heart beat faster in what I guess was exictment from my vampire nature as I could hear their heartbeats and I  could smell... blood. Their blood, human blood. I shook my head and looked at the ground, disgusted with the way I was thinking. Kurai sensed my unease and moved quicker attempting to get us home faster. I was glad he was here because without him who knows what I would have done.

We collapsed in through the front door. I sighed with relief, letting my teeth show. Kurai turned to me, "Stay here, I'll go tell Mum and Dad." With that he walked off. I was left standing there.My gums had been scratched raw and carefully I felt my fangs. They seemed to be the mark of the change of my life. I thought about how only yesterday I was a seemingly normal person. I had had lunch with Shinju and we talked about plans for the weeked. Was my life ever going to be like that again? I heard Kurai coming with our parents. I turned round to look at them. They were smiling in a way I guess was supposed to be reassuring. My mother finally broke the silence "Yoru," she said, "Are you okay?". She was nervously twirling a strand of her ginger hair, like mine, round her fingers.

I felt myself getting hot. I looked at my parents. How could they have kept something like this from me!"Well maybe I would be if I was told what I am before this happened!" I snapped. My parets looked guilty and a bit shocked at my outburst. I even suprised myself at how I just said it. "If I was told I wouldn't have been so worried at why I was acting weird all day and then I had to run off leaving Shinju standing wondering what was wrong with me and now I probably looked like I didn't care that Kai got..got..!". At this point I just broke down crying. I was sad and fustrated, angry and I felt bad. My mother hugged me while I stood their crying.She said "We didn't expect it to happen so quickly the process is usually slower, your brother told us what happened and we believe that the sight of blood must have caused your vampire DNA to speed up."  My father stood next to my brother and looke at me. "Thankfully you ran away, new vampires tend to not be able to control their thirst for blood." he said. This shocked me. I could have maybe bitten Kai! Kurai looked at me in a nervous way "Yoru, your not going to like this but... your transformation into a vampire isn't over yet." he said.

"What, your kidding right?" I said, "I can't go to school if there's the likely chance I'll bite someone!"

"Exactly, that's why until you settle down, you'll have to stay off school." my father said.

I felt as though someone had dropped a weight on me. I gulped"Um, how long does it usually last?"


"Day 1 of being a vampire" I wrote in my diary. My eyes are still amber and I still had fangs but as I was told my eyes would eventually fade back to brown and my teeth would retract. Plus I was also going to have to be careful, for vampires are twice as strong as an average human so if I'm not careful I might break somthing. Then there was the super speed, that explained why my brother never got out of breath when we ran to school.Our eyesight is better than the average human but enhances dramatically when we hunt. That explains the change in eye colour and  fangs when we see or smell blood.  Our fangs will appear and our eyes will change colour if we end up in conflict. 

We're able to control when out fangs come out but it's somthing I'm going to have to practice. My fangs are going to stay out until my change is done.The eyes are pretty useful though. I could see  my room as bright as day in the dark. We also have a acute sense of smell I learned that the hard way by putting some of my perfume on and ended up having a sneezing fit.

Thankfully I won't turn to dust in the sun. My brother told me we evovled to stand sunlight and told me  our first ancestors would die but it slowly progressed down to having to be careful on sunny days because we'd burn easily which was really painful . Then finally we progressed to being able to walk about freely. One thing though is we need blood. It's like what water is to humans. The thought though makes me ill.Thankfully I don't have to drink any until I'm full vampire. I thought I was going to have  to attack people but I was told that amongst the vampires, some work in hospitals, and get human blood to supply to others if they don't want to risk getting caught. Others drink from people and there victims will wake up with no recollection of what happened. 

We do age though, the life expectancy can be up to 120 and more. Quite an advantage over humans. Although it's rumoured if you kill the person you drink from it increases a vampires life. That explains a lot of  our history but a lot stopped when humans started killing us.Things like garlic and crosses won't work. My parents never understood how humans came up with that idea. And the stake through the heart. Well that can kill anyone and the thought makes me nervous seeing as I'm a vampire.

I sat back and read through what I wrote. I felt kinda good to get it of my back. I stood up and stretched. Another thing about the vampire stuff is the energy. It was like it was never ending. I managed to do a hundred press-ups with one hand and didn't get tired. I got up and went down stairs to get a drink. As I opened the fridge and got out the water, I couldn't help but think to myself "What does Kurai look like with fangs?". I wondered if it be rude to ask.

I walked back upstairs and knocked on Kurai's bedroom door. "Come in!" I heard him say. I put my hand on the door handle and turned it. Their was a suddening crack and splintering of wood and I was left with the door handle in my hand."Oops."I said, "Sorry." Kurai looked but didn't seem too suprised, "It's okay." he said," That's the super strength and now I know that I shouldn't let you open doors!" I placed the broken door handle down on his desk. He was doing homework, I saw all his maths stuff spread out on the desk,a normal thing most guys his age do. It made me think that maybe I'd be able to actually live a normal life. Kurai looked at me and said "Did you want something?"

I turned to look at him, "Yeah, I was just wondering about your fangs and eye colour 'cause, y'know, I've never seen them."

"I was kind of wondering when you'd ask so I'll show you."

I watched as his teeth grew and got sharper and eyes seemed to just fade from green to amber like mine. He gave me a toothy grin and said,"Don't worry if you have trouble keeping control of them, I found it hard as well to begin with."

"What was it like exactly when you became a vampire?"I asked.

"Well different from yours," he said scratching his head, "It took a bit longer for the first stage my eyes changed first so Mum and Dad kept me off school. So the teeth came gradually after that."

"I remember that!" I said, "You stayed in your room for a few days Mum and Dad said you were ill and I should stay away so I didn't get ill as well."

"Yeah, it was hard trying to keep it a secret I got bored." Kurai replied.

"The way I started to change was really different from you..." I said. I felt a bit a embarrased in a way.

"Yoru, your not the first vampire to change due to seeing blood, Dad said his friend went through a similar situation." said Kurai.

" I feel better knowing my change wasn't the most abnormal thing ever to happen to a vampire!" I laughed.

"Glad I could help!" he said smiling,"Oh, I nearly forgot my fangs were showing!"

They retreated back up to normal size and his eyes turned back to their usual green."See just takes a little practice!" Kurai said.

"I'll keep that in mind." I said.I left his room thinking  how my life can actually stay the same. I felt so much better. I threw myself down onto my bed and picked up my laptop and and after browsing a bit I went onto facebook.I scrolled down through the my messages until one caught my eye I scrolled up again. It was from Kai!. It read:

Are you okay? Why were you off school? Please respond.

I stared at the screen, what am I supposed to say!? I felt really nervous again and my heartbeat was getting faster. It suddenly dawned on me. I wasn't going to grow fangs everytime I saw him was I?


Authors Notes: Well this seems like a good place to stop. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below. I honestly will read and reply. Also share with your friends if you like.(Plus please click the like button if you want) Again thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this the next part will be out in not long! Bye! :)

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