Yoru Vampire

Yoru is a 14-year-old girl who goes through all things most girls do.But she can barely be around the guy she likes. This is due to a side of her that she can't exactly show.

This is my first ever story. If you like vampires I believe you'll like this. If you do please share with your friends! (Not forcing you to do so) Please leave a comment, I would like to know what people think.Thanks for reading and enjoy. :)


1. The Change In Life

My life was fairly normal until things... changed.

I woke up with the sun shining through a gap in my curtains onto my face. It hurt my eyes, I shut them tight and put my head under my duvet. It was an unbearable knowing I was going to have to drag myself out of bed and get ready for school. I kind of rolled out of bed and I dragged myself accross the room. Looking in the mirror I saw that my bright ginger hair was a total mess although it is only shoulder length it takes a lot of care to keep it looking neat and my brown eyes were tired looking. I rubbed the sleep out of them and brushed my hair. I pulled on my school clothes and headed downstairs for breakfast.

I walked into the kitchen and threw myself in a seat. My older brother Kurai was already up and making toast.

"Morning Yoru!" he said all too cheerfully, "Bet your looking forward to school!".

"How can you be SO energetic in mornings, it's like you've eaten a truckload of sugar!" I groaned.

"Well maybe if you didn't spend all night drawing, you'd be more awake, oh and also what do you want on your toast." he said.

"I'll take jam and anyway the drawing is necessary 'cause you should definetly know I want to be an artist when I'm older!"

"So is it necessary to draw in your maths class?" he laughed.

"Look that was one time and the Phythagros Therom really isn't that intresting, it's not my fault my math teacher got mad!"

"Yeah , I bet you don't draw in all your classes!"

"Shut up and just give me my toast..."

He put my toast down in front of me and he sat down and starting reading the newspaper. My brother is 16 but both of us get on really well. I guess it's really due to the fact we like to keep our family members close because in the world we live in we like to look out for each other. I glanced up at the clock. It was 8:54!

"Kurai we're going to be late for school" I yelled.

"Damn!" he said as he leapt out of his chair,"Not again!"


We ran down the street, our feet pounding the pavement. "Damn damn damn!" I thought, "Why can neither of us keep a decent eye on the time!" We sped round the corner and through the school gates. In doing so I nearly knocked Shinju, my friend, over. "Third time this week Yoru, it's like you want to be late!" she said. Kurai was leaning against the wall looking hardley out of breath. "It's kinda Yoru's fault, she overslept." he said.

"Well as my older brother you have more responsibility!" I returned

"Look now isn't the time!" Shinju said grabbing my arm, "We're late!"


We ran down the school corrider and headed towards our room. We burst into the classroom just as our registration teacher said my name. "Yoru Ikimono."

"Here!" I said out of breath.

"Yoru Ikimono and Shinju Umi, you are both late!"

"Actually, school rules say pupils are late if they arrive after the registration." I said. A few people in the class laughed under their breath, I'm kinda well know for being, in the teachers opinion, rude.

"I'll have none of that talk, go and take your seats!" she snapped


"Well that went well." Shinju muttered to me as we took our seats. She flicked her long dark hair out of her eyes. "Maybe we'll set a record for most lates."

"Sorry!" I said, "Look, I'll try harder!"

Registration was boring you usually ended up sitting around for half an hour before class starts. I hated this time and for obivious reasons.

"Hey Carrot Head!" someone behind me said.

"Yoru, you better get ready looks like Joshua and his gang are going to have a go at you also!" said Shinju.

Joshua has been my enemy since forever. I think it startred when we were 8 and he was making fun of my hair colour and I punched him in the face. May seem unreasonable but I tend to get irritated rather easily.I stood up and turned around to face him.

"Joshua please make this quick because I can think of many other things I could be doing right now rather than talking to you."I said.

"Well at least I don't turn up late for class Carrot Head!" he retorted.

"And at least I have more than one brain cell to come up with an insult that dosen't include someone's hair colour." I said "So why don't you and your cronies , I dunno, get lost?!"

"Whatever, we've got better things to be doing." he said.


I watched as they walked away. I sighed "Why is it seen as a bad thing to have ginger hair, I mean seriously, it's just a colour!"

"Well I know someone who likes your hair colour!" said Shinju.

"Who?" I asked confused.

"Oh come on you should know!" she laughed, "It's Kai!"

"Shut up!" I exclaimed. I could feel my face going red. Kai was my science partner, he is cute, funny and nice but I don't know if he LIKE likes me."Look, we're just science partners and how are you sure he actually really likes me!"

"I see the way he looks at you!" she giggled.

"Damn it!" I said, " I've got science next how am I going to be able to look at him now.

"Awwww, it's so romantic, I can just imagine you sitting together holding hands"

"Aggghhhhh!" I said punching her arm, " I'm going bright red, I can feel it!"

The bell rang and everybody got up. "See ya Yoru, good luck in science, heh!" Shinju said. I walked to science trying to stay calm. "I can do this!" I thought," but why was I so nervous!"


I got into class and sat at my desk and got out my science books and started reading. I kept looking at the door watching as people came in. Then Kai walked in. I felt like my stomach was doing backflips as he walked over and sat down at his place next to me. "Hey Yoru." he smiled, "Did you do your homework?"

"Y-yeah." I stammered. I thought to myself "What is wrong with me I'm usually not like this, why does my heart beat faster when I look at him. I mean I've always liked him."

"Do you think you could help me with mine?" he asked, "I got stuck on the last question!"He brushed his fringe out of his eyes, a thing I've always found cute."Sure no problem!" I said trying to sound like my usual self.

"Thanks, it's nice to know I can count on you."

As we sat there and I helped him I still felt...weird like I was excited and nervous at the same time. I just couldn't settle down during the entire lesson. I kept looking at him out the corner of my eye. My heart was beating so loud I couldn't think. I suddenly noticed it wasn't mine. It  was out of sync with the beat of my one. Wait was I hearing... Kai's heartbeat? Why can I, what's going on? "Yoru, can you come and do the question on the board" I crashed landed back in reality. The teacher was looking at me. "Um.. yeah, okay." I said. I got up and started writing on the board but I couldn't forget what just happened.


As we left the class Kai took hold me by the arm. I panicked had he noticed me spacing out."Yuro..." he began, " I was um... kinda wondering, I've got a football match after school and I was wondering if you'd like to come and watch?" He smiled at me. I started thinking what if I act weird again or something but if I don't go I might upset him and jeez, I do reall like him.

"Sure, I'll come!" I just sort of blurted out.

"Great, bye then I got to go to my next class." he said and waved as he walked away.

"Bye..." I said with a small wave.


"Seriously!!!" exclaimed Shinju, "That's amazing!" I just nodded, I was still thinking about what happened in science but I couldn't back out now."So basically he asked you out!" said Shinju.

"Shinju! I wouldn't say it like that..." I said.

"Well okay but whatever you call it, I'm certain this is the start of a great romance!"

"I guess..." I began.

I smiled I'd always liked him, this is a great oportunity. Maybe in class I had just been a bit paronoid or something. I had it all pictured out, after the match he'd want to hang out some more then we'd eventually start dating!

"I can't believe this is happening!" I said getting all red thinking about it.

"Think about it he asked you to watch him play football!" said Shinju, "he must like you!"

At that point I was so excited about all of it I forgot about what happened in the class.


After school we walked to the football pitch. I felt as if I was walking on air, I was happy and exicted and I was practically bursting with emotions. "Yoru hey!" I looked round and saw Kurai."Hey Kurai! You here to watch the match?" I said smiling.

"Yeah." he looked at me, "Are you okay? You seem a bit... off."

"She's just in love!" said Shinju giving me a small push.

"Shinju!!!" I shouted.

"Oookkkkaaayyy." Kurai said, "I'll see you after the match."

He walked over to join the crowd. Shinju and I walked over and stood on the line. It wasn't long before the match started. I saw Kai walk over to the goals and stand ready. He saw me and waved. I felt myself going red but Shinju nudged me. So I waved back. Whistle went and the match started. I watched as the ball was passed from player to player but suddenly there was a tackle and the opposite team had the ball they ran at the goals and Kai got ready. People were cheering him on. The other teams player kicked the ball at the goals. It travelled fast but Kai was faster. He dived and caught it and the supporters cheered. "Woah, he's an amazing goalie!" said Shinju. I just smiled.


Our time was up 2-0 in the second half. There was a lot of excitment. We watched as the teams as they struggled to get past but then the oppistion got past again Kai was faced with a challenge. The player ran up withe the ball closer and closer and he kicked the ball spun towards the net but dived on it saving it. But the striker was too close and didn't stop in time his boot connected with Kai's head. Everybody stopped talking Kai's mates rushed over to see if he was okay he sat up but there was a cut on his forehead. His blood was so red. It ran down getting in his eye. I could see he was wincing in pain. I wanted to go over to see if he was okay. That was when things changed.

Suddenly my heart started beating faster and my head was sore. I felt like I was going to be sick. "Shinju, I've got to go!"I said and started running towards the school. "Yoru, what's wrong?" Shinju called after me. I ingnored her, I ran in to the girls bathroom. I ran over to the sink still feeling like I was going to throw up.

My top jaw ached: it felt as though something was shifting...changing. My eyesight went funny. It blurred and then seemed to sharpen so suddenly the light was too bright, my hearing went funny so for one second my quick breaths got quiter then louder. My hearing was better somehow. I could hear the water dripping from the tap so clearly.

There was a knocking on the door,"Yoru, it's me Kurai,I saw you running away from the match is everything... okay?"
"Not right now Kurai, I just need some time, I felt a little ill that's all."

"Yoru, I think I know what's wrong." I looked at the door, how could he know?

"Yoru, listen this is  important." he said, "You've... changed haven't you..."

Changed? What did he mean? I didn't understand.

"Yoru, what happened to you just now happened when I was your age, Yuro please come out I know what's happened."

I looked up at my reflection. It was then and there I realised what he meant by changed. My brown eyes were now an amber colour and I could see I had long sharp fangs  just long enough to show beneath my upper lip. I stared at myself. It didn't make sense, I couldn't believe what I could see in the mirror staring back at me. Kurai finally said what confirmed all. The reason I heard Kai's heartbeat and why I went funny when I saw his blood. The change in my life, how I wasn't what I thought I was. He said straightforward out and out.

He said "Yoru, you're a vampire."


Authors Notes: Dun dun duuunnn! Cliffhanger! Well  thanks for reading! Please leave a comment because they are useful makes people want to keep going and stuff, obviously when there positive(for istance if their is something you didn't like please put it a positive way therefore I will be able to change things so everyone enjoys) . Anyway if you enjoyed this don't worry I am working on the next chapter right now!












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